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Your daily jolt: A state Senate under new management

In the minutes surrounding the passage of Senate Bill 24, Gov. Nathan Deal’s solution to the “bed tax” dilemma, the sharp-eyed could – through the door leading to President pro tem David Shafer’s office – spot a giddy state Sen. Jeff Mullis dancing through the anteroom, arms in the air.

That’s how happy the new leaders of the state Senate were on Thursday, following passage of the Hospital Medicaid Financing Program Act. The bill, which now will receive the same railed treatment in the House, solves the sticky problem of legislative approval for a continued levy on hospitals by shoving the issue behind the executive curtain of the state Department of Community Health.

In fact, the contrast with Senate passage of the original “bed tax” in 2010 couldn’t be starker. Three years ago, GOP senators tortured themselves over the issue for three months. The caucus split, and two Republicans lost chairmanships when they refused to go along – despite furious …

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Your morning jolt: Nathan Deal to sign bill to require drug tests for welfare recipients

Georgia Public Broadcasting quotes state Sen. John Albers, R-Roswell, as saying that Gov. Nathan Deal today will sign into law his bill to require drug tests for welfare applicants.

A lawsuit to block enforcement – which recently happened in Florida – is likely.

Most, but not all, district meetings of the Georgia GOP came off smoothly on Saturday. GOP activist Vikki McReynolds posted this account of deliberations in the 13th congressional district (David Scott, D) on Facebook:

”I just got kicked out of the 13th District convention because I called for a point of order because they did not seat our delegates and were seating alternates instead. … Police tried to carry me out and I laid on the floor !”

The meetings chose the bulk of Georgia delegates who will attend the Republican National Convention in Tampa. We’ll try to assemble a complete list this afternoon.

Speaking of the gentleman from the 13th: U.S. Rep. David Scott, D-Atlanta, on Saturday accused …

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Your morning jolt: A Skittles-and-hoodies protest headed for the state Capitol

Monday is shaping up to be a day of protest at and around the state Capitol.

Students from Morehouse College, Spelman College, Clark Atlanta University, and John Marshall Law School are putting together a Skittles-and-hoodies protest focused on the Florida killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin and Florida’s “stand your ground” law.

Demonstrators will be targeting several gun bills still under consideration by the Legislature, which they term “a continuation” of Georgia’s 2006 law that expanded the circumstances under which a shooter could claim self-defense.

The annual President’s Day fund-raiser for the Georgia Republican party on Monday – usually a sleepy event – is likely to get more attention this time around. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who is facing a recall election after last year’s confrontation with public employee unions, will be the keynote speaker.

Union workers in Atlanta are already planning a welcome for Walker at the downtown Marriott …

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Nathan Deal quickly sheds Facebook friendship with ‘birther’ attorney

The campaign of Nathan Deal says the Republican nominee for governor shed “birther” attorney Orly Taitz as a Facebook friend this morning, within minutes of finding out who she was.

Taitz is the infamous attorney – the term is used loosely — who has persuaded a handful of military personnel, including officers, to resist overseas deployment on the fiction that Obama is a non-citizen and thus ineligible to be president and commander-in-chief.

She’s currently fighting a $20,000 fine imposed last year by a federal judge in Columbus.

On Wednesday, Taitz posted the following on her web site:

If you recall, on my birthday, when I was getting hundreds of birthday greetings on Facebook, my access to my own Facebook page was blocked by Facebook.

I started a new page. Within a few days nearly 300 people signed up as my friends on my new page. More community leaders are joining. Congressman Nathan Deal joined my new page today.

Brian Robinson, spokesman for Deal, said that Taitz …

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Your morning jolt: Karen Handel’s hammering of Nathan Deal costs her a big check

As evidenced by his quick change of mind on the pursuit of federal funding for education, many of Nathan Deal’s wounds have been self-inflicted.

But the hammering that Karen Handel, the frontrunner in the GOP runoff for governor, has given Deal over the past week – in TV ads, in a weekend mailer, and in a Fox5 debate – has turned off some very specific Republicans.

Mark DeMoss is a Buckhead public relations specialist – Franklin Graham is a client – who served as Mitt Romney’s liaison to evangelicals during the 2008 presidential campaign. Romney, as you well know, has endorsed Handel.

DeMoss was ready to do the same. We’ll let him pick up the rest of the story in a Monday letter he wrote to Handel:

Dear Karen:

I’m sorry I have not returned your recent phone calls as I have been on vacation for most of the past month. I returned home last night fully intending to go online and make a maximum contribution to your runoff campaign when I saw your “Investigation …

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How Sarah Palin’s Facebook page works

More than one Nathan Deal fan, over the last few weeks, has mentioned that they’ve registered their disappointment with Sarah Palin on her Facebook page – for her endorsement of Karen Handel in the Georgia race for governor.


It is a logical venue for complaints, given that Facebook is the vehicle that Palin used to announce her support of Handel shortly before the July 20 primary.

But a one-day trip through comments on Palin’s Facebook page shows only one disagreeing post, made more than 24 hours ago:

Louise Stewart Shackelford: I am a big fan but I wish you had done more research before making your endorsement of Handel for Gov. of GA. She is not a good candidate just because she is female.

John Dickerson at Slate may have found the reason for the absence of pushback from Georgia in a short piece on Palin’s use of this social media forum:

Palin’s Facebook page is a key tool in her public brand management. She has used it effectively to project her message, appear connected …

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Your island jolt: Wood chips fly over charges of theft in governor’s race

From the veranda of the Jekyll Island Club – An island debate among the Democratic candidates for governor this afternoon, hosted by the Georgia Press Association, is highly likely to include charges of theft.

On Thursday, former Gov. Roy Barnes launched his sixth TV ad – this one proposing that Georgia Power and other utilities be required to burn wood pellets from Georgia pines to generate some of their power. Thousands of jobs could be created, he said.

House Minority Leader DuBose Porter of Dublin this morning says Barnes is guilty of intellectual poaching.

“I have been advocating wood-fired power for years. I know it will create thousands of jobs in Georgia — foresters, skidder operators, mechanics — and help landowners by creating a market for timber.”

Porter said. “Coal produces jobs for people outside of Georgia. Wood-fired power doesn’t poison Georgia’s rivers and streams. Coal-fired power does. Wood-fired power doesn’t create pollution that harms unborn …

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Your morning jolt: Why Sonny Perdue is likely to name a caretaker to replace Kathy Cox

More on this later, but the guessing in Georgia’s education community is that Gov. Sonny Perdue will appoint a caretaker to fill out the last six months of School Superintendent Kathy Cox’s term rather than either of two Republicans in the contest the advantage of the incumbency.

As if having an “(i)” next to your name is an actual advantage in this climate.

Here’s the situation: Cox gave notice of her June 30 resignation after the qualifying period that ended in April. So Perdue’s choices for a long-term superintendent are limited to three Democrats and two Republicans.

Perdue intends to pick a successor before Cox leaves, so that Georgia can continue to pursue a competition for federal dollars known as “Race to the Top.” This is important.

Assume that to choose a Democrat would prompt a GOP revolution. That leaves the two Republicans: John Barge, a Bartow County school administrator; and Richard Woods, an Irwin County administrator.

As of Wednesday, neither candidate had …

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Your morning jolt: Cash for sleuths and Brooks Brothers

When campaign disclosure reports roll in, the first questions are about income — who gave how much to whom?

Read the details in this morning’s AJC wrap-up.

Then nosy reporters and rival campaigns begin to pick through the spending.

On June 12, the Republican campaign of Nathan Deal dropped $1,180.44 at a Brooks Brothers in Buckhead for “clothing.”

A well-fitted suit for the candidate? Not hardly, said spokesman Harris Blackwood.

The spending was for a collection of short- and long-sleeved, button-down Oxford shirts, which were later embroidered with the Deal campaign logo.

They’ll be worn by Deal and his staffers. “We wanted something that would hold up. We’ve got a long campaign,” Blackwood said.

Deal’s GOP rival John Oxendine, on Jan. 28, paid $2,500 to a private investigator. The item is on Page 36 of his report.

According to its web site, Investigative Consultants International of Alpharetta was founded by T.J. Ward, who conducted an “in-depth investigation …

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