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A Twitter feud over Karen Handel’s new book

On Twitter last night, it was Karen Handel’s husband versus Eric Johnson.

In her new memoir about her short tenure at Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the breast cancer group, and her fight with Planned Parenthood, Karen Handel reprises the 2010 GOP race for governor as proof that she’s willing to take on unsavory characters.

Like Nathan Deal, who is now governor. Or Johnson, another rival who once ruled over the state Senate. Specifically, Handel accused Johnson of sitting on his hands when confronted with an ethics complaint against House Speaker Glenn Richardson, who resigned in 2009 (and is now engaged in a GOP run for the state Senate).

The book was released on Tuesday. Johnson, who has been known to let fly, started the conversation last night on Twitter. Steve Handel, the author’s husband, finished it. To wit:

Eric Johnson, at 20:38 Tuesday:

Only Karen Handel could make Susan G. Komen a villain and turn Planned Parenthood into a victim. She’s like Obama. It’s all about …

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Your morning jolt: What a revived Rick Santorum might mean in Georgia

So Rick Santorum went three-for-three on Tuesday night, sweeping up Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado in those presidential contests. Bad news for Newt Gingrich, but good news for Mitt Romney – even though it may mean a longer slog.

In particular, Santorum’s strong showing could be another enticement for Romney, who makes a short visit to Atlanta today, to make a large commitment in Georgia as we get closer to March 6 and Super Tuesday.

Romney still needs to show he can win in a Deep South state – the Republican party’s geographic base. And no, Florida doesn’t count. A revived Santorum, especially one who does well in blue-collar Michigan on Feb. 28, could weaken the Gingrich campaign here by drawing away evangelicals.

That would give Romney, who won most of metro Atlanta in 2008, a decent chance to win a plurality in the state.

The campaign of GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich this morning unwrapped an endorsement from former U.S. Sen. Mack Mattingly and his wife …

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Your morning jolt: John Barrow says Georgia immigration law has left crops ‘rotting in field’

U.S. Rep. John Barrow, D-Savannah, on Tuesday said the state Legislature, whose members include at least one Republican opponent, acted in a short-sighted manner when it approved a measure to require businesses – including farmers – to use a federal data base to screen out illegal immigrants.

U.S. Rep. John Barrow, D-Savannah/AP file

U.S. Rep. John Barrow, D-Savannah/AP file

The most salient points of H.B. 87 have been placed on hold by a federal judge while the right of a state to enforce federal immigration laws is hashed out in court.

In a series of interviews with Capitol reporters in Atlanta, designed to shine statewide attention on his south Georgia effort to survive in a newly drawn, heavily rural district, Barrow declared that he could support a federally mandated E-Verify program – but only if it applied to all states. Several are now moving through Congress, he said.

Barrow has already picked up one Republican opponent, state Rep. Lee Anderson of Grovetown, a farmer who supported passage this spring of H.B. …

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Your morning jolt: Jack Kingston’s race for House budget chairman comes to a head

This is a big week for U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston, R-Savannah.

All three candidates for the chairmanship of the House Appropriations Committee – and Kingston is one — will make presentations to the House steering committee on Tuesday.

U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston, R-Savannah

U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston, R-Savannah

The committee could render its decision anytime afterwards.

Tea Party Patriots intends to make themselves part of the decision-making process. The group plans to hold a nationwide “tele-town hall meeting” from 7 to 9 p.m. this evening, featuring candidates for the leadership of several House committees.

Kingston will be one of those featured. Those who want to listen in need to register here by 2 p.m.

According to a handicapping by The Hill, Jerry Lewis of California has an inside track, but has been criticized as a pork-barrel addict – and may not appeal to the army of freshmen House members. On the other hand, says the D.C. newspaper:

[T]he fact that Kingston is more of an outsider could be a problem for …

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Eric Johnson joins the ranks of lobbyists

Former Republican candidate for governor Eric Johnson, now a member of Gov.-elect Nathan Deal’s transition team, has signed on as a senior advisor to McGuireWoods Consulting.

He will serve the firm as a contract lobbyist, a spokesman for the firm said – but will keep his position with a Savannah architectural company.

Johnson, who resigned his state Senate seat last year, finished a close third in the GOP primary for governor, behind Karen Handel and Deal.

“We are excited to have Senator Johnson joining us,” said Frank Atkinson, chairman of McGuireWoods Consulting, said in a press release. “Throughout the years, he has shown he understands how to effect change and deliver results, reaching across the aisle on key issues including tax and ethics reform, water policy, and school choice. He will bring that same level of commitment to our clients.”

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In the north Georgia grassroots, a Republican defection from Nathan Deal

Over at SWGA Politics, Jeff Sexton points us to something that has provoked much conversation within the ranks of the state GOP – please pardon the trademark violation.

Mike Carter of Cleveland, Ga., a Republican activist and an Eric Johnson enthusiast during the primary, has resigned his spot on the state committee because of his concerns over Nathan Deal’s run for governor.

Carter posted the news on his Facebook page:

I recently resigned as a GAGOP State Committee Member so that I could say the following without retribution from the GAGOP. This was a very regretful and most difficult thing for me to personally do! I took this position very seriously andfaithfully served the GAGOP and was a very active Member of the State Committee. I attended every meeting and every possible activity and event as a Member of the Committee.

I trust you as well as others can now see that I knew a lot more about Nathan Deal and his unethical, intentional and calculated misconduct when I began …

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Your morning jolt: Tea party, business woes give Nathan Deal some identity problems

The tea party movement gave the Republican establishment another dose of heartburn on Tuesday, pushing Christine O’Donnell to an upset against U.S. Rep. Michael Castle in Delaware’s GOP primary for U.S. Senate.

O’Donnell’s victory gives Democrats a better chance of holding on to that seat – and perhaps the Senate itself – in November.

But here’s the relevant paragraph for Georgia, from the New York Times:

Mr. Castle, a moderate who served two terms as governor and had been reliably winning elections for the last four decades, became the latest establishment Republican casualty. Republican leaders, who had actively opposed Ms. O’Donnell, said the outcome complicated the party’s chances of winning control of the Senate.

While the GOP is giddy with the current anti-Democratic climate, the sheer volatility of the tea-tinged Republican electorate is unnerving, and has forced some unusual decisions, even here.

Specifically, the tea party movement and its anti-Washington attitude has …

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Jack Kingston: Sarah Palin should ‘butt out’ of state races

On the nationally syndicated “America’s Morning News” – an FM/AM talk show – U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston was drawn into a Wednesday morning discussion of Georgia’s Republican runoff for governor.

Would you have preferred that Sarah Palin butt out of it, Kingston was asked? “I wish she will,” Kingston said. But never mind the grammar – it was live radio. He continued:

“Because what’s she’s doing is dividing the Republican party at a time when we don’t need to be divided.

“Because in a case like this, really what people were saying – ‘Well, she’s endorsing Karen Handel because she’s a woman.’ [Palin] got up on stage on Monday and said, ‘I’m not doing it because she’s a woman – although she is a sister.’ You know — wink, wink.

“And I understand that. But what it does is, it makes Republicans say, well, maybe we do need to rethink Karen Han – I mean, Sarah Palin, as somebody who does shoot from the hip a little bit too much. Because I think Karen Handel is a very decent candidate, …

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Your morning jolt: Was there a runoff agreement between Nathan Deal and Eric Johnson?

Over the weekend, a robo-call from Eric Johnson, who finished third in the July 20 Republican primary, hit the homes of GOP voters, urging unity after Tuesday’s vote in the Republican runoff for governor.

One of the recipients was Chip Lake, chief of staff for U.S. Rep. Lynn Westmoreland, a fervent supporter of Nathan Deal. Westmoreland was among those who jumped in when Deal’s campaign hit the doldrums this spring.

After receiving the robo-call from Johnson, Lake posted the following on his Facebook page:


Former state senator Eric Johnson of Savannah

[Lake] is disappointed in a man that I used to have [a lot] of respect for. Instead of holding up his end of a deal Eric Johnson instead decides that he needs to record a robo call calling for “unity”. I mean really, Eric?? I, and many others that received such a call could have done without the sanctimonious lecture.

So was there an agreement between Deal and Johnson, that one would support the other in a runoff? Brian Robinson, …

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Your morning jolt: Karen Handel’s hammering of Nathan Deal costs her a big check

As evidenced by his quick change of mind on the pursuit of federal funding for education, many of Nathan Deal’s wounds have been self-inflicted.

But the hammering that Karen Handel, the frontrunner in the GOP runoff for governor, has given Deal over the past week – in TV ads, in a weekend mailer, and in a Fox5 debate – has turned off some very specific Republicans.

Mark DeMoss is a Buckhead public relations specialist – Franklin Graham is a client – who served as Mitt Romney’s liaison to evangelicals during the 2008 presidential campaign. Romney, as you well know, has endorsed Handel.

DeMoss was ready to do the same. We’ll let him pick up the rest of the story in a Monday letter he wrote to Handel:

Dear Karen:

I’m sorry I have not returned your recent phone calls as I have been on vacation for most of the past month. I returned home last night fully intending to go online and make a maximum contribution to your runoff campaign when I saw your “Investigation Journal” mailing …

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