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Your morning jolt: Jenny Sanford vs. Jon Stewart

The former wife of Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina acquitted herself well in a one-on-one with Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart last night.

Jenny Sanford declared herself satisfied with the fact that her wandering ex will finish out his term without the bother of impeachment.

“He sinned against me, and against our God,” she said during her book-plugging interview. “But I’m not sure that he sinned against the office that badly. He definitely broke the people’s trust. There’s no question there.”

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Former state GOP chairman Ralph Reed has addressed the phenomenon that is Sarah Palin at The Corner, a National Review blog:

“…Palin is a fusionist who weaves the various strands of conservatism into a coherent whole.


Sarah Palin's notes from Saturday/AP

“This is why Palin can act as a bridge between Tea …

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Body language and political marriages

Sometimes body language is worth a thousand words when it comes to a marriage on political display.

Below is an AP photo, taken Thursday, of South Carolina first lady Jenny Sanford and her husband Gov. Mark Sanford, at a Christmas-themed open house at the governor’s mansion:


And surely this shot by AJC photographer Ben Gray will go down in Georgia’s political annals. It was snapped as House Speaker Glenn Richardson took his oath of office on Jan. 8, 2007 – days after Democrats accused him of an “inappropriate relationship” with an AGL lobbyist.


The speaker said the charge had no basis. Susan Richardson, shown holding a Bible, now says she knew it was so.

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Andre Bauer’s offer to S.C.’s Mark Sanford has a time limit

You’ll remember that Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer offered not to run for governor of South Carolina next year, if only Gov. Mark Sanford would step down now.

But the Greenville News today quotes Bauer as saying that his promise is only good through next month. Said the lieutenant governor:

“I’ll probably announce in the latter part of October, and until I announce, I said I’ll just take myself out the running if he’ll step down. But I have to start my campaign at some point.”

Bauer originally made the offer last month after Sanford said he left the state in June to meet his mistress in Argentina without telling anyone where he was. Subsequently, members of the House GOP caucus and House Speaker Bobby Harrell called on Sanford to resign, and the state Ethics Commission is investigating his travels.

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Now the S.C. House speaker wants to see Mark Sanford’s back

We’re getting to the point where the only people who don’t want Gov. Mark Sanford to leave are South Carolina Democrats, who would be thrilled to see him hang on another 14 months or so.

This from The State newspaper in Columbia, S.C.:

House Speaker Bobby Harrell, R-Charleston, Tuesday became perhaps the most powerful South Carolina politician to call on Gov. Mark Sanford to resign.

In a letter delivered to Sanford today, Harrell said Sanford’s resignation would allow the state to move forward from the distractions created by Sanford’s secret trip to Argentina in June and the subsequent confession that he’d been engaged in an extramarital affair.

In a press release, Harrell said:

“What has become clear is that Governor Sanford’s issues will continue to dominate our state as long as he remains in office.

No doubt you saw the piece on Sanford in the Daily Beast, drawn from a telephone interview with the South Carolina governor last week:

“You know,” the South Carolina governor …

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Your morning jolt: If your kid. Comes home. Talking like this. It’s Obama’s. Fault.

Over a three-day weekend, and perhaps a few beers, some of us have mellowed out on President Barack Obama’s speech to schoolchildren set for today.

But some have not. This from columnist Laura Armstrong in the Marietta Daily Journal, on our president’s power of seduction:

Parents are watchful of indoctrination, given Obama’s propensity for personal slogans, seals, pledges and mottos. And his planned “civilian defense force”… too much like the third-world (or one 20th century nationalist/socialist movement) for many. Will he call children to service?

Seen those creepy YouTube videos pledging allegiance to Obama, doing the Obama dance, singing the Obama song?

Many parents fear that Obama will attempt to woo students with actual policy. Highly questionable policy. Lord knows, there’s a precedent:

“If war is forced upon us, we will liberate the people of Iraq from a cruel and violent dictator. We don’t believe freedom and dignity are America’s gift to the world. We believe they …

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Your morning jolt: Two Ga. Blue Dogs split on health care

According to this morning’s New York Times, the heat is what keeps U.S. Rep. David Scott in the kitchen, not out:

The political temperature of the Blue Dogs — and their ideological counterparts in the Senate — after the five-week recess is crucial. As representatives of some of the nation’s most conservative territory represented by Democrats, they potentially have the most to lose if a Democratic bill spurs a backlash.

Even with healthy majorities in Congress, every Democratic vote is critical given the reluctance by some Democrats to consider a major overhaul and near blanket Republican opposition.

One lawmaker in the group, Representative David Scott of Georgia, said his determination to enact a health care overhaul had been increased over the recess because of what he called the spread of misinformation and other unfair tactics engaged in by the opposition.

“I think now more than ever we must get strong in our resolve to pass health care insurance reform legislation,” Mr. …

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Mark Sanford’s press aide calls it quits

This from The State newspaper in Columbia, S.C.:

Gov. Mark Sanford’s communications director, Joel Sawyer, said today he is leaving for an unspecified private-sector job, effective Aug. 5.

Sawyer said his decision to leave his $65,000-a-year job had nothing to do with Sanford’s recent six-day disappearance and the Republican governor’s subsequent disclosure of an affair with an Argentine woman.

“I want to be crystal clear that my departure is purely about what’s best for me and my family on a personal and financial level,” Sawyer said in a statement. “I wish Mark and the rest of my talented and dedicated colleagues the best.”

Also Friday, parts of Georgia became very hot. But the sun had nothing to do with it.

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Your morning jolt: F-22 fight moves from sniping to data

In the last 24 hours, the looming confrontation between the Obama Administration and Congress over the F-22 stealth fighter has moved to the next level — from sniping to the rolling out of detailed arguments.

Near the close of business on Thursday, The Hill newspaper in D.C. posted an article that set a hefty per-hour pricetag on the Marietta-assembled F-22 Raptor — along with the worries of John Murtha, lead dog on defense spending in the House.

Murtha advocates more spending on the Raptor, but:

He also expressed some concern with the F-22 costs.

“We got problems with the F-22, there is no question about it. We are talking about $50,000 per hour to fly that plane,” he said.

The $50,000 price tag per hour is for operating and maintaining the F-22, according to data from the House Appropriations Defense panel.

This morning, the Washington Post sets the price of the F-22 slightly lower — at $44,000 per hour — but adds a large focus on the problems of upkeep:

The aircraft’s …

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Your morning jolt: Upsteam or downstream for Palin?

The nation is still puzzled by the decision by Sarah Palin, conservative America’s Sweetheart, to abandon the governorship of Alaska and set out for new, uncharted waters.

Presumably upstream.

In fact, we have been so focused on Palin’s Great Leap Forward that Minnesota’s odd decision to send a comedian to Washington seems like an old joke.

And Mark Sanford’s resolve to join his family in Florida for a weekend of fireworks — presumably outside the home — has been shoved aside, in favor of Palin’s latest Twitter:

“Grateful Todd left fishing grnds to join me this wkend; but now he’s back slaying salmon & working the kids @ the site; anxious to join ‘em!” the soon-to-be ex-governor tweeted on Sunday.

Palin also sent out a helpful link to a Los Angeles Times piece that quoted the local FBI spokesman as saying that the Alaskan governor isn’t the topic of any investigation:

“There is absolutely no truth to those rumors that we’re investigating her or getting ready to indict her,” …

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State money not misused during Mark Sanford’s Argentine adventures, top cop says

No messy grand jury hearings lay ahead for the South’s best-known governor.

This was just posted by the Associated Press:

South Carolina’s top cop says Gov. Mark Sanford did not improperly use state funds for visits with his Argentine mistress.

State Law Enforcement Division Chief Reggie Lloyd said Thursday that Sanford did not break any laws. The governor’s spokesman says he does not intend to resign.

South Carolina’s attorney general asked police to investigate the governor’s travel after Sanford revealed to The Associated Press he had spent time with Maria Belen Chapur more often than previously disclosed.

Sanford has given two personal checks totaling $3,300 to the state treasurer as reimbursement for part of a taxpayer-funded trip to South America last year. He says the money covered lodging, meals and airfare to Buenos Aires, where he saw Chapur.

Top South Carolina Republicans have called for Sanford to step down.

The State newspaper adds this:

In all, SLED reviewers …

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