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Leo Frank and a slice of Barnes family history

Bill Nigut, the former newsman who now heads the Southeastern operations of the Anti-Defamation League, just issued an irresistible invitation.

The Thursday event at the Cobb Energy Peforming Arts Center is a first-ever screening of a PBS documentary about Leo Frank, the Jewish businessman who was arrested for murder, convicted and subsequently lynched by a socially prominent Marietta mob in August 1915.

The invitation includes the following paragraph:

The chairs for the event include former Georgia Gov. Roy Barnes, whose wife Marie is the granddaughter of one of the leaders of the lynch mob, and Sam Olens, the first Jewish chairman of the Cobb County Commission. The audience will also include other descendants of the hanging party as well as the family of Lucille Selig Frank, Leo Frank’s widow.

One would surmise that bow ties are the preferred attire.

Sid Cottingham, who operates the blog Cracker Squire down in south Georgia, notes a somewhat related topic addressed Friday …

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