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Kasim Reed and a ‘culture of customer service’

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed is sworn in by state Supreme Court Chief Justice Carol Hunstein, using a Bible held by his parents, June and Sylvia Reed. Bob Andres/AJC

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed is sworn in by state Supreme Court Chief Justice Carol Hunstein, using a Bible held by his parents, June and Sylvia Reed.

Some may balk at the suggestion, but at least a bit of the content within today’s inauguration of Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed may owe something to Gov. Sonny Perdue.

If nothing else, similar themes resonate. You’ll recall that after he was elected in 2002, Perdue put great emphasis on state government as a “customer service” provider.

The following was one of Reed’s more effective phrasings from his first brief speech as mayor — perhaps a nod of the head to run-off rival Mary Norwood:

“I want to acknowledge that the city government has a responsibility to its citizens to perform the business of government in an open, ethical and professional manner. We must also create a culture of customer service that competes with the service quality of those companies that call Atlanta home…

“Whether it’s taking care of that pothole on your street …

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Your morning jolt: Karen Handel throws cold water on Atlanta mayoral challenge

The Office of Inspector General under Secretary of State Karen Handel last night threw some cold water on charges pushed by Mary Norwood supporters, who claim that about 1,300 voters cast illegal ballots in the Dec. 1 runoff for mayor of Atlanta:

Based on preliminary findings, we believe that the original list provided by Citizens for Fair Atlanta Elections is not a list of voters who actually cast a ballot in the Atlanta mayoral election. Rather, it appears to have been created or pooled from a larger list of registered voters.

From this list, approximately 40 voters do not appear to have valid residence addresses. The Inspector General’s Office will continue its investigation to determine the eligibility status of these voters. We are forwarding these preliminary investigative findings to the Fulton County Board of Elections and Registration as it conducts its own investigation into this matter.”

Kasim Reed has been declared mayor-elect, by a margin of 715 votes. A recount …

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Mary Norwood drums up cash for a recount

Atlanta mayoral candidate Mary Norwood, now officially the second-place finisher in Tuesday’s vote, apparently is hurting for money to finance a recount. This e-mail arrived last night:

Where we stand: This race is not over. Out of over 84,000 votes cast, there are just over 700 votes separating me and Kasim Reed. Unfortunately, because our opponent raised almost twice as much as we did, in order to meet all of our Get Out The Vote expenses we had to spend every dollar we raised during the runoff. Since we are within 1% of each other, there will be an automatic recount.

While we fight through the recount we need to keep the campaign operational and meet the expenses that come with a recount. This will be a costly process. We are still operational with very few paid staff and dozens of volunteers who are ready to fight for
what’s right and fight until the last legitimate vote is counted.

If we can raise another $30,000 we will be able to deploy a 100%, full force effort to make …

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Keep your yard signs up, says Mary Norwood

Sounds like someone may be doing some due diligence, just in case a courtroom is in the offing. Following are the last few Tweets from Mary Norwood, who has yet to concede defeat in the Atlanta mayoral contest:

One hour ago: “We are in a recount. Keep your Mary Norwood signs in your yard. Thank you!!”

One hour ago: “Atlanta, if you voted a provisional ballot, we need to hear from you. Email me your Name /Address / Phone/email…”

Two hours ago: “Atlanta, we have asked for a Recount of the Votes. Stand United Atlanta!”

Four hours ago: “Atlanta, if you voted with a provisional ballot, we want to know about you! Call my office at 404-Mayor-09 or send…..”

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Atlanta opts for change, but not revolution

In the end, Atlanta declared for change. But the city turned its back on revolution.

Reaching beyond City Hall, voters on Tuesday picked 40-year-old former state senator Kasim Reed as the 59th mayor of Atlanta.

The caveats of a razor-thin margin apply. A recount of the runoff is in the offing.

Mary Norwood, the diminutive councilwoman who threatened to engineer the greatest shake-up City Hall had seen in three decades, refused to concede defeat.

But as midnight approached, boosted by a surprisingly strong turnout in a post-Thanksgiving runoff, Reed declared himself the fourth consecutive African-American to hold the city’s top office.

Race was never a point directly addressed by the candidate, except to deny its importance – but the fact was of great concern to more than a few black voters, not to mention many members of the media who had their eyes on Atlanta’s changing population.

The 11-year lawmaker and attorney was backed by a phalanx of civic leaders, civil rights …

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A timely gutting of a conservation ordinance at City Hall

Georgia Conservancy is sending word of an intriguing Election Day development over at Atlanta City Hall.

The group has been working with city officials, architects, the Urban Land Institute and other professionals for an updated building code that emphasizes conservation – especially when it comes to water.

See a version of the Sustainable Building Ordinance by clicking here.

Word is that Jim Maddox, the longest-serving member of City Council, whose term expires this year, will offer an amendment this afternoon to make compliance voluntary. In other words, a gutting is afoot.

What’s significant is that the committee considering the item includes both Mary Norwood and Ceasar Mitchell, both of whom are on today’s ballot.

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Your morning jolt: Late numbers in the ATL race for mayor, and a word from Ralph Reed’s ex-spokeswoman

As Election Day closed in, Kasim Reed released documents showing that he has outraised rival Mary Norwood by nearly 2-to-1 in the final weeks of Atlanta mayoral campaign, erasing the advantage Norwood enjoyed at the outset of the runoff.

Together, the candidates have raised — and spent — more than $1.3 million in the final phase of the contest.

Neither candidate has released more than summaries of their financial positions, which means that most voters won’t have a complete picture of their support before casting a ballot.

Reed’s total includes a $52,500 personal loan to his campaign. He had already loaned himself nearly $100,000.

Norwood’s summary can be seen here. Reed’s disclosure can be found here.

The basics on Norwood:

– Amount raised since October: $467,329;

– Total contributions: $1,975,048;

– Total spent since October: $566,204;

– Total expenditures to date: $1,908,629;

– Cash on hand: $66,419;

The basics on Reed:

– Amount raised since October: $914,826;

– Personal …

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For the day when every vote counts, Republican or not

You’ll remember that, earlier today, we told you that the blog Georgia Liberal had spotted a Kasim Reed mailer advertising his Democratic party roots.

“Mary Norwood isn’t a Democrat,” that flyer added helpfully.

Another mailer hit Republican households today, presumably aimed at much of Buckhead, identifying Reed as “the fiscally conservative choice for mayor.”


The flyer quotes “Republicans for Reed:”

“We do not agree with Kasim on every issue, but we all agree that Kasim is the best choice for Atlantans who want to see a more fiscally conservative and more responsive city government.”

Republican names attached to the mailer include state Rep. Joe Wilkinson of Sandy Springs, House Appropriations Chairman Ben Harbin of Evans; former state senator Mike Egan, and Robert Highsmith – former legal counsel to Gov. Sonny Perdue and Reed’s law partner.

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A final tiff between Shirley Franklin and Mary Norwood

Mayor Shirley Franklin isn’t going quietly.

On Sunday, in a closing statement that finished the last televised debate, Mary Norwood sought to polish her credentials as a City Hall outsider:

“Many of y’all remember that, when I first got on City Council, there was a proposal to take your water bills to $360 a month [including] seniors on fixed incomes. I would not go along with that.

“I was the vote they didn’t expect, that I would stand firm with you and not let you be bankrupted. Yes, the administration went to the state of Georgia, but after I refused to give in. I’ve stood tall with you.”

Franklin has challenged Norwood before. But not on City Hall (albeit) digital stationery. The following was posted on the mayor’s official Web site hours after the debate:

In fact, no such rate increases were ever contemplated by the Franklin administration or the City’s Department of Watershed Management. The current monthly water and sewer bill for an average residential customer is …

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Catching up: Closing arguments in the ATL mayor’s race

Throughout this mayoral campaign, Mary Norwood has run the more aggressive TV campaign – perhaps not in eyeballs or points, but certainly in content.

There’s no embed code available, but this is the link to her closing ad, which started last week. Norwood is on a porch swing, and says:

Some people are trying to divide our city along racial lines. But whether we are white our black, live on the noth side or the south side, we are one city and we need to have one government that actually responds to every neighborhood, delivers services and solves problems.

The ad served as fodder for a major portion of Sunday’s final televised debate on WSB, as rival Kasim Reed pressed her to identify who “some people” were. Norwood declined. A session this morning on V-103/WAOK presented Norwood with a similar question. She gave a near identical response.

Reed’s final TV ad is more of a traditional, feel-good wrap-up. But the ad does have a narrator who promises that Reed will “clean up the …

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