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Your morning jolt: An Obama victory could mean a GOP retreat on taxes

The Washington Post today connects the Nov. 6 election with the lame-duck session of Congress to follow:

Senior Republicans say they will be forced to retreat on taxes if President Obama wins a second term in November, clearing the biggest obstacle to a deal with Democrats to defuse a year-end budget bomb that threatens to rock the U.S. economy.

Republicans have long resisted tax increases of any kind. But taxes are a major battleground in the campaign between Obama and Republican Mitt Romney, Capitol Hill veterans say, and the victor will be able to claim a mandate for his policies.

“This is a referendum on taxes,” said Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.), a senior member of the House Budget Committee. “If the president wins reelection, taxes are going up” for the nation’s wealthiest households, and “there’s not a lot we can do about that.”

U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss isn’t quoted, but the Gang of Six outline of what might happen, detailed in the Post piece, mirrors what he told us last …

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Your morning jolt: State’s share of Georgia school costs down to 38 percent

On Aug. 1, the day after the statewide vote on the transportation sales tax, you won’t find Gov. Nathan Deal crying in his beer.

You’ll find him at Bones restaurant in Buckhead, raising cash at $1,000 a head or more, for his campaign to re-assert the state’s authority to create charter schools in Georgia – even if local systems would rather not. Here’s the invite from

On that same note, my AJC colleague Wayne Washington has mined one of the most important stats likely to be bandied about in the fight over the November ballot issue, which pits much of the state’s education leadership against the core of the Republican political establishment:

For the first time in 16 years, local governments paid a higher share of the cost of public education that state governments, a recent report from the U.S. Census Bureau showed….

Georgia’s public primary and secondary schools got about 38 percent of their funding from the state, with local government paying about 48 …

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Another mystery mailer in Chip Rogers-Brandon Beach fight

We’ve got another mystery mailer in the race for state Senate District 21. But this time, the target is Majority Leader Chip Rogers of Woodstock:


As with the flyer that attacked Brandon Beach, the source of the attack is unclear. The Rogers mailer, which arrived at a Canton address, contains no claim of authorship and directs voters to www.don’ – which also doesn’t offer any clues about who’s putting up the money behind the effort.

The Rogers mailer mostly concentrates on Rogers’ gambling connections that have come to light over the last few months, and contains some misinformation:

– In a past life, Rogers could be described as a “sports tout.” He pushed television viewers to a pay-per-call phone service that offered odds on football games and such. But there is no evidence – none – that he was a bookmaker. He did not accept bets or pay out winnings. Here’s more background on the topic.

– The charge that Rogers harbored illegal aliens at his hotel in Gordon …

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The ‘independent’ effort to protect state Senate Republicans

Last week, Charlie Harper over at PeachPundit delved into the Georgia Republican Senate Caucus Promotion PAC, which is not a political action committee, but an independent political committee subject to the state’s transparency laws – which have not been met.

Harper reported that the promotion group has spent thousands of dollars sending direct mail into exurban areas of metro Atlanta on behalf of several state senators with Republican primary challengers: Majority Leader Chip Rogers of Woodstock, Bill Heath of Bremen, and Jack Murphy of Cumming. Wrote Harper:

Michael Luethy, a North Carolina political consultant is registered as the agent for the PAC, using a UPS Mailbox store address in Grayson Georgia as the address of the PAC. Luthy’s name is the full extent of “transparency” that these Senate incumbents have chose to express over these mailpieces.

On Friday, three Republican senate leaders – Rogers, Bill Cowsert of Athens, and Greg Goggans of Douglas – sent out an email …

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Judge tosses challenge to Brandon Beach candidacy

Administrative law judge Ronit Walker has turned down a challenge to the candidacy of Republican Brandon Beach of Alpharetta, who is running against Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers of Woodstock.

State law prohibits a candidate who holds one elected state or local office from running for another.

Robert Grove, a resident of the Senate district, had questioned whether Beach, a member of the state transportation board, ran afoul of that restriction. State DOT board members are elected by state lawmakers. Read the decision here. In part:

“Elective office” generally refers to “an office filled by citizens registered to vote
and voting in an election” and is defined as being “filled by the direct exercise of the franchise of
the voters.”

…While the Georgia Code bars candidates from running in two races simultaneously, in the instant case Respondent’s candidacy is neither barred by the Constitution nor by statute.

The judge declined to address whether Beach should have lost his …

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Your morning jolt: Chip Rogers says he’ll vote ‘yes’ on casino gambling

Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers and his Republican challenger, chamber executive Brandon Beach, met in a debate up in Milton last night, sponsored by the North Fulton & Friends Tea Party.

Yours truly served as one of two moderators. For the record, the time needed to drive the 40 miles from the state Capitol was one hour, 55 minutes. My partner was former secretary of state Karen Handel, who – should she ever give up on politics – will make a fine TV news anchor.

Topics included the transportation sales tax, ethics, and a new Milton County. Both men support the latter. But stark differences showed up when it came to education and gaming.

Atlanta developer Dan O’Leary wants to harness the Georgia Lottery as the engine to drive a vast entertainment and gaming complex in Gwinnett County. We asked the candidates what they thought about the idea. Said Rogers:

”If people earn money, and they want to spend it in a way that doesn’t violate anybody else’s rights, it’s none of my …

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NRA gives Chip Rogers a ‘B,’ hands Brandon Beach an ‘A’

The National Rifle Association is out with their endorsements in contested Georgia state legislative races this afternoon. Click here for the entire list.

The big surprise: In the District 21 race for state Senate, the NRA has given a higher grade to GOP challenger Brandon Beach of Alpharetta than to Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers of Woodstock.

Rogers was awarded a “B.” Beach was given an “AQ” – that is, an A based on his answers to a questionnaire rather than his votes on legislation.

You’ll recall that last March, the NRA accused Rogers and Senate President pro tem Tommie Williams of working behind the scenes to kill an effort by the gun rights organization to pass legislation that would allow employees to keep firearms in locked vehicles parked on company lots.

- By Jim Galloway, Political Insider

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Grover Norquist endorses Chip Rogers

Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, today posted a glowing endorsement of Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers, reinforcing the role that the transportation sales tax will play in other races on July 31.

And complicating Georgia politics to no end. From the ATR website:

Rogers has defended against tax increases and worked to streamline state government, often in the face of intense pressure from appropriators and their special interest allies. Most recently, Senator Rogers has stood up against a multi-billion dollar tax increase for expanded public transportation, an unpopular but extremely principled position.

From Norquist himself:

“The so-called ‘transportation tax’ is a more than a 7 billion dollar tax hike. Senator Rogers knows that the problem isn’t that Georgia politicians are not raising enough in taxes. They have been spending on areas other than transportation for years. Punishing today’s taxpayers for the bad spending decisions of yesterday’s …

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Should Brandon Beach be forced from DOT board? Or Senate race?

Private citizen Bob Grove of Woodstock, who has no connection whatsoever to any political candidate, last week filed an interesting challenge to the candidacy of Brandon Beach of Alpharetta, who’s running against Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers, R-Woodstock.

In a letter to Secretary of State Brian Kemp, Grove points out that Article II, Section II, Paragraph V of the 1983 state Constitution requires that “the office of any state, county or municipal elected official shall be declared vacant upon such elected official qualifying, in a general primary or general election…for another state, county or municipal elective office….”

Beach, the writer points out, was elected to the board that governs the state Department of Transportation by a group of state lawmakers who represent portions of the Sixth Congressional District. Grove adds, in a most folksy manner:

“I’m thinking all the smart guys have figured this one out, and it may be as simple as some clause somewhere that says …

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Handicapping an unasked-for defense of Chip Rogers

“I can handle my enemies,” the proverb goes. “But God save me from my friends.”

Perhaps you’ve heard of the recent article by Emory University journalism student David Michaels, posted on the website Atlanta Unfiltered. The piece detailed the early career of state Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers, R-Woodstock, as a pitchman for a sports pick operation throughout the 1990s.

Michaels unearthed videos of a fresh-faced Will ‘the Winner’ Rogers pushing would-be football game bettors to a $10-a-call 900 line, guaranteeing 80 percent accuracy. He found the name of Will ‘the Winner’ Rogers on a 2001 NCAA blacklist of tout services.

“Tout services provide information about specific teams and games on which to place wagers…Tout services have implied in the past that they receive information from individuals close to collegiate athletic programs,” the NCAA warned team staffers, emphasizing that contact with those involved in organized gambling violated collegiate athletic bylaws.

(The …

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