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Your morning jolt: Cash for sleuths and Brooks Brothers

When campaign disclosure reports roll in, the first questions are about income — who gave how much to whom?

Read the details in this morning’s AJC wrap-up.

Then nosy reporters and rival campaigns begin to pick through the spending.

On June 12, the Republican campaign of Nathan Deal dropped $1,180.44 at a Brooks Brothers in Buckhead for “clothing.”

A well-fitted suit for the candidate? Not hardly, said spokesman Harris Blackwood.

The spending was for a collection of short- and long-sleeved, button-down Oxford shirts, which were later embroidered with the Deal campaign logo.

They’ll be worn by Deal and his staffers. “We wanted something that would hold up. We’ve got a long campaign,” Blackwood said.

Deal’s GOP rival John Oxendine, on Jan. 28, paid $2,500 to a private investigator. The item is on Page 36 of his report.

According to its web site, Investigative Consultants International of Alpharetta was founded by T.J. Ward, who conducted an “in-depth investigation into the …

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