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New Roy Barnes TV ad: Nathan Deal ‘too corrupt, even for Congress’

Democrat nominee for governor Roy Barnes has picked up where he left off before Labor Day, hitting Nathan Deal hard this morning with a TV ad accusing his Republican rival of holding back the details from his income tax returns.

Deal, a former congressman, released cover pages for 28 years’ worth of taxes last week.

Just as the GOP is attempting to tie Barnes to President Barack Obama, Barnes seeks to wed Deal to popular discontent with Congress:

The script:

Male voiceover: “In a desperate attempt to fool the voters, Congressman Deal released only the cover pages of his taxes. His secrets are hidden in the details.

“Secrets about his income from a no-bid salvage deal with the state. Secrets about the building he rented to the state’s Pardon and Paroles Board when he was a [state] senator.

“What else is hidden? That’s why he resigned from Congress — at midnight. Nathan Deal. Too corrupt, even for Congress.”

Last week, Barnes hinted at the tough language above, when he said …

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Lyndon LaRouche and the ‘Nazi’ label

No doubt you remember the young woman from Barney Frank’s town hall meeting — the one who tied Democratic plans for health care reform to Nazism.

The NYT political blog, the Lede, notes that Frank’s interrogator turns out to be a follower of famed wingnut Lyndon LaRouche.

Writes the Lede:

For those unfamiliar with the range of his thinking, Mr. LaRouche also claims that the Queen of England is a drug smuggler, and recently suggested that “top circles in London, who are furious at President Barack Obama for flubbing the British demands to impose fascism on the United States,” may soon “attempt to assassinate the President.”

No one is more put out by the fact that Mr. LaRouche has received no credit for introducing Nazis into the health care debate than Mr. LaRouche himself. In a news release this month, his political action committee wrote, “Lyndon LaRouche and the LaRouchePAC are the source of the campaign to expose the Obama ‘health care’ policy as modeled on that of Hitler …

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The CNN world, the Fox News world, and Barney Frank

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