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Your morning jolt: Norwood leads ATL mayor’s race, four of six GOP candidates for governor say yes to secession

WSB-TV and Insider/Advantage released a poll last night that showed a “wide-open” race to replace Shirley Franklin as mayor of Atlanta, with Councilwoman Mary Norwood in the lead.

But 43 percent of 420 voters contacted (MOE ±5%) said they’re still undecided. November is still six months away, and campaigning has barely begun.

Says IA’s Matt Towery:

“As a result of a very robust combination of appearances and yard sign efforts, Mary Norwood clearly has raised her name ID higher than the other candidates. … I anticipate that Norwood will remain strong, particularly among older voters and white voters, where she has already captured nearly 50 percent of the white vote.”

Here’s the official line:

— Norwood, 37 percent;

— City Council President Lisa Borders, 10 percent;

— State Sen. Kasim Reed, 4 percent;

— Jesse Spikes, 2 percent;

— And “other,” 5 percent.

The only surprise in the above ranking is Reed, with his close connections to Franklin. But …

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Your morning jolt: A straw poll in the race for lieutenant governor, other manuevering

Ignoring the gorgeous weather, both Democrats and Republicans continued shaping the 2010 field over the weekend.

Republicans held congressional district conventions intended to select another round of delegates to the state convention In Savannah on May 15 and 16.

Candidates for governor where highly active, as were two of the three current candidates for lieutenant governor: Eric Johnson of Savannah and David Shafer of Duluth.

Both are contemplating how to proceed, now that Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle has announced he’s running for re-election as governor.

Numerous straw polls were held — too many to mention. But one in the 11th District, for lieutenant governor, is worth mentioning. Johnson won 61 percent, to Cagle’s 21 percent. Shafer drew 13 percent.

So Jason Shepherd reports on PeachPundit.

Note that this is prime territory for House Speaker Glenn Richardson, and that might have had a bearing. (Johnson was also the only lite gov candidate there. Shafer supporters also told …

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Add one second, and red-light cameras blink

A red light intersection in Gwinnett County. Photo credit: Kim Smith/AJC

Photo credit: Kim Smith/AJC

One-thousand-one. One-thousand-two. One-thousand-three.

Now say it with me: One-thousand-four.

That single extra second, imposed by the Legislature on the amber light of traffic signals, has suddenly caused cities across the state to rethink the use of red-light cameras.

Five cities in Gwinnett County have announced they would suspend their programs or abandon them altogether. Rome has joined them, and others are sure to follow.

The fourth yellow second, one more than the federally recommended minimum, went into effect on Jan. 1. It applies to any traffic signal monitored by a camera.

Municipalities report drastic drops in the numbers of citations issued. Which means the cameras — they can cost $100,000 a year and more to operate — are no longer self-sustainable.

Critics of the unblinking eyes are gleeful. “I think it has finally proven that it is all about the revenue that is being brought in, more so than about safety,” said Rep. Barry …

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