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Your morning jolt: Manure flies in 12th District race for Congress

In the Republican runoff to face down U.S. Rep. John Barrow of Augusta, state lawmaker and farmer Lee Anderson has created a manure storm with final-round TV ad accusing businessman Rick Allen of spreading, um, lies about him:

A quick transcript:

Narrator: Watch out. Rick Allen’s brought out the manure spreader. Allen’s lying, waging a negative campaign to distort Lee Anderson’s record. A wealthy government contractor, Rick Allen doesn’t want you to know he gave thousands to liberal Democrats, thousands more to support Obama’s failed stimulus, and even Democrat John Barrow.

Lee Anderson, the proven conservative who’s cut taxes, slashed spending and balanced budgets. Conservative. Republican. Lee Anderson for Congress.

The Augusta Chronicle takes up some of the charges that Anderson has made, on TV as well as through direct mail:

The mailer, which features “Rick Allen’s Democrat Dream Team” with photos of Charles “Champ” Walker, Barrow and President …

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Your morning jolt: House speaker calls gift cap ‘a gimmick,’ urges independent ethics panel

Advocates of a $100 cap on gifts from lobbyists to lawmakers will be at the state Capitol this morning to begin a 13-city bus tour pushing a “yes” vote on the July 31 Republican ballot question addressing the issue.

It will be led by state Sen. Josh McKoon, R-Columbus, who will also be attending a called meeting of the Senate Ethics Committee. Which may or may not be – the sessions are closed to press and public – considering a complaint lodged against Senate Rules Chairman Don Balfour, R-Snellville.

On the same topic, House Speaker David Ralston on Wednesday indicated that, rather than a cap on gifts, he’d rather see more secure funding for the panel formerly known as the State Ethics Commission. Ralston made his remarks on the last of a four-day swing through the state by House Republican leaders. According to Jon Gillooly and the Marietta Daily Journal, Ralston said:

”I am not opposed to real ethics reform. … I think the cap is a gimmick, frankly.

“I have …

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Your morning jolt: Andy Young finds wiretap from the old days

Last night’s ABC special on recently released interviews with former First Lady Jackie Kennedy sent many local outlets to the Atlanta home of former mayor and U.N. ambassador Andrew Young.

In a 15-minute interview with WABE’s Denis O’Hayer, Young addressed the young widow’s characterization of Martin Luther King Jr. as a “terrible” man – and rumors spread by the slain president’s brother, Robert Kennedy, that the civil rights leader had joked about JFK during the president’s funeral.

Young declared the latter to be “a blatant lie:”

”Stop and reason a minute. The four little girls had been killed in a church bombing in Birmingham just a couple of months before. That was probably the biggest emotional blow we’d had in the movement.

Then before [King] recovers from that, the president’s assassinated. All I can remember him saying was, ‘If they can’t protect the president, you know our days are numbered.’ It was as though it was his assassination …

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Your morning jolt: Arizona sues over Voting Rights Act

Because we’re still in the midst of a redistricting session, this from is worth noting:

The state of Arizona filed a lawsuit Thursday challenging the federal government’s authority to enforce part of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, becoming the first state to challenge the constitutionality of sections of the federal law that bars states from denying or limiting a person’s right to vote based on their race or color.

Specifically, state Attorney General Tom Horne is questioning the provision that requires U.S. Department of Justice review of all changes to that state’s election laws. Georgia is subject to the same pre-clearance requirement, which Horne declares to be archaic.

Hurricane Irene has forced the postponement of the formal unveiling of the Martin Luther King Jr. monument in Washington D.C. this weekend. But news outlets are still cranking out interview with King’s lieutenants.

Here’s former Atlanta mayor and gubernatorial candidate Andrew …

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Your morning jolt: Macon Mayor Robert Reichert narrowly re-elected

For the moment, middle Georgia’s most racially polarized contests are at an end. From the Macon Telegraph:

Macon Mayor Robert Reichert eked out victory Tuesday night, winning a seesaw fight for a second term against former Mayor C. Jack Ellis.

Unofficial returns gave Reichert 10,307 votes to 9,770 for Ellis, a difference of about 500 votes out of more than 20,000 cast.

And this:

Former Macon City Council President Miriam Paris ended former state Rep. David Lucas’ 37 years of political service with an unofficial 12,950-10,220 vote victory in Tuesday’s runoff in the special election for the District 26 state Senate seat formerly held by Robert Brown.

Paris took 55.9 percent of the vote, well ahead of Lucas’ 44.1 percent.

Here’s the Channel 2 Action News assessment of Democratic reaction to the GOP effort to seize control of the Fulton County legislative delegation:

Republicans we’ve talked to say that a new Milton County would still be difficult to achieve. …

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Your morning jolt: Andrew Young says APS needs an honor code

Andrew Young, the former mayor and U.N. ambassador, thinks the Atlanta Public Schools system needs an honor code – and not just for students. From Mark Winne of Channel 2 Action News:

From the Channel 2 web site:

“The cheating speaks to the character, and that’s where the failure is,” Young says. “This is a time for us to decide what we want to do with our school system.”

Young told Winne he was casual friends with [former APS school superintendent Beverly] Hall, but never close to her. Young says Hall was too isolated in her position as superintendent, “but we’re the ones who isolated her.”

Early this week, Monica Pearson of Channel 2 Action News popped up on the island of Maui to interrupt former school superintendent Beverly Hall’s Hawaiian vacation. On Wednesday, it was the turn of 11Alive’s Karyn Greer. She didn’t get much, either. From the 11 Alive web site:

Greer: I want to ask you, people are very, very upset back home. People were saying …

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Your morning jolt: 47 years later, cop who saved Andrew Young identified

Former Atlanta mayor Andrew Young has a DVD out, “Crossing St. Augustine,” documenting the civil rights marches he led in 1964 Florida.

The first part of the documentary ends with Young attempting to negotiate passage through a white mob. Black-and-white footage shows the young lieutenant to Martin Luther King curled on the ground, as a pair of young white men brutally kicked him.

Ultimately, a man whom Young identified as a “trooper” stepped in to save him:

Said Young, now 79:

”I wish I could find the guy who said, ‘That’s enough, let him through.’ Because I’m grateful to him. Because if he had not done that, all of those other people would have been beaten up, and they might not have been as fortunate as me.”

Over the weekend, and 47 years later, the St. Augustine Record announced that it had found the man:

That ‘trooper’ was really St. Augustine Police Department motorcycle patrolman Jimmy Petroglou, now 80.

Petroglou retired in 1982 after 30 years in law …

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Your morning jolt: A call for Casey Cagle to resign, from a Tommie Williams aide

On her Facebook page Monday, Republican activist Pat Tippett commented on an unsourced – and so far, unverified – report that Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle is colluding with Democrats to regain his authority in the state Senate.

Cagle has denied any Democratic involvement, but that didn’t convince Tippett:

”Lt. Gov. YOU NEED TO RESIGN! Why do you think we spend our valuable time, money, and energy for our party? It is not to see the democrats in control! RESIGN!”

None of this would be worth noting, except that Tippett is also a part-time staffer for Senate President pro tem Tommie Williams, the lieutenant governor’s rival for leadership of the chamber. Tippett works out of Williams’ office in Lyons, Ga., and is paid from the ranking Senate Republican’s campaign account.

Tippett and her friend Kay Godwin are perhaps the most influential GOP volunteers in south Georgia. They are co-founders of Georgia Conservatives in Action, a group that received $2,000 from Williams in …

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Andrew Young: ‘Why was T.I. pulled over?’

Truth be told, the Political Insider is an aging white male who is not particularly attuned to T.I, the multiplatinum rapper who was arrested Wednesday in California with wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle on suspicion of possessing methamphetamines.

While charges have yet to be filed, the case has the potential to put one of music’s top names– on supervised release for a weapons charge — behind bars yet again.

But the Insider is quite familiar with former Atlanta mayor and U.N. ambassador Andrew Young, who married the couple last month in Miami. From the Associated Press:


Former Atlanta mayor Andrew young

[Young] said T.I. has made “marvelous progress” and that he is a good father and partner.

He also was skeptical about the charges against the rapper and the circumstances of the arrest.

“I assume that you’re innocent until you’re proven guilty,” Young told The AP in a telephone interview. “If he was driving and smoking marijuana, that is absolutely stupid. But why was he pulled over …

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Andrew Young: ‘Nobody with any common sense wants Beverly Hall to resign’

Former Atlanta mayor Andrew Young has come out swinging in defense of city School Superintendent Beverly Hall, who has been fielding calls for her resignation in the wake of the CRCT cheating scandal.

Here’s the video from Fox5/WAGA-TV last night:

Said Young:

“There’s nobody that’s got any common sense and concern for the future of the city of Atlanta that would call for the resignation of this woman.”

And how does Young explain all those erasures?

“I don’t. I don’t care. I’m not worried about the test scores. I know that everywhere I go, I find students from Atlanta public schools doing well….

“Give me subpoena power and point out any institution in the world, any institution in this city, and I can find [something] to put somebody in jail, or to raise a lot of fuss and to keep you all in the news…..”

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