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To gauge power of social media, don’t look at Anthony Weiner – Delta’s the example

You can talk about U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner and the power of Twitter all you want.

But this video, made inflight on a Delta airliner by U.S. soldiers on their way home from Afghanistan on Tuesday, shows the real influence of social media:

Given the space restrictions, the video shows excellent stagecraft and is helped immensely by a no-nonsense director — a staff sergeant who immediately puts his own name behind his complaint. More details can be found here.

Forcing sweat to appear on the upper lip of a New York congressman is a small trick compared to sending a multi-billion dollar organization into bent-knee apology mode.

The following Delta press release moved at 1 p.m. today:

Delta Air Lines (NYSE: DAL) today increased its free checked baggage allotment for U.S. Military traveling on orders in Economy Class to four checked bags.

Delta’s revised baggage policy also allows U.S. military personnel traveling on orders in First and Business Class to check up to five bags …

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Your morning jolt: Forest Park backs off breast-feeding ban

Bowing to fierce demands from the lactation crowd, city officials in Forest Park say they’ve modified a controversial new public indecency ordinance that sparked recent protests.

They’ve removed the provision that would have restricted breast feeding to children under age 2. From the Associated Press:

The new version approved Monday simply states that breast-feeding of a baby is exempt from the restrictions.

In May, dozens of breast-feeding women and their supporters protested in front of the Forest Park City Hall. A Facebook campaign against the ordinance was also launched.

Forest Park City attorney Robert Mack Jr. has said the ordinance is aimed at public nudity — not breast-feeding.

Apparently, moms resented being placed in the same categories with strippers. Now, if we can only get San Francisco to back off that proposed circumcision ban.

While we’re on the uncomfortable topic of government and body parts, the treatment that Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show …

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