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Your morning jolt: AG candidates don crime-fighting capes

The Democratic race for attorney general has kicked into gear, with both candidates donning their crime-fighting capes in a post-Fourth rush to the July 20 primary.

State Rep. Rob Teilhet was first on Monday with a 30-second TV spot trading on a quote that calls him the state’s “most forward-thinking crime fighter.” He emphasizes a proposal to expand the state’s DNA data base to include all those arrested on felony charges, and promised to established a unit aimed at prosecuting crimes against children.

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Former Dougherty County district attorney Ken Hodges continues to draw attention to his experience as a prosecutor – and Teilhet’s lack of same. Says his ad, which begins today: “You might want to choose the only Democratic candidate who’s ever prosecuted anyone. It’s a tough job, and it helps if you know how.”

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The Democratic TV ads could have repercussions on the Republican side with its three candidates – former Cobb County Commission chairman …

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Renee Unterman and the fight over child prostitution

Consider the case of Renee Unterman of Buford, a Republican state senator.

For 12 years, she has carried the water for social conservatives in the Legislature. That “choose life” license plate? Her work. The state’s requirement that doctors offer women a sonogram before abortions? Her work.

For the last several years, Unterman has focused on child prostitution. Atlanta, you may already know, is a national capital in the trading of young flesh.

For the only female Republican in a male-dominated Senate, it has been a delicate topic.

“When I first brought it up in a caucus meeting, it was like they wanted to get underneath the table,” she said. “I’ve gently moved them along in the past three years. They can talk about the 50-year-old man who has sex with a 12-year-old, and say it’s not okay.”

Even so, Unterman was surprised on Monday when she was all but declared a lobbyist for the Georgia Association of Pimps and Sex Brokers — which, so far as we know, is a …

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