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Roy Barnes won’t return Bishop Eddie Long’s check

Democratic nominee for governor Roy Barnes says he won’t return the $5,000 contributed to his campaign by Bishop Eddie Long of New Missionary Baptist Church.

From Lori Geary and Channel 2 Action News:

“The allegations are troubling but there’s not been one deposition taken, not one thing. Let’s let the legal process work,” said Barnes.

Last week Barnes canceled a scheduled fundraiser with Long. Barnes told Geary the decision was mutual.

“I haven’t talked to him. I sent messages back and forth. Of course we knew the press would be there and we didn’t want to take away from our fundraiser. In any regard, we just thought it was appropriate. It was jointly reached by staff,” said Barnes.

Barnes is not the only candidate to receive money from Long. State and federal campaign records show a long list including Michael Thurmond, Hillary Clinton, Thurbert Baker, Mark Taylor, Maxine Waters and Max Cleland.

The $5,000 contribution from Long to Barnes was made on June 28, for …

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Your morning jolt: Why Roy Barnes can’t afford a runoff

Topics below include: Roy Barnes, Republican Governors Association, Fox News, polling, Eddie Long, Politifact, and Ralph Reed.

The same thought has been knocking around in my head, but Larry Peterson at the Savannah Morning News got to it first:

The Miami of Ohio football team and Georgia Democrats have something in common, and that should worry Roy Barnes.

Miami has never won an overtime game and Georgia Democrats have never won a statewide runoff.

Of course, different conditions trigger overtime and runoffs. A tie extends a football game into overtime; a runoff occurs when no one draws a majority of the votes.

But chronic inability to win overtime games and runoffs may have similar influences on strategy. That is, if Barnes faces the likelihood of a runoff, he may be tempted to make aggressive – even risky – moves to avoid one.


Longtime Atlanta PR man Charlie Hayslett passed along this product of an e-mail chain from a cousin:

“I just got an automated call conducting a …

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Roy Barnes cancels an Eddie Long fundraiser

From the Associated Press:

Campaign officials for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Roy Barnes say they have canceled a fundraiser that was to be hosted by a pastor at the center of a sexual coercion lawsuit.

Barnes spokesman Emil Runge says the event was canceled Tuesday, when the lawsuit involving two young men was first reported. The campaign would not say Wednesday if the event was scrapped before learning of the allegations against Bishop Eddie Long.

Long is pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, a 25,000-member megachurch near Atlanta. He is one of Barnes’ more prominent black supporters and hosted a fundraiser for the former governor during the Democratic primary.

Long also donated $5,000 to Barnes’ bid.

Runge called the allegations “troubling” but said the campaign wouldn’t comment further until more was known.

The Republican Governors Association is already asking whether Barnes intends to return Long’s campaign donation.

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