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Updated at 10:35 p.m.: Let’s put it this way: Barack Obama’s listless — maybe rusty is the better word — performance this evening puts a great deal of pressure on Vice President Joe Biden next week when he debates U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan.

Mitt Romney gave his campaign the best news it’s had in six weeks and more, and if nothing else, certainly will stop the panic in GOP ranks that we’ve seen.

Updated at 10:11 p.m.: A confident Mitt Romney goes personal: “Mr. President, you’re entitled to your own plane and your own house, but not your own facts.”

The topic was education, but he segued into an attack on Obama’s support for “green energy.”

Updated at 10:11 p.m.: Obama finally lands one — by pointing to Romney’s vagueness on amending Dodd-Frank, elimination of tax deductions and replacing “Obamacare.”

“Does he think it might be too good for middle-class Americans?” Obama asks.

Updated at 10:07 p.m.: If the folks at the Barkley Forum are right, and presentation and confidence is the key to winning a debate, your only victor tonight can be Mitt Romney. Barack Obama’s hesitation, his constantly bowed head, and that one leg cocked behind the other doesn’t bespeak an aggressive stance.

Updated at 9:50 p.m.: Barack Obama launches an attack on Mitt Romney on Medicare, but it lacks force — and Romney dodges the direct question from Jim Lehrer: Do you support a conversion to a voucher system? I oppose any changes to current retirees or those near retirement, Romney says.

Updated at 9:40 p.m.: Biggest difference between the two tonight: Mitt Romney just rejected the Simpson-Bowles approach to federal deficit reduction — i.e., a combination of entitlement reduction and revenue increases. Barack Obama says he’ll go there.

Updated at 9:30 p.m.: Here’s a thought: Mitt Romney could be said to have won the first bout of this debate, and yet still be declared the loser — because Barack Obama has taken the debate into such detail that he’s putting a national audience to sleep.

Political rope-a-dope?

Updated at 9:22 p.m.: I have to give the first 20 minutes to Romney, who is on the attack, and focused. Obama is getting himself bogged down in a detailed defense of himself.

Updated at 9:17 p.m.: Says Romney: “I’ve got five boys. I’m used to people saying things that aren’t true.” Say it ain’t so, Tagg.

Updated at 9:11 p.m.: Romney disputes Obama’s accusation that he’ll run up deficit with tax cuts, says he’s not going to reduce the share of taxes paid by high-income Americans. Middle-class Americans are paying “an economy tax.”

“I’m not looking to cut massive taxes….My principle is there will be no tax cut that adds to the deficit,” he says. “Any language to the contrary is not accurate.”

Says Obama: Romney “has been asked a hundred times” about what loopholes he’ll close. And he hasn’t answered.

Romney overrides Lehrer to respond. A sign of aggressiveness.

Updated at 9:07 p.m.: Good start for Romney. Congratulates Obama on his marriage — declaring himself an unsuitable romantic partner, then opens with a vignette about a troubled woman in Ohio who was losing her home.

Updated at 9:03 p.m.: Jim Lehrer introduces himself, promises to draw out differences. Obama and Romney start out with the awkward handshake.

First question: Jobs.

Obama says to his wife: “Next year, sweetie, I promise we won’t be celebrating in front of 40 million people.” But crowd has been ordered silent. It falls flat. Then he begins his answer.

“Economic patriotism” is his key phrase.

Updated at 8:55 p.m.: Just saw Ann Romney take a cleansing breath. As for Michelle Obama — oddly, five years drops off her face when she’s worried. She looks younger.

Updated at 8:25 p.m.: Hearing much talk on cable TV about the need for Mitt Romney to be liked tonight. Anyone who’s ever met the in-laws for the first time know what a high bar that is.

What Romney needs is a three-debate likeability strategy: Respect me, trust me, then like me.

Updated at 8:05 p.m.: Meanwhile, on Fox News, Bill O’Reilly just wondered whether Mitt Romney should bring up that 2007 video of Barack Obama that conservatives have been highlighting all day.

O’Reilly wants “rowdy.”

Don’t think so.


Updated at 7:45 p.m.: Sick of the hype? Me, too.

The biggest decision over the next 90 minutes will be what network to tune into for this first presidential debate in Denver.

CNN? Too many bells and whistles. They’ve all but offered to attach me to a galvanometer to measure my reaction. PBS is a possibility, given that the moderator is Jim Lehrer. His 12th presidential debate.

Maybe C-SPAN.

And what am I looking for? The focus has been on what the debate means to Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. I’ll be looking for news.

Since early this summer, U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss and his bipartisan Gang of Six have been urging the Commission on Presidential Debates to press these two candidates on a “grand deal” to address a $16 trillion deficit.

For Obama, that means addressing entitlement cuts. For Romney, that means increases in federal revenue – whether a tax hike or closed loopholes.

Neither candidate has gone there. If one or the other does, that’s a headline.


Ladies and gentlemen:

This will be the spot where we’ll discuss tonight’s lights-out, Denver cage match between President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

Bookmark it and and come back and 9 p.m. We’ll be happy to have your comments. In the meantime, we post this brief list of things to watch for compiled by the Associated Press:

1. ROMNEY MAKES HIS MOVE: He needs to re-energize his campaign after slipping in the polls. Can he do it by going on attack? Watch for Romney to lay into Obama’s policies with gusto while trying to avoid getting too personal with his criticism, which could backfire. Obama needs to stay calm and hold his ground.

2. OBAMA ON DEFENSE: He’s stuck trying to defend a painfully slow economic recovery. Can a sitting president sell the idea that he knows how to make the next four years better than his first four? Or does Obama mostly try to divert attention by slamming Romney’s economic plans?

3. ABOUT THAT 47 PERCENT: Romney faces his biggest audience yet in the wake of his remarks about “47 percent of Americans.” He’ll try to dispel the notion that he’s uncaring toward people who depend on government benefits or don’t pay income tax. Can he recast his remarks as a critique of an economy that leaves so many needing food stamps and unemployment checks?

4. HOW THEY SAY IT: Watch for a clumsy gesture or errant look that says more than words — remember Al Gore sighing, George H.W. Bush checking his watch. Listen for tone of voice, too. Does Obama come across as arrogant or aloof? Does Romney seem awkward or out of touch? Did that zinger sound natural — or forced? Humor is welcome relief, but it’s tricky to pull off.

5. A SURPRISE: They try to prepare for every scenario, but something will catch the candidates off guard. That’s the telling moment. How well do they respond? Romney occasionally lost his cool with GOP primary opponents. Obama tends to lapse into long-winded answers and troublesome phrasing. Will either man be flustered into a mistake?

- By Jim Galloway, Political Insider

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Thomas Jefferson

October 4th, 2012
12:35 am


October 4th, 2012
12:37 am

Jim Lehrer did not control this debate very well – he let it get out of control. He did not insist on the candidates answering the questions, allowed them to interrupt, and failed to cut responses off when the allocated time expired. Hopefully, future moderators will do a better job of controlling the debate.


October 4th, 2012
12:41 am

This first debate plainly showed that Romney is far superior to Obama as the best qualified candidate. Obama was ill at ease without his usual teleprompter directing his words. Romney was far more at ease with the format than Obama. However, we are sure to see made up polls showing that Obama easily won the debate even if it just is not so.

Thomas Jefferson

October 4th, 2012
12:49 am

To all of the people out there who believe that it is a wise decision to keep policing the globe, stop and think about where the funding for those operations come from. YOUR POCKET, and you have zero say in the matter. The majority of the populous becomes enamered with the debates without realizing that the debates are ALREADY decided. Research the author of RomneyCare and ObamaCare. Yes you read that correctly, he wrote one copy initially, and then Romney paid to use his “modified version” for campagning. They are the same pointless collection of papers. Health care should and can be provided for all. The only hurdle though is Industrial Military Complex annual spending. Our Federal government has extremely too many branches and not enough oversight. This house of cards will collapse if the American people continue to be willing ignorant about the here and now. A buddy of mine always says, “Well you have to have a president, and if you don’t vote for someone then your not using your greatest freedom.” True, but our vote doesn’t count in the final decision anyways (just look at all of the vote “recounting” over the last 25 years) so instead of letting mainstream media rock you to sleep every night, search for the truth and how you can BE THE CHANGE.

Jim in ATL

October 4th, 2012
1:03 am

Romney nailed it tonight and this is the beginning of the end for Obama. Someone finally challenged him and his awful record and Obummer doesn’t look so swift in that situation. He’s much more appealing in his 30 second sound bites. I’m guessing Romney will pull ahead in the polls by next week and remain there until election day. Obama has finally been exposed and now he can’t hide.


October 4th, 2012
1:04 am

Plain and simple… Obama got his ass kicked tonight.

Braves #17 Fan

October 4th, 2012
1:13 am

Wow. Romney just might end up being our next president. He’s certainly got my vote.

help barack pack

October 4th, 2012
1:16 am

Enter your comments here


October 4th, 2012
1:22 am

Obama was never a professor. Lecturer with teleprompter, yes.


October 4th, 2012
3:14 am

First, Obama is not a Professor of anything. He was an un tenured guest lecturer at University of Chicago.

What an embarrassment he was to the DEMS tonight! On national television, in front of the nation, he showed his liberal DEM buddies how lazy, unprofessional, and uncaring he is of their support. The bottom line is he is just too damn lazy to prepare for a debate. He figured it was 2008 all over again, and he would just show up, be cool, and blow smoke, and everybody would fall over dead. Didn’t quite work out that way, did it?

You know that knot you Libs got in your stomach after about 20 minutes? When you realized he had not prepared, was winging it, and you were afraid of how bad it would be in the end? That is the same knot those of us who love, respect, and cherish our country get when we watched Obama on his apology tour of the Mideast. Or when he lied to all of us about the killing of our Ambassador in Libya.

Now maybe you understand. He has no respect for our country, for the office he holds, or for himself.


October 4th, 2012
5:49 am

The Debate did not change my vote whatsoever! Obama still gets my vote! Romney talked aout of both sides of his neck, he still doesnt care about the 47%!


October 4th, 2012
6:29 am

I heard Obama say he gave 97% of Americans a tax cut yet I have not seen it. The rates are the same except for SS and that isn’t a tax, those are forced contributuions into a savings account, ponzi savings account. Obama did not address the rising cost of gas and groceries, something the little guy is facing. Obama kept talking about his “plan” and I see Clinton talk about Obama’s plan, why have we not seen Obama’s plan. Obama told us that “shovel ready projects” in the stimulus plan was going to generate hundreds of thousands of jobs, it did not. Obama was caught on tape joking about the shovel ready jobs not being shovel ready, he failed and that 800 billion was a waste, how much will his new plan cost my kids ?


October 4th, 2012
6:31 am

Keeke, Obama does care about that 47% and wants to nurture and grow it to 57%, one % for each state in Obama’s world.


October 4th, 2012
6:36 am

By the end I half expected the President to seek refuge behind the moderator’s desk, pleading for someone, anyone, to make the bad man stop, his performance was that bad. Romney destroyed the President tonight and along with it the aire of invincibility the press has been trying to build around the President’s re-election. What we saw tonight was nothing less than the systematic deconstruction of the President and his policies. Romney scored point after point, displaying a breadth and depth of knowledge on policy, many of the President’s own policies, the President could not match. Tonight Romney took “the smartest President ever” and schooled him up and down, showing Mr. Obama to be, at best, of average intellect and totally out of his depth. It was nothing short of a total take down. The President would be wise to cede the election to Romney now and avoid the humiliation that is only sure to follow in succeeding debates.


October 4th, 2012
7:10 am

Mitt Romney gave a good recital last night. He is not to be trusted! Mark my words.


October 4th, 2012
7:13 am

Bob you have your vote and I have mine! OBAMA!


October 4th, 2012
7:14 am

After the debate I thought, only the most die hard leftest idealogue would think that Barry did well.
When I read Bill Moher’s comment that Mitt won, and Michael Moore’s tweet about Barry’s debate prep. I realized I was wrong.
That was like watching the Pittsburgh Steelers play Roswell High, and terrifyingly insightful about the mental midget that’s been in charge of our lives for the past 4 years..


October 4th, 2012
7:14 am

Ah, the Dimsters on here trying to explain and nullify the great victory won by Gov Romney over PBO. Obama’s lack of achievement over the past four years speaks for itself. Of course he was speechless; what defense can he possibly offer for the disaster that leftist policies ALWAYS bring? The only people who support him at this point are idiots, ultraleftists, and people who base their support exclusively on mutual racial backgrounds. Those of you unhindered by lack of intelligence or being easily deceived are either already supporting Romney or thinking about it. Leftist, socialist, godless policies NEVER work, never have, never will. He have the USSR and the western European countries who have tried every form of socialism; they have never worked. Free enterprise will never be bested. We’ve already had this election in 1980, but there’s always a new generation of dolts that forgets/never learns the lessons of history and the past four years are a result of that ignorance. Live it up, PBO and Dims, while you have the chance. Come November 6, you guys will be jacked out of office in such numbers you may never see another electoral majority in your lifetimes…


October 4th, 2012
7:14 am

The debate did not change my vote. Obama all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!


October 4th, 2012
7:20 am

Mr Obama showed his true lack of connection with reality. More taxes and regualation leads us to destruction as in most of europe.


October 4th, 2012
7:45 am

Although I like Obama as a person, I think he is not qualified to be President. Without his teleprompter, he is lost. How did we all vote for him last time. We all now know, and we can fix it this time. I really do want America back, and United. He really has divided the country. Not just class warfare, but working agaisnt non-working. It is time we have a real change with a strong economic discipline. We need to fix the DEBT load. We need to stop having the whitehouse as a hollywood script. We need a real leader. Mitt Romney really showed us what a Leader is.

Steve G

October 4th, 2012
7:49 am

That is the first Presidential debate I’ve seen where I didn’t recognize either candidate.


October 4th, 2012
7:59 am

Keefe, thanks for that important info, glad to know I can vote.


October 4th, 2012
8:06 am

I was embarrassed for the President of the United States. He was not prepared; he could not vary from the talking points he had been given; he consistently meandered through his statements; he appeared that he simply did not want to be there; and his seeming answer to just about everything was MORE OF THE SAME. My question after the debate was: HOW IN THE WORLD DID WE EVER ELECT OBAMA IN THE FIRST PLACE????? What were we thinking??


October 4th, 2012
8:13 am

I think the President simply allowed Romney etch-a-sketch himself into a corner. Romney said the rich will NOT get a tax break, and that he will not add one dollar to the debt. We all know that his budget plans make those statements an impossibility. Now, however, the President can hold him to those statements and others he made in trying to move to the center or prove Romney is indeed a flip-flopper of major proportions. Romney looked liked he was about to have a stroke while the President looked, well Presidential. Style points, okay, even I will give a nod to Romney. But loudness does not equate with lucidity or, in this case, veracity. Let’s not panic folks, it was just one debate.


October 4th, 2012
8:13 am


It would help if you specified who “my party” is. If it’s the GOP. I agree with you. If it is the donkey part, I don’t .

Governor Romney was the clear winner of last night’s debate!! :) He provided a mountain of details that his opponents say his campaign has been lacking. On the other hand, President Obama appeared to be upset that he had to prove himself and his policies – that his words alone are not sufficient explanations of why he has been a miserable failure in putting the economy (admittedly inherited in very bad shape) back on its feet.

On taxes, some will say that Romney was not specific enough because he didn’t address the exact tax deductions he proposes to reduce or eliminate. But, he didn’t need to. To get significant changes in our income tax laws, he will have to negotiate every change he wants to make with a defiant Senate that will still be under control of the Democrats (probably). Therefore, he cannot be as specific as many want. All he can do is put forth a plan/objective in broad terms, leaving the specifics to be worked out through negotiation.

When the next set of opinion polls is released, I expect that the results will swing in Romney’s direction (assuming the pollsters conducting the polls are unbiased). They may look something like Romney 49% – Obama 47% – Undecided 4%.

Bottom line – :) :) :) :) :)


October 4th, 2012
8:13 am

@RLP, you are a good example of confirmation bias-some people will take away from this “debate” ONLY what they wanted to see/hear BEFORE the actual debate. Whether you are for or against the president,an objective review is that the president was not impressive as the leader of the most powerful country in the world. Four years is a long time in a VERY difficult job and he sounds/looks to be completely exhausted and disengaged. If he wins, I sincerely hope he has the desire and energy to LEAD…….


October 4th, 2012
8:15 am

Mitt won. Barry lost.


October 4th, 2012
8:19 am

NuBN247: Bingo!


October 4th, 2012
8:21 am

He was not, nor will ever be, a “Professor”.

Harry Reid

October 4th, 2012
8:28 am

Going to have to call Nancy and see if she knows if a butt-kicking is covered under Obamacare!


October 4th, 2012
8:32 am

Social Security (SS) is not a “forced contribution into a savings account”, even if you do correctly identify it as a Ponzi savings account. There is no savings account. The SS Trust Fund was long ago bled dry to fund government programs that our elected representatives (both Democrat and Republican) could use to get votes for their next election campaign. The SS Trust Fund is, in actuality, a large part of our Federal budget deficit. Until the budget deficit is paid off and the SS funds robbed from it are paid back, the SS Trust Fund is only a MYTH!!! :(


October 4th, 2012
8:35 am

I am going to vote for Obama and the debates are not going to sway my vote, but Romney destroyed him last night. It wasn’t even that close.

Member of a fading nation

October 4th, 2012
8:40 am

KeeKee – Why? WHY would you vote for Obama? Im being serious. We’re 6 trillion more in debt. Our economic freedom ranking went from 3rd to 18th as a nation. Highest gas prices, longest sustained stagnant growth in history, longest sustained high unemployment since the great depression, country’s credit rating dropped for the first time in history. BILLIONS spent on a company with OUR tax money went belly up when that money could of gone to education and other programs to help grow the economy. The past facts show that when you lower taxes, the govt’s revenue grows, yet Obama doesn’t want to do that. Companies are hoarding cash and not creating jobs because they are in FEAR of another Obama term. Please, help me to understand why in the hell you would vote for this man.

The Wizzard of Obama

October 4th, 2012
8:41 am

Oz- the curtain has been pulled back- you are fully exposed. no substance, no new ideas, no results, no leadership, the orator has been exposed to four wasted years and missed opportunities. If the President were a CEO he would of already been terminated for non -performane. Accept and embrace change! Go Mitt


October 4th, 2012
8:43 am

I found the debate to be very enlightening. I am definitely going to support Romney as I truly believe he has a better vision for America than Obama. I want a United States of America that honors our forefathers visions of the greatness this Nation could and did become.
I do NOT favor a man that tramples on our Constitution, has no respect for States rights and believes that we need the Federal government telling us what to think, when to think it and how it is going to be. This is a Nation governed by the people and for the people and not a dictatorship. Obama seems to think that he knows best and to heck with the people and what they want they want their country to be and how it will be perceived around the world.
While I do not agree with all of Romney’s ideas I feel he can work across bipartisan lines and reshape our Nation so that once again we will have the respect of the rest of the world and be the a leader that helps not only to keep American’s safe but others as well.
This is not a time for smugness, arrogance and an attitude of my way or the highway and I believe Obama has consistently displayed this attitude to the American people and the world.
The times they are a changing and we need someone to lead this nation through these changes in a manner that will display to the world that we ARE Americans and we have a resolve like no other Nation in history. It is this resolve and our unquestionalbe acts of charity and kindness around the world that made this Nation great and will continue to do so.
One comment that I heard from a commentator on CNN last night was that Romney seemed to have a package wrapped in pretty paper and bows but he made no real indication of what was in that package.
Well, we know what Obamas package contains as his package has been unwrapped, the pretty paper and bows discarded for just under four years and it is simply not working. It is defective and cannot be returned and we can not live with it if we want American to revitalize itself.


October 4th, 2012
8:45 am

@ND, what do you get out of the debates ?


October 4th, 2012
8:49 am


Take your questionable economc plan back to India, wrap it tighly around you, jump into the Ganges River, and drown. :) What works in India doesn’t necessarily work in our country. We don’t live in a caste system that denigrates some and cow-tows to others who think they are better than the low casts in their population. In our country each individual has the opportunity to reach for the stars; and if (s)he works hard enough and is committed enough then (s)he can reach their own personal star.


October 4th, 2012
8:58 am

I’m still voting for Obama. All I saw out of Romney was a bunch of crap and a condescending smirk. I’ll never vote for him.


October 4th, 2012
9:01 am

@angela, now THAT moves the conversation forward….. Would you like your free cell phone now?

byrd dog

October 4th, 2012
9:02 am

Am I the only one to notice the front page photo appears Obama is helping Mitt?
Leave it to the AJC (al jazeera constipation).


October 4th, 2012
9:04 am

Nice front page photo, AJC. And yet you wonder why people call you a left leaning newspaper.


October 4th, 2012
9:14 am

Romney did not say anything worthy of high praise. He did not present any ideas on how he would improve the economy other than what he is most known for, eliminating jobs and destroying families. The only thing he showed was how disrespectful and obnoxious he is.

Old timer

October 4th, 2012
9:21 am

Romney walked away with this…Obama looked like had rather be anywhere else, but the. He has never had anyone tool he is wrong…..or question anything.


October 4th, 2012
9:23 am

When substance or lack thereof failed Oblahma, he looked straight into the camera in an attempt to appeal to his mushy gushy supporters.

SAVE ME! SAVE ME! said the Titanic’s little dingy.


October 4th, 2012
9:30 am

Romney lied about EVERTHING and he did not answer 1 question. He just kept talking about the 25% of small business owners which President Obama pointed out the first time he mentioned them that they are multi-millionaires. Romney did not win the debate. People who truly understand debates and how they work know that in order to win a debate you MUST ANSWER every question, which Romney did not do. All he did was over talk President Obama, ignored the questions and the mediator when he was asked several times on one question to answer it..which of course Romney never did.

President Obama answered EVERY question that the mediator asked them. He is in touch with the American people. He was very calm the entire time.

Mitt on the other hand was very loud, obnoxious and ignorant throughout the entire debate. He kept repeating himself, twitching and he even turned pink a couple of times. I wonder if Mitt has Alzhimers…at any rate Mitt is not the choice for America.

When Mitt was asked about cutting taxes for the top 2% of Americans, he denied it…eventhough for the past 18+ months he stated time and time and time again that he would cut the taxes for the rich.

Romney is also for same-sex marriage. Until President Obama said that he supported all of a sudden he isn’t.

Mitt Romney reminds me of a fish out of water…when they are out of the water they flip flop constantly. That is what Mitt does with issues..he flip flops around them. He says he want to end Obamacare, however he does not have a plan as to what he will replace it with.

Mitt is NOT the answer for the American people. Mitt is out of touch. Not once did he come up with any struggle in his life, his wife life or his familys’ life. Why? Because he doesn’t know what it’s like and he really could care less.

He did say that if a child want to go to college for them to ask their parents for the money to go. Now how many of you can do that? Less than 1% can actually do that. President Obama want to continue to have very low interest rates for college students, and Mitt want to get rid of the Pell grants and make it impossible for anyone to get a student loan.

When Mitt was Governor of Mass., the unemployment rate sky rocketed!

I can’t wait to go to the pole and re-elect President Obama… OBAMA 2012!!!

He connects with the people. Romney only connects with the top 1% financially. He is not the person to run this country.

Last, but not least…Mitt want to END PBS…Public Broadcasting Stations…if you are for Education, which PBS has ALWAYS been for and do, then why would you get rid of such an important station?

Romney is a joke that isn’t even funny anymore.

President Obama is the best choice Americans’ have… OBAMA 2012 :)


October 4th, 2012
9:32 am

What was the President nervous about ??? HIS RECORD!!

I was embarrassed for him. He was unprepared; he meandered; there were times when he appeared LOST; and he had NO ENERGY! These images will not be erased from the minds of folks who watched and listened.

It became clear that Obama simply cannot operate without a teleprompter. He was a disaster! In the end, I was wonder how in the world did we make such a decision to elected him four years ago!


October 4th, 2012
9:33 am

MR, you are a typical liberal with a lot of emotion and no facts. Romney’s “evil” Bain Capital created Staples, which employs 69,000 people. Countless other success stories as well. Yes, some failed, but trying to rescue failing businesses that surely would have failed without Bain’s input is not a 100% guarantee. Even Bill Clinton praised Romney for his work at Bain. Look it up. Speaking of ” repectful,” how respectful was your bozo VP Biden ( ie Neal Kinnock plagiarizer) with his ” put y’all back in chains comments to an African-American audience.

Member of a fading nation

October 4th, 2012
9:34 am

@Pandora – Buwah ha ha ha ha Gawd you’re an idiot. PLEASE stay home on election day. You are a total TOOL! Please! Do tell us, in your infinite wisdom….. what has Obama done to make this country better off than we were 4 years ago.

h mack

October 4th, 2012
9:37 am

What we witnessed was the distinct differece between a “lead from behind” politician and a true business leader. Obama, a career politician, seems to think success is working for the government and moving up the government ladder whereas Romney successfully managed multi billion dollar businesses that can not “raise taxes or impose fees” to grow and provide jobs. A clear difference between American ideals and socialist ideals. Where does the money the government “takes in” to even be a government? From the people/ businesses that provide the tax revenue. Borrowing from other countries will never equate to prosperity in America. When you borrow money to buy your house or car who “prospers”… the banks, NOT the borrower(people/ America).