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Your morning jolt: Three Ga. lessons from Tuesday night

The lessons that Tuesday night might hold for Georgia aren’t exact.

We have no Arlen Specter-like party-switcher. No Blanche Lincoln-like challenge to an incumbent in either party.

But the lessons do exist:

LESSON NO. 1: The victory of tea-party favorite Rand Paul over hand-picked GOP establishment favorite Trey Grayson in the Kentucky race for U.S. Senate doesn’t bode well for former state senator Lee Hawkins of Gainesville.

In the special election to replace Nathan Deal in Congress, Hawkins faces a June 8 runoff with fellow Republican and former lawmaker Tom Graves of Ranger, who is backed by FreedomWorks, a financer of the tea party movement, and the conservative Washington group Club for Growth.

Hawkins in no way can be described as hand-picked by any GOP establishment, but he is running as a more traditional Republican with strong business ties.

LESSON NO. 2: Perhaps the happiest man in Georgia today is Rob Woodall, former chief of staff to U.S. Rep. John Linder and now a …

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Your morning jolt: Pressure building on abortion bill vote

With a transportation bill finally passed, and an ethics measure to bleach out the scarlet “E” on their chests on its way to the governor, Georgia lawmakers are basking in the exhaustion of a productive 38th Day.

There’s even talk of adjourning for good next Tuesday, on the 39th day.

But there’s one last fight to resolve, an intra-mural struggle between House Republican leaders and Georgia Right to Life.

SB 529, the anti-abortion bill designed to become a court challenge to Roe v. Wade, made it out of the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday and is now poised for a floor vote next week. The bill would prohibit physicians from performing abortions on women who have been “coerced” into the procedure.

But the bill would also bar abortions that are based on the race or gender of the fetus – and that’s the portion of the measure that backers think will attract constitutional attention.

Speaker David Ralston has come under a deal of national pressure to bring the bill to a vote …

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Michael Thurmond and the gamble of a cautious man


State Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond, left, wipes tears from his eyes following his announcement that he would enter the Democratic race for U.S. Senate. AP Photo/John Amis

Note: Portions of the column first appeared in a post earlier this week.

State Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond, considered one of the most cautious men in Georgia politics, on Wednesday took a huge gamble — and jumped into the U.S. Senate race against Republican incumbent Johnny Isakson.

Consider that Thurmond, despite his status as an A-list Democrat, starts with a vacant campaign treasury. Isakson has already squirreled away nearly $4 million.

Also consider that, within the dynamics of a general election, Isakson, 65, may be the strongest and most popular Republican in Georgia.

So the immediate question becomes whether Thurmond, 57, a former state lawmaker from Athens and a history buff, has been hiding a fondness for the roulette wheel. Or a penchant for Texas hold ’em.

The answer is yes — …

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Michael Thurmond, Carol Porter meet with Capitol Democrats

State Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond spoke to members of the House and Senate Democratic caucuses today.

Thurmond is to announce his Democratic candidacy for U.S. Senate at noon Wednesday in the state Capitol rotunda.

In a conversation with Democratic senators, Thurmond was joined by Carol Porter, a candidate for lieutenant governor.

Thurmond had been expected to run for lieutenant governor. His decision to go for broke against Republican incumbent Johnny Isakson essentially gives Carol Porter, wife of House Democratic Leader DuBose Porter, the nomination for lite gov without a fight.

So the conversation with senators was quite rosy. “We had an extensive conversation about the future of Georgia,” said Senate Democratic Leader Robert Brown of Macon.

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