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Really, people. You have to watch this.

Here’s the second segment of Thursday night’s confrontation between Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart and CNBC’s Jim Cramer:

And here are the first and third segments.

Politically, the Stewart-Cramer confrontation is the most riveting thing on the Internet this morning.

Huffington Post gives the clash what in long-ago print we called a six-column, Jesus-comes-again headline: “Jon Stewart eviscerates Jim Cramer and CNBC.”

From Andrew Sullivan at The Atlantic:

“What Cramer walked into was an ambush of anger. He crumbled from the beginning. From then on, with the almost cruel broadcasting of his earlier glorifying of financial high-jinks, you almost had to look away.”

From the Swamp at Time magazine:

It was as if someone told Cramer his career hung on his appearing on the show and his being abjectly …

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