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Your Daily Jolt: A long-term Democratic majority?

Emory University political science professor Alan Abramowitz, a frequently cited scholar of presidential politics, has written a 31-page analysis of Barack Obama’s victory to be presented next month at the annual Southern Political Science Association meeting entitled: “The Emerging Democratic Presidential Majority.” According to an early copy provided to Jolt, Abramowitz concludes thusly:

The structural advantages that Republicans enjoy in House and Senate elections would appear to guarantee the party’s continued competitiveness in congressional elections for many more election cycles.  As a result, divided government will probably be a persistent feature of American politics for some time.  And at the state level, Republicans are likely to remain the dominant party in most of the South as well as a number of sparsely populated, predominantly rural states that are relatively insulated from the demographic and cultural trends affecting the rest of the country.  …

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Your morning jolt: Rick Santorum will join TV war in Georgia

We told you last night that GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum will make his first post-surge appearance in Georgia on Sunday. This morning, The Hill newspaper in D.C. reports that Santorum has included this state in a first round of TV ads – to match frontrunner Mitt Romney:

The campaign is making the purchases in Arizona, which votes Feb. 28., and in Georgia, Ohio, Tennessee and Oklahhoma — all Super Tuesday states except for Arizona — according to Santorum senior campaign adviser John Brabender. The campaign did not disclose any more details about the ads, such as the cost or exact markets where they will air.

Another sign that Santorum will present a full-court press on Super Tuesday: The Times-Free Press today reports that the former Pennsylvania senator will be the headliner at a Chattanooga tea party gathering. A recent poll has Santorum leading in that state.

Meanwhile, financially pinched Newt Gingrich – or at least, his affiliated super PAC — this …

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Those revisions to the House immigration bill? Get your copy here

State Rep. Matt Ramsey, R-Peachtree City, has what may be the hottest bill of this legislation – an anti-illegal immigration measure that requires most businesses to use the federal E-Verify database to ascertain the legal residency of new hires.

Ramsey finished yet another revision of HB 87 on Saturday. This one’s likely to be voted out of committee on Monday. It hasn’t been posted on the official General Assembly website yet – but you can get your copy here.

If you see anything worth noting, please post a comment.

Here’s the assessment from my AJC colleague Jeremy Redmon:

State Rep. Matt Ramsey has revised his bill targeting illegal immigration to penalize people who “willfully and fraudulently” use fake identification to get a job in Georgia.

Such people could be charged with a felony — aggravated identity fraud — under the newly revised House Bill 87, Ramsey said Saturday in an e-mail.

Ramsey, a Republican from Peachtree City, also has added additional language …

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Your morning jolt: Can women stop Democratic bleeding?

Three white rural Democrats in the House have switched party loyalty in the last 48 hours. And we understand that three more are being courted by House Republicans.

So by the time the House Democratic caucus assembles at 1 p.m. today to elect new leadership, the group could be down to 65 members – barely more than the third of the chamber needed to block a constitutional amendment.

State Rep. Virgil Fludd, a Democrat from Tyrone. File

State Rep. Virgil Fludd, a Democrat from Tyrone. File

Two candidates have presented themselves for House minority leader, to replace the departing DuBose Porter of Dublin: Stacey Abrams of Atlanta and Virgil Fludd of Tyrone. Calvin Smyre of Columbus, former chairman of the state Democratic party, had been urged into the contest by some — but has decided to stay on the sidelines.

Abrams and I happened to be at the same Georgia State University event last night – which looked at the aftereffects of the Nov. 2 vote.

I asked her how Democrats intended to climb out of their hole. The 36-year-old tax …

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Of sex gadgets, divorce papers and 14th century gunpowder

As often as we get hoisted by one, not a lot of people understand what a petard is.

The French word dates to the Middle Ages, when gunpowder was a new and unstable weapon in Europe. A petard was a small bomb placed at the entrance of a fortification.

Every now and then, the bomb would explode prematurely, “hoisting” its maker – and his friends — into the air and eternity.

We had at least two hoistings last week.

In 2009, state Rep. Calvin Hill, R-Canton, started a small furor with an attack on sociologists at Georgia universities who had developed sub-specialties on some racy topics – male prostitution, oral sex, and “queer theory.” Some topics were addressed in classrooms.

Hill argued, on CNN, that taxpayers shouldn’t be funding such studies. He later recorded a video that celebrated an award he received for weighing into that particular fight against sexual immorality.

“Our public colleges are not the place for our young adults and future leaders to …

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Your morning jolt: Who’s earning what in the Atlanta mayoral race

In these difficult economic times, the Atlanta mayoral race is helping political operatives cover the rent.

According to my AJC colleague Cameron McWhirter, the most recent campaign finance reports show that campaign managers are making a pretty penny helping bosses pitch the city’s financial recovery to voters.

Lisa Borders’ campaign manager, Stacey Abrams, a state representative from Atlanta, brought in $33,281.55 in compensation, reimbursement and retainer, according to July-through-September financial reports.

Letetia Jackson, a political consultant from Dothan, Ala., earned $28,888.95 as Jesse Spikes campaign manager. Spikes is, and has been, in single digits since the outset. And Jackson is no longer employed by Spikes.

Tharon Johnson, former state senator Kasim Reed’s campaign manager, earned $27,000. The least costly campaign manager was front-runner Mary Norwood’s Roman Levit, who earned $13,163.88. Norwood didn’t hire him until August.

That kind of …

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Good-bye, but if things don’t work out — welcome back

An e-mail from Steven Kaminshine, dean and professor of law at Georgia State University, is making the rounds this morning. The letter, sent to GSU law school alumni, tells of a decision by Ely Abbott, director of the law school’s money-raising effort, to go to work for the Democratic gubernatorial campaign of Thurbert Baker.

It’s an effusive, well-intentioned send-off. But see if you can spot the phrase that has prompted more than one smirk. I’ve marked it in bold:

From: Steven Kaminshine
Date: Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 2:57 PM
Subject: [Alumni] Ely Abbott, Director of Alumni Giving for COL

Dear College of Law Alums,

Ely Abbott has advised me that he has decided to accept a special opportunity to become Finance Director of Attorney General Thurbert Baker’s gubernatorial campaign. Ely is an old political fund-raising junkie, having served in this arena previously on two congressional campaigns. He found the opportunity to run a potentially historic state-wide gubernatorial …

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Taking the fight over sexual academics to Facebook

When he last appeared in the AJC two weeks ago, state Rep. Calvin Hill (R-Canton) had — before a House committee — backtracked a bit on his criticism of state universities that offer programs with a sexual emphasis.

Hill defended his interest in the issue but said he never specifically accused Georgia State University of doing anything wrong. He also said the media had blown the subject out of proportion.

“It’s been taken sideways by people who like the titillating words,” he said.

Apparently, Hill’s interest has been revived. On his Facebook page yesterday afternoon, the lawmaker posted this:

Exposing the Obscene Classes in GA Universities: You are paying for it!

They just don’t get it! Those off the wall folks that think I am gay bashing when I exposed classes on “Queering The South” at Kennesaw State and “ Queer Theory” at UGA, not to mention Georgia State’s experts in Male Prostitution, Queer Theory and Oral Sex.

I am exposing what your taxes are …

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