Saxby Chambliss: ‘I don’t want to be dictated to by anybody in Washington’

Updated below with some back-and-forth between Norquist and Chambliss staffers.

Original post: U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss on Saturday morning made the case for ignoring Grover Norquist and his anti-tax pledge before an all-important group of Cobb County Republicans.

It was the largest home-state crowd Georgia’s senior senator had addressed since his pre-Thanksgiving Day declaration that the coming fiscal cliff and a $17 trillion federal deficit has changed the way that Republicans must think about taxation.

“I think that you sent me to Washington to think for myself. And I want to vote the way you want me to vote,” Chambliss said. “I don’t want to be dictated to by anybody in Washington, as to how I’m going to vote on anything.”

The packed hall of 150 activists included Attorney General Sam Olens; state GOP chairman Sue Everhart; J.D. Van Brink, chairman of the Georgia Tea Party; and Phil Smith, national political director of the Concord Coalition, a bipartisan deficit-reduction organization.

In a detailed, 45-minute speech, Chambliss explained that he opposes hikes in individual tax rates, but favors elimination of deductions and loopholes that would increase the amount of tax revenue collected by the federal government. Fifteen percent of that money would be applied to deficit reduction – a violation of the Americans for Tax Reform pledge, since any increase in revenue is required to be offset elsewhere.

This is where Chambliss was at his best:

”Most of you are familiar with the ethanol tax credit. The ethanol tax credit is a $6 billion annual tax break that is given to blenders of ethanol. Now, how many of you think we ought to eliminate that ethanol tax break?”

Dozens of hands went up, with hoots and applause. This particular tax credit actually expired at the end of last year — but ethanol subsidies are not popular in the South, especially among farmers, given that they boost the cost of corn. Chambliss then sprung the trap:

”Guess what? You just said you would violate the pledge that I signed. Because by the elimination of a tax credit, if you don’t take that money and reduce rates, that’s a violation of that pledge.

“I think we need to eliminate the ethanol tax credit. When my buddy Tom Coburn from Oklahoma proposed that last year and it came up for a vote, he was called by Grover Norquist – he compared him to Alger Hiss.”

This is not strictly true. On Twitter last month, Norquist indeed compared Coburn to the man accused of being a Soviet spy in the 1950s. But it was because of the following thought that Coburn expressed in a November interview with the Washington Post, not his 2011 ethanol proposal: “If you just raise rates, that’s going to be a drag on invested capital. I’m all for the very wealthy paying more taxes. But how you do it is very important,” Coburn said.

But let’s let Chambliss continue:

”When I said I care about my country more than I do about a 20-year-old pledge, that’s what I’m talking about. Things have changed in 20 years. We didn’t owe $17 trillion 20 years ago. We’re in a different world today….

“That’s a violation of the pledge because I say we got to pay down some of our mortgage with that money. If we don’t pay down our mortgage, the debt is going to go up and up and up.

“I think that you sent me to Washington to think for myself. And I want to vote the way you want me to vote. I don’t want to be dictated to by anybody in Washington, as to how I’m going to vote on anything.”

At the breakfast gathering, Van Brink, the chairman of the Georgia Tea Party Coalition, was given a seat at Chambliss’ table. Afterwards, the tea party leader said he leans more toward Newt Gingrich’s contention that the “fiscal cliff” – a combination of automatic tax increases and spending cuts that will hit Jan. 1 without a congressional compromise – is less dire than Chambliss says.

But Van Brink said he takes Chambliss’ point about the limitations of the Norquist pledge. “Obviously, the only way to pay down debt is to have a surplus. That means you have to collect more taxes than you’re spending,” he said.

The Concord Coalition, whose co-chairman is former U.S. senator Sam Nunn, is one of several organizations that have been back Chambliss and his Democratic partner, Mark Warner of Virginia, in trying to forge a congressional consensus on the debt.

The group’s national political director was in the audience, ready with fulsome praise. “The 17 years I’ve been working on federal budget issues, I’ve never seen people quite like Mark Warner or Saxby Chambliss on this issue,” Smith said. “This is like being in that movie ‘Lincoln.’ I feel like I’m witnessing an ordinary senator evolve into something extraordinary. He didn’t have to do this.”

By and large, the audience appeared to be on Chambliss’ side. Mike Fitzgerald, chairman of the 6th District GOP, told the U.S. senator that vote attitudes toward his efforts might be different if they saw more efforts to trim spending first.

State Rep. Ed Setzler of Acworth, one of the most conservative Republicans in the Legislature, said that, as much as he was concerned with excessive federal spending, he was also worried that unwise slashing of the federal budget could double the unemployment rate – a point that Chambliss also made.

In a lengthy question-and-answer session, GOP activist Drew Holley was the only Republican who declared himself unconvinced. Holley argued that when Chambliss and other Georgia members of Congress supported overspending by President George W. Bush in the 2000s,
they lost all credibility with him.

“I just think we need new leaders,” Holley said afterwards, adding that he’s waiting for Chambliss’ 2014 primary challengers to show themselves. “I’m going to put my support behind those people,” he said.

Update at 3:45 p.m. Sunday: On Saturday evening, John Kartch, spokesman for Americans for Tax Reform, sent the following note:

During his remarks today (as noted in your post) Senator Chambliss said:
“When I said I care about my country more than I do about a 20-year-old pledge, that’s what I’m talking about. Things have changed in 20 years. We didn’t owe $17 trillion 20 years ago. We’re in a different world today….”

Twenty years ago? In February 2011, Senator Chambliss wrote a public letter assuring taxpayers that he would not vote for any plan that raised taxes – he would only support additional revenue from economic growth: “any increase in revenue generation will be the result of the pro-growth effects of lower individual and corporate tax rates for all Americans.”

That position protects taxpayers and is certainly consistent with his written commitment to the people of Georgia.

Back to his remarks today — Senator Chambliss also said the following:

“The ethanol tax credit is a $6 billion annual tax break that is given to blenders of ethanol. Now, how many of you think we ought to eliminate that ethanol tax break?”

Fact: The ethanol tax credit no longer exists. Thankfully, it expired almost a year ago, on Dec. 31, 2011. Is Senator Chambliss really unaware of this fact? Or is he deliberately misleading his audience? If it is the latter, one would hope he would show more respect toward his fellow Republicans. Chambliss now has the opportunity to correct the record.

Not even the ethanol industry is trying to bring back the ethanol credit. That’s how dead it is.

Even when the ethanol credit was alive, Americans for Tax Reform endorsed killing it, and sent a letter to Senator Chambliss and every other senator stating that position.

The good news is that the Taxpayer Protection Pledge Senator Chambliss made to the people of Georgia doesn’t stand in the way of getting rid of any tax preferences. Every single exclusion, adjustment, deduction, and credit is on the table for tax reform under the Pledge. No tax break is exempt from elimination under the Pledge.

The only requirement is that the additional tax revenue raised by eliminating (or curtailing) a tax break get plowed into lower marginal tax rates (or other income tax relief). A good example of how this is done can be found in conservative Senator Jim DeMint’s Energy Freedom and Economic Prosperity Act. DeMint’s bill repeals every energy tax credit in the tax code and reduces the corporate income tax rate by an equal amount. Endorsed by Americans for Tax Reform, this is both good tax policy and good energy policy.

Senator Chambliss was elected by Georgians to reform government and reduce government spending instead of finding ways to send more money to DC, where it will be immediately spent by President Obama and his congressional allies.

To Kratch’s point that the ethanol subsidy expired last year, Bronwyn Lance Chester, a spokeswoman for Chambliss, said this afternoon that the senator is well aware that the subsidy no longer exists, but was presenting his audience with a real-life decision:

“To demonstrate his views on tax reform, Sen. Chambliss used a recent example of a special-interest tax provision he knew Georgians were familiar with. They were familiar with it because it was vigorously debated, and resolved within the past year. And that example still applies to the hundreds of less-well-known special interest loopholes that litter the federal tax code.”

Now, as to Kratch’s contention that Americans for Tax Reform opposed the ethanol tax credit – the underlying point is that the organization didn’t want it to go away unless an equal amount of immediate federal revenue was cut.

Coburn’s bill would have immediately ended the ethanol tax credit. Chambliss, incidentally, voted to bring the bill to the floor in June 2011, but voted against the bill itself – arguing that the credits were to expire at the end of the year, anyway. Ending them early would have upset the plans of many businesses, he said. Which is what happened.

- By Jim Galloway, Political Insider

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Buford T. Justice

December 1st, 2012
2:40 pm

Saxby probably felt initially like Daniel in the lion’s den. Sounds like Daniel, Sabxy walked out intact.


December 1st, 2012
2:41 pm

Hard to espouse rugged individualism while signing all sorts of weird lock stepping packs that limit choices depending on circumstances.
Glad Georgia’s senator is for Georgia and not for national and global interests first.

Larry Merriam

December 1st, 2012
2:47 pm

Mr. Chambliss, you are a model for the entire Congress. Grover Norquist was not elected to anything. As Jeb Bush correctly stated, by signing the Pledge to Grover you our outsourcing your responsiblilty as an elected official.

Join the now over 1100 people who have signed the petition to stop Grover at

Rush Is Right

December 1st, 2012
2:50 pm

Chambliss must be purged from the Republican party for his impure thoughts!


December 1st, 2012
3:04 pm

The focus on revenue is a distraction from the corrupt spending on everything demanded by campaign contributors.


December 1st, 2012
3:06 pm

Chambliss has got to go. This is a speHe misleads all the time. He is pulling the gas tax out of no where. This is not what he has been talking about.

I have one question for the Senator, Do you think it is the taxpayers who created this budget crisis or those who actually pass the budget knowing you do not have the income to cover it?


December 1st, 2012
3:07 pm

Amen Dougie.


December 1st, 2012
3:30 pm

SAXXXX the proof is in the vote, I predict that if boehner “Bonehead) says boo good ole boy Saxby will cower in the corner like the spineless GOP slime he is…

Get real people Sax has started the campaigning early and will say thing to get a vote then, business as usual…

Sack the SAX…Vote him out.

Larry Merriam

December 1st, 2012
3:45 pm

Jeb Bush was offered the pledge on numerous occassions and refused to sign it saying that it is tantamount to “outsourcing” your responsibilies as an elected offical. I don’t think it could be stated in a more eloquent way.

Bravo to Sen. Chambliss.

Join the coaltion to help defeat any candidate in future elections who have signed the Grover Norquist pledge at


December 1st, 2012
4:03 pm

Every time Senator Chambliss uses the word, “compromise,” the Democrats gain ground and we Conservatives retreat from our core
principles rooted in self-sufficiency.

I’ve asked our two Senators — Chambliss and Isakson — to explain where, in the Constitution, they derive authority for the Department
of Education and its $100B 2012 Budget. (The DoE Budget for 2011 was $55B; the 2010 Budget was $50B.)

No answer.

I’ve asked Senator Isakson to explain why Egypt continues to receive “foreign aid” now that the Muslim Brotherhood has gained ascendancy.

No answer.

I’ve asked Senator Chambliss to explain the need and justification for overflights of spy drones across the Southern Border. His answer? He’s going
to monitor developments to ensure that those flights aren’t extended to the rest of the Nation.

Why doesn’t his assurance make me feel more secure that this government won’t extend surveillance across this Nation in the name of “homeland

How many times have those two Senators spoken proudly of having “brought money home to Georgia”? Might I ask: Where did that money come from?

And, let’s not forget that Chambliss and Isakson voted to confirm Eric Holder after a 30 minute meeting. Thirty minutes to interview the Chief Law Enforcement Officer
of this Republic.

Eric Holder.

You know, Mr. Ruby Ridge and Waco.

Mr. New Black Panthers and voter intimidation.

Mr. “Fast and Furious.”

Mr. sue Arizona for trying to secure their borders.

Mr. Benghazi.

And, pray tell, where have our erstwhile Senators been while all of this has been going on?

I know, I know.



December 1st, 2012
4:21 pm

Chambliss’ newly found ability to begin to THINK logically for himself about economic issues in the interest of Georgian’s and America at large rather than be a kneejerk Republican tied to slogans means he deserves serious consideration when he endeavors to be re-elected. Now I want to hear that he recognizes that women are entitled to individual liberty even if they make personal, medical and reproductive choices of which the religious zealots disapprove. However, if, on the issue of education, Chambliss, like Paul Broun, cannot recognize that the earth is millions of years old rather than thousands and that public schools should not be used to further the indoctrination of children into primitive religious of groups that actually seem to look forward to that “self-fulfilling prophecy of Armageddon”, then that second look will be brief.


December 1st, 2012
4:26 pm

“Join the coaltion to help defeat any candidate in future elections who have signed the Grover Norquist pledge”

Several questions come immediately to mind with regard to this “coalition”.
Who started it?
Who is involved in it?
Exactly how many Republicans have signed this petition?
Did the democrats come up with this idea and start this petition?

It’s a curious thing . . .


December 1st, 2012
4:43 pm

I know that Chambliss has done the sensible thing here, but I just can’t get past the unmitigated, heartless evil with which he treated veteran Max Cleland. I may not be 40 yet, but I have a long memory.

In good conscience, I can’t ever vote for him. Ever.


December 1st, 2012
4:59 pm

Stop with the Cleland whining already. Cleland did himself in by going against his constituents and voting consistently with the most liberal senators. Being adamantly in support of unionizing TSA was his main undoing.


December 1st, 2012
5:03 pm

Wow yet another opinion piece on Saxby by Jim. I was hoping to read a piece on the idiot Hank Johnson and his problem with free speech. Oh yes, I forgot Mr tip over Guam has a (D) by his name and not a (R)


December 1st, 2012
5:34 pm

Saxby “”"dictated to by anybody”"”" How about looking out for the citizens of GA.

Middle-class Tax Relief
Voted NO

Block the birth-control exemption
Voted NO

Extension of the payroll tax holiday and unemployment insurance benefits.
Voted NO..

SAXXXX the proof is in the vote. Sax has started the campaigning early and will say thing to get a vote, then business as usual.


December 1st, 2012
5:58 pm

Sax if you do not let Boehner dictate to you he will pout and cry.


December 1st, 2012
5:59 pm

End charitable exemptions, tax income of non-profits, eliminate mortgage deductions, and stand firm on demand to lower tax rates. If Sam Nunn, the Concord Coalition, and TEA party present a united front, president lightfoot might be constrained until a Brutus in his retinue solves the problem for good.


December 1st, 2012
6:02 pm

Considering how he lied about Max Cleland to get elected, draft dodger Chambliss has the integrity of Al Capone but I support him on this one. If Norquest knows so much let him run for office. Until then he can stick his pledge you know where as can his billionaire funders like the Koch brothers who care more about their profits than their country.


December 1st, 2012
6:13 pm

What’s needed is not Grover Norquist but for Saxby Chamblis to take a hike while an energetic newcomer is tapped for the “junior” senator. Chamblis is a lap dog for Zell Miller. Let’s retire the staffers and relatives of Chamblis who think of themselves as legislative royalty.


December 1st, 2012
6:16 pm

As I read many of the above posts, I am reminded of what Winston Churchill said: “The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.” I think he got it right.


December 1st, 2012
6:24 pm

Having read the back and forth over the last week or so, he wants to be loved by all. I’m up for increasing taxes. No I meant revenue, that isn’t a tax. I don’t care about Norquist. Norquist is a great friend of mine. Then some other stuff and now he won’t be dictated to. My guess is he’ll try to be rationale; but, you never know. But isn’t that the Saxby everyone either loves or hates?


December 1st, 2012
6:28 pm

Rational, not rationale. Sorry.


December 1st, 2012
6:34 pm

I too could never vote for Sackfull because of the Cleland campaign. Already proved he would say or do anything to get elected, the truth or facts be damned. He does not care about anyone but Sackfull.

Auntie Christ

December 1st, 2012
6:41 pm


December 1st, 2012
6:16 pm
“The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.”
Pity you stopped studying Churchill too soon, else you would know that he said something to the effect that “Democracy is a terrible form of Government, but it’s better than all the rest.”

December 1st, 2012
6:24 pm
The best description of the principled mr chambliss I’ve read so far. A man of conviction, until he’s not.

December 1st, 2012
5:59 pm

You’re seeing lots of doctors aren’t you? If not you should be.


December 1st, 2012
7:21 pm

Saxby Chambliss and members of the Georgia Congress supported George Bush overspending in the 2000s. No this can”t be true, after all, they are small Goverment fiscall conservatives.
We are led to believe that only Liberal big goverment Presidents like Barack Obama increase the size and scope of the Federal Goverment and spend like drunken sailors.
The hypocrisy of Republicans know no limit. Little wonder that they got the drubbing that they right fully deserved in the 2012 election.
I and most of the American People are with you Mr Drew Holley. The Republicans have lost all credibility, vote them all out.


December 1st, 2012
8:23 pm

Time to bring Taxby home. We expect someone who claims to be a conservative to obstruct the destruction of the Republic. Taxby can’t be trusted.


December 1st, 2012
8:34 pm

Let the current tax rates expire for EVERYONE, as was originally intended.


December 1st, 2012
8:42 pm

Aw, hell, Saxby doesn’t want to listen to his constituents, either!

Just his BFFs, the lobbyists.


December 1st, 2012
8:43 pm

Doesn’t matter if good Old Sax has finally seen the light, he’s done too much damage. Time for him too head to FL for retirement. I won’t vote for him. I hope Grover’s influence follows…


December 1st, 2012
9:32 pm

Democrats/independents who do you have to run a good race against him or someone Norquist will put up against him in primary probably more to the right. 3 millionaires[google think it was in nation magazine] give 2/3 of money to Norquist to do people who disobey in. Other republican Super pac funded by wealthy also run false/half-truths in advertisement on radio/tv against out of favor republicans in primary and democrats/independents in general election. They want to buy your vote for republican who will support wealthy/their multi-national corporations who take your jobs overseas for workers who earn a $1 an hour. Most Republicans who say they may disobey Norquist about tax cut say they won’t do it unless medicare is cut. Honeywell CEO and Goldman SACS CEO say cut medicare, they did not say a word about cut defense because I think they got taxpapers money in bailouts/contracts, The CEO’s get millions in pay about 500% more than workers, pensions, heathcare so they will never depend on medicare, medicaid to keep grandma in nursing home or take care of disabled or social security. Most workers do not make enough to save for retirement etc. Republicans did not pay for Bush tax cuts [55% of debt 16 million], wars[14% of debt], rebuilding Iraq/Afgan after they broke it[?]. This is why higher taxes are needed to pay for credit card debt ran up in Bush Era and continue to add to debt until wars end, tax cuts end, massive defense budget gets cut back plus interest over 12 years. If Republican Tea Party House had an ounce of sense, if you invested in construction workers [required to use U. s. workers and U. s. made materials-no foreign contracts[like bridge in CA] to build new infrastructure. These workers would get off entitlements like unemployment, food stamps, medicaid, housing and pay local tax to hire police, pay state tax to hire teachers and federal tax to pay for war/defense. He would also shop at stores. car dealerships creating consumer demand so they would hire other people and then they may hire lawyers/go to restaurants.[multiplier effect]. This would reduce deficit because people would pay taxes and not be dependent on other taxpayers /governments for entitlements like food stamps etc. More jobs in USA will reduce deficit but the 30 year song of reduce taxes on wealthy, they will create good paying jobs in USA is not working. They shipped jobs overseas for workers earning $1 an hour, who can live on that in USA? We shoud stop paying new stuff that is not made in USA, the money just flies back overseas, Buy used from thift stores/charity stores when you can, the money stays in your neighborhood and helps your neighbor. If you find “Made in America” locally or online please buy all the new products you can to support American workers. I think I read if we each spend $64. on American made products then that would create 200,000 jobs so the more we spend the better. Watch the labels on your food make sure it says: product of USA, packed in USA, it creates jobs here. Buy all food you can from local farmer’s market, seafood shop, meat shop. The more you spend in local stores helps your town..

Old Farmer

December 1st, 2012
9:54 pm

Let’s fire Grover Norquist, and keep Saxby Chambliss.

On the one hand, the Republicans claim to be freedom lovers and great individualists, but on the other hand, they seem to take orders from various “coaches” …the Limbaugh coach, the Norquist coach, the O’Reilly coach…I think there is even a blonde haired woman coach in there somewhere.

Come on Republicans, learn to think for yourselves. Stop being bossed.

Retired Vet

December 1st, 2012
10:11 pm

Democrats stop. You kiolled Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty. It was more important to win a election than to save Americans. I detest you and the Republicans. Your party does not come first. I will not trust any Democrat ever again. I am an Independent American. I will never be a Democarat who will let Americans die!!!

Retired Vet

December 1st, 2012
10:12 pm

Democrats stop. You killed Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty. It was more important to win a election than to save Americans. I detest you and the Republicans. Your party does not come first. I will not trust any Democrat ever again. I am an Independent American. I will never be a Democarat who will let Americans die!!!


December 1st, 2012
10:21 pm

What Saxby is saying essentially is that pledges and promises do not matter. He knew when he signed this pledge that situations like the current one could happen. But he was an idiot for originally signing it after knowing this. But now he is saying that you cannot take his promises at face value because something may come up in his mind that would cause him to break that promise. He was sent to Washington to not just think for himself (nevermind being W’s rubber stamp) but he was sent based on his promises made. In case he forgot, he would make a speech giving promises to do something. And these promises are what convinced people to vote for him. I remember how in 2002 in the Primary his campaign made a HUGE deal about this pledge. Again, unless he truly is a fool, he knew the risks in this pledge. So which is it Saxby? Are you too dumb to understand pledges you sign? Or does making a promise no longer mean anything to you to the point of saying the promise can be broken at any time of your choosing?


December 1st, 2012
10:22 pm

Old farmer – you getting the subsidies Saxby’s handing out? A part of the 47% now defending him?


December 1st, 2012
10:55 pm

Sax is going to flip flop just like a fish out of water at Purdue’s fish farm….or zig zagging faster than zell…..What a crock…be glad to vote against sax in 2014.

Bentley's Dad

December 1st, 2012
11:13 pm

Saxby has to go. Can the Tea Party run someone against him? He is only slightly more conservative than Obama. Vote his butt OUT!

Do we not have any conservatives with balls that can be Senators? Although the Georgia Senators have R’s by their name, they are not conservative at all.

Vote him out!


December 1st, 2012
11:38 pm

I’ve been a long time supporter of Saxby, and he’s done a relatively good job for Georgia, but you have to remember he is a yellow dog Democrat. He just became a Republican to get elected, and it worked. Obama has clearly gotten to him somehow, whether it is some promise of an ambassadorship or cabinet position, Saxby has abandoned all pretence of being a Republican in name and certainly not in actions. Its time for him to accept Obama’s offer and quit pretending that he represents Georgia at all.

East Cobb RINO, Inc. (LLC)

December 1st, 2012
11:40 pm

The Senate is not the problem. “Taxby” can talk brave because he knows however he votes, the Dems in the Senate have the votes to pass bills without him. So even though it sounds nice, it is nothing more than symbolic.

What really is holding up getting something done is House GOP. I suspect Boehner’s grip will begin to crack soon.


December 1st, 2012
11:42 pm

Then don’t take ANY donations from corporations …. you A-HOLE


December 2nd, 2012
12:24 am

I will not vote for Saxby in the Republican primary; in the likely event he wins the nomination again, I’ll vote for the Libertarian or write in a candidate.


December 2nd, 2012
1:56 am

Once again, politics has turned into a version of a bad divorce where one spouse burns down the marriage home to ensure the other spouse doesn’t get it. Never mind the kids and spouse are still inside. BOTH of these parties are so sure they’re right and the other is wrong that they’d both rather see the country incinerate in flames than allow the other side to have any part it, or worse, any success.

What they miss is that letting the country burn down means there’s no country left to fight over. But it doesn’t matter as long as the other side loses.

We put arsonist spouses in prison. We should do the same with arsonist politicians.


December 2nd, 2012
4:14 am

Anyone who signed the Norquist pledge should be fired, they’re not fit for public office.


December 2nd, 2012
5:01 am

NO, you weren’t sent to Washington to think for yourself, you were sent to Washington to think for the people of Georgia, and not just the rich and famous of the state either. Do the right thing already!


December 2nd, 2012
8:04 am

Saxby was called down on the immigration issue, now this. Why did you make the pledge to begin with if you were not going to stick by it. Irregardless of what Norquist says, or even who he is, you made a concious decision at the time to sign your name/pledge. The same applies to those who enlist in the military. It’s time for someone else.

midnight garden

December 2nd, 2012
8:17 am

If the tea party thinks replacing Saxby with someone on the far right is the thing to do, just think about how well that went in other senate races this year. If Democrats had a good candidate and I can’t think of who it’d be, they would have a chance of winning the seat back.

Martha Zoller

December 2nd, 2012
8:29 am

Good for Sen. Chambliss to get out there and defend his positions. Didn’t we say we wanted people who will do the right thing even if it’s not politically expedient. To me, the issue is, let’s get something to vote on. All this is just talk right now and we won’t know what does or doesn’t get compromised until they start voting. Call me old fashioned, but I’m for passing something in the House, passing something in the Senate (which seems to be foreign to Sen. Harry Reid) and then if it doesn’t match, hammering it out in Conference committee, then back to the Houses to pass. That’s how you get policy. This Congress has forgotten that.


December 2nd, 2012
8:29 am

Looking forward to a having a Conservative Senator.
Both of GA senators need to go.Did not send them there to compromise! These guys agree to one bad deal after another. Let Obama lead us over the cliff. Things will not change until the check to the moochers stop.


December 2nd, 2012
8:36 am

Auntie Christ @ 6:41 PM.
I believe you you have missed the point of Churchill’s comment (and mine, also)……..but nevermind.