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State GOP lawmakers weigh in on Nathan Deal’s side

We have two developments today in the Republican runoff for governor.

First, as mentioned this morning, there’s Karen Handel’s new TV ad, another aggressive punch that you can see here.

It describes rival Nathan Deal as “a corrupt relic of Washington.” The language is important. The word “corrupt” is strong but unsurprising, given Handel’s message of reform and her need to enhance her image as an outsider.

It is the word “relic” that startles – another hefty allusion to the 20-year gap in the ages of the two GOP candidates. How Deal responds to the two-pronged attack — and how quickly — is likely to be telling.

This afternoon, the Deal campaign cut loose with a list of 24 current state senators who endorse his candidacy – and three Republican nominees for the Senate.

That’s pretty much the entire Republican Senate caucus – minus those GOP senators themselves engaged in runoff campaigns. Remember that the leader of the chamber, Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, comes from …

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Bill Hembree named new House rules chairman

Bill Hembree, who ran against Speaker David Ralston in last month’s quickie election, emerged as chairman of the House Rules Committee today.

It was not unexpected, but his replacement of Earl Ehrhart in the No. 2 most powerful spot in the House is the biggest change in this list of committee assignment.

See the details below:

Agriculture and Consumer Affairs
McCall, Tom Chairman
England, Terry Vice-Chairman
Maddox, Gene Secretary
Anderson, Lee
Black, Ellis
Burns, Jon
Dooley, Pat
Dukes, Winfred
Epps, Carl Von
Harden, Michael
Harden, Buddy
Houston, Penny
James, Lynmore
Levitas, Kevin
Maddox, Billy
Porter, DuBose
Roberts, Jay
Sellier, Tony
Smith, Tommy

Harbin, Ben Chairman
Channell, Mickey Vice-Chairman
Ehrhart, Earl Vice-Chairman
England, Terry Vice-Chairman
Hill, Calvin Vice-Chairman
Houston, Penny Vice-Chairman
Martin, Chuck Vice-Chairman
Parrish, Butch Vice-Chairman
Rogers, Carl Vice-Chairman
Collins, Doug Secretary
O’Neal, Larry Ex-Officio
Sims, Chuck …

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Earl Ehrhart: ‘I’m no longer House rules chairman’

Just ran into state Rep. Earl Ehrhart (R-Powder Springs). “I’m no longer House rules chairman,” he said. Boxes are already stacked in his office.

The 22-year legislator held the No. 2 position of power in the House under Speaker Glenn Richardson, and – through his role as rules chairman – served as chief disciplinarian for the House leadership. So his removal was not unexpected.

Even so, Ehrhart was remarkably upbeat, and says he landed well. He’ll be a vice-chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, overseeing the budgets of Georgia’s universities – good news for Cobb County, which is home to Kennesaw State University and Southern Tech.

Ehrhart, who just turned 50, indicated that he wouldn’t be hanging around the Legislature too much longer, perhaps running for one more term.

Another reason for his smile as he prepared to vacate his office – he just had a kid named to the U.S. Naval Academy.

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Your morning jolt: House Republican chairman calls for Glenn Richardson to step down

State Rep. Judy Manning of Cobb County has become one of the first House Republicans to openly call for the resignation of Speaker Glenn Richardson. From this morning’s Marietta Daily Journal:

As chair of the Children and Youth Committee, Manning said she’s worked closely on the subject of mental illness and suicide prevention.

Mental illness, Manning said, is caused by a chemical imbalance that prompts a person to have erratic behavior, make threats and have a negative self-perception.

“There are warning signs and unfortunately, I personally have seen that he has some of those symptoms, although I’m not a doctor,” Manning said.

Manning said given the kind of pressure the job entails, it’s “a recipe for disaster” for anyone with such an illness to serve as speaker.

“It’s not good for anybody concerned inside or outside. More particularly, it’s not good for Glenn,” Manning said.

Manning’s position is significant. As a committee chairman, she’s a formal part of Richardson’s …

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Capitol casualties in Georgian Bank failure

Regulators have closed Atlanta-based Georgian Bank, the six largest lender in the state, and the 24th to succumb in Georgia since August 2008.

Writes my AJC colleague Paul Donsky:

Georgian, founded in 2001, was one of the state’s most profitable banks during the housing boom earlier this decade. But the bank ran into big problems this year, losing $36.7 million loss in the second quarter alone.

This from the Atlanta Business Chronicle:

Georgian counts some of the city’s highest profile suburban developers amongst its clientele, and respected business leaders on its board.
Those directors– a who’s who among Atlanta business– included Charlie Watts, Taylor Smith, Robert C. Wynne and Mark W. Hennessy. Shareholders in the bank had their investments wiped out.

The Marietta Daily Journal notes some specific damage to Cobb County’s political elite:

Adams D. “De” Little of Marietta, owner of Greenstone Properties, and Fred Bentley Jr. of Vinings, a partner in the law firm of …

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