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Your daily jolt: ‘Al-Qaeda isn’t on the run,’ says Saxby Chambliss

When Congress returns after the election, Saxby Chambliss said the Senate Intelligence Committee will hold a hearing to address the questions that remain unanswered about last month’s deadly attack on a U.S. compound in Libya, from why it took the FBI three weeks to get to Benghazi to the links between the attackers and al-Qaeda.

According to my AJC colleague Daniel Malloy in Washington, Chambliss — the ranking Republican on the committee — was privy to much of the same information that President Barack Obama.

That makes the shifting administration account of what happened all the more disturbing, Chambliss said in a telephone interview this morning.

“He stood up in the Rose Garden [on Sept. 12], and he’d seen some of the same information some of the rest of us had seen that unquestionably called it a terrorist attack,” Chambliss said. The senator argued that Obama’s reference to “acts of terror” – a key point in Tuesday’s presidential debate, likely to surface …

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Mitt Romney’s biggest fan lands on Comedy Central


Oscar Poole, owner of Col. Poole's Bar-B-Q in Ellijay, stands outside his Ellijay eatery where at the moment its famous 'Pig Hill of Fame' in this 2003 AJC file photo.

In constant phone calls and late-night/early-morning voice mail messages, and on every radio and TV talk show he can dial up, Joe McCutchen of Ellijay, Ga., constantly advertises himself as Mitt Romney’s biggest fan.

Comedy Central is apparently taking him at his word.

McCutchen, who has a cable TV talk show that covers much of north Georgia, said he and Oscar Poole will be entertaining a TV crew from “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” today. Poole owns a north Georgia barbecue joint – and is famous for wearing a bright yellow suit, with a red-white-and-blue top hat, to state GOP functions.

Doug Richard of 11Alive, who can sport a fine deadpan when he wants to, is somehow involved. Probably as the straight man.

- By Jim Galloway, Political Insider

For instant updates, follow me on Twitter, or connect with …

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For the early-to-bed crowd: Barack Obama as straight man to Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart

Just in case you missed it last night:

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c

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Your morning jolt: Take two cups of vouchers and furloughs, add candidates — then stir

A forum in downtown Atlanta, featuring the three candidates for governor and the largest teacher’s group in the state, starts in a little more than an hour, so we’ll let Larry Peterson of the Savannah Morning News set the plate:

Nathan Deal wants to abolish the U.S. Department of Education, won’t rule out more teacher furloughs and once backed private school “vouchers.”

So the Republican governor hopeful may face tough questions today at an education group’s candidates forum in Atlanta.

Attempting to burnish his credentials on education issues, Deal last week released a plan to upgrade Georgia’s schools.

He and Democrat Roy Barnes, trying to win back his old job, are due to participate in a forum sponsored by the Professional Association of Georgia Educators.

Deal told the Chattanooga Free Press he’s for “the elimination” of the education department and said its funds were “not going to the children.”

“The federal government does not need to be in the business of operating …

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Your morning jolt: Eric Johnson to be the first candidate for governor on TV?

We’re told that Eric Johnson will become the first Republican in the race for governor to go up on TV, with a small but targeted ad buy on cable outlets in Atlanta, Savannah, Macon and Augusta.

Johnson, the former leader of the state Senate, will be focus his message on Fox, the Weather Channel, HGTV, the History Channel, ESPN, and the Golf Channel.

The ads are to start Tuesday. Next week is the start of the Masters.

Johnson, who hails from Savannah – a relatively small media market, has been finishing in the middle of the pelaton in statewide polls. But the purchase of TV time so early may also be an indication that Johnson has done relatively well in raising money.

Campaign disclosures, which will measure the amounts raised by candidates in the period that ended on March 31, should be out starting next week.

The price of fame: Having those Tweets you sent out, while your judgment was at the dry cleaners, aired again and again and again.

Last night, Comedy Central’s Jon …

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ATL mayoral doings: Arson, water meter lids, and a Facebook video from Andrew Young

Many things doing on the Atlanta mayoral front today:

Councilwoman Mary Norwood has called a 4 p.m. press conference at the Summerville home of Mattie Jackson, destroyed in 2008 by a fire that authorities determined was a matter of arson. Don’t know what the topic will be. A look at AJC archives indicates the response time by firefighters was four minutes.

The Atlanta water department has taken umbrage at a Norwood TV ad, in which the mayoral candidate says the city purchased 150,000 water meter lids that don’t fit. Commissioner Robert Hunter, who oversees the Department of Watershed Management, today declared the charge “absolutely untrue.”

Okay, maybe “absolutely” was the wrong word. This from the a press release:

DWM is replacing and upgrading approximately 150,000 meters. However, the number of meters reported with lids which do not fit properly represents significantly less than 1% of the meters.

Presently there are 994 open work orders to replace meter lids, not 150,000 …

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Your morning jolt: Glenn Richardson’s overseas phone call to Sonny Perdue

House Speaker Glenn Richardson informed Gov. Sonny Perdue of his attempted suicide last week, before the matter became public.

“I talked to him in a very personal, emotional conversation. I told him I wanted to visit with him as soon as I got back, because we all want to help him be successful – not just politically, but to be successful personally,” Perdue said in a WSB-TV interview conducted in Dubai, where the governor is attending an air show.

WSB’s Lori Geary, who is traveling with the governor, said Perdue talked to Richardson during a flight between Afghanistan – where the governor was visiting U.S. troops – to Germany.

“I told him there are a lot more important things out there than this other job that we do, which is public service,” Perdue said. “He and his family and his health is more important than any other political decision there. I know that while he is currently broken, he has a great ability to bounce back.”

Details of the incident from Paulding County …

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Really, people. You have to watch this.

Here’s the second segment of Thursday night’s confrontation between Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart and CNBC’s Jim Cramer:

And here are the first and third segments.

Politically, the Stewart-Cramer confrontation is the most riveting thing on the Internet this morning.

Huffington Post gives the clash what in long-ago print we called a six-column, Jesus-comes-again headline: “Jon Stewart eviscerates Jim Cramer and CNBC.”

From Andrew Sullivan at The Atlantic:

“What Cramer walked into was an ambush of anger. He crumbled from the beginning. From then on, with the almost cruel broadcasting of his earlier glorifying of financial high-jinks, you almost had to look away.”

From the Swamp at Time magazine:

It was as if someone told Cramer his career hung on his appearing on the show and his being …

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