Video: Kasim Reed talks gay marriage on MSNBC

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Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed did his first national interview on his flip in support of same-sex marriage today on MSNBC and offered fodder for those parsing Reed’s statewide aspirations. When asked whether he would support an effort to overturn Georgia’s 2004 constitutional ban on gay marriage, Reed noted that he voted against that effort in the state Senate and added:

My evolvement, if you will, really occurred around moving from civil unions to being comfortable with marriage. And that’s where I ended up, and I intend to carry that message all over Georgia.

Reed also offered new detail on how his longtime friendship with Atlanta attorney Lee Schreter and her partner informed his switch:

They invited me to their wedding in New York and I was conflicted. I did not go because I would have felt like a hypocrite. But it did cause me to think more and more and then I talked to my dad, and he and I have been talking about this issue for some time. I also talked to my chief of staff who is a very religious woman. And I concluded that there is a difference between marriage and civil unions, and rights that come with marriage. And if you really believe in equal protection, then gay and lesbian couples deserve the same equal protection under the Constitution that you do or I do.

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