Kasim Reed: Mitt Romney is like a ‘bad NASCAR driver’

Kasim Reed’s shtick at home is one of bipartisan cooperation with Republicans inside the state Capitol.

But when he is on NBC’s “Meet the Press” – today was what, his fourth appearance this year? – the mayor of Atlanta isn’t on camera to appeal to the middle. Reed is there to do damage on behalf of President Barack Obama.

This morning, Reed was out to highlight GOP dissatisfaction with Mitt Romney in particularly Southern terms:

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From the transcript:

Kasim Reed: The best analysis of this election this year that I’ve heard was from a Republican friend that I was having dinner with. He said that this guy is defective. He said he’s like being a– a bad NASCAR driver on a rich team. He said no matter how good the car is, no matter how bad the pit crew is, the driver has got to drive the car. And this guy puts it on the wall every single time. He puts it…

Bay Buchanan: If he shows…

Reed: …no, no, no, wait a minute, ma’am, I’ll let you speak. He puts it on the wall when he says let GM go bankrupt. He puts it on the wall when he says let 47 percent of the people. I don’t have to concern– concern myself with. He puts it on the wall when he travels across seas, goes to the U.K., offends one of our strongest allies. He repeatedly puts it on the wall and makes mistakes. And that’s why we’re where we are 44 days out.

One question that stands out: Who’s this Republican friend that Reed has dinner with?

- By Jim Galloway, Political Insider

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September 23rd, 2012
5:34 pm

Kasim just shows when it comes down to it, he is just as much of a BS’ing hack as the next politician. If Romney is a bad driver, Obama never made it to the track. Romney has a lifetime of success at every step of his 60 something years. Obama’s only success is winning elections. Kasim is more concerned with scoring points with Obama than any intellectual honesty (well, that and the usual Atlanta activities of airport graft, and spending tax money on laughable things like streetcars as the infrastructure crumbles).


September 23rd, 2012
5:43 pm

Mayor Reed did an excellent job on MTP again. He and Governor Deval our Obama’s best two surrogates. I’m proud of our mayor.


September 23rd, 2012
5:44 pm

*are not our :)

G Mare

September 23rd, 2012
5:54 pm

Saw that. Mayor Reed did an outstanding job, especially when he called Bay “Ma’am” when she tried to interrupt him. Gov. Deval Patrick had all he could do stay calm with Romneybot, Sen. Ayotte. But he managed. Kudos to them both!


September 23rd, 2012
5:57 pm

For an ex-CEO / ex-GOVERNOR I really don’t get MITT, he’s acting as if its the first time he’s going into politic.


September 23rd, 2012
6:01 pm

Slice of Atl: I agree. This was the second time I have hear Bay Buchanan telling us what Romney meant. The question is why doesn’t he say what he means. Conservatives have hounded this president about using a teleprompter. I hope Romney now understands why one is important. When you are on the big stage (and behind closed doors) everything a “president” says is measured. The saying loose lips sinks ships has never been so true.

I can see a war starting because Romney blurts out anything to appease the far right wing of his party. He may be a nice enough man but he lacks the ability to be decent because the Tea Party believes the only way to get street creeds is to insult the opposing party. They call it political correctness, most decent folks call it “old fashioned manners”.


September 23rd, 2012
6:05 pm

Instead of “hear”, I meant to type “heard”.

GA voter

September 23rd, 2012
6:10 pm

Kasim is the going places, unlike the embarrassment Mayor Shirley and Sonny – Deal govenors. Mayor Reed has a clue and cares about Atlanta, next step, US Senator then White house. You heard it first here on roller derby!


September 23rd, 2012
6:22 pm

What else left for the arrogant,secrecy mitt Romney if his cronic Gop start distance themselves from the pathetic politician who say he care less for 47% american because hes not expect their vote not to mention his lack domestic and foreign affairs and.think is the best candidate for president .Scripture teach us From the abundant of the heart the mouth speaketh


September 23rd, 2012
6:23 pm

If you vote for a Republican Senator or Representative, you are voting for the do-nothing filibuster Mcconnell(even killed veterans jobs bill with help of Senators Chambless , 39 other republicans about 3 days ago.(see c-span).

You are also voting for Ryan Budget 2011(all republicans voted to give you a voucher for medicare, cut medicaid for nursing home seniors/disabled and health for poor children , low earning workers/unemployed children, cut 17 billion from veterans etc. They included a 5 trillion tax cut for the wealthy once they cut the entitlements(medicare, medicaid, food stamps,etc.)

Rommey said 47% of Americans who do not pay income tax(includes veterans, military, senior, low paid workers) think they are victims and entitled to healthcare, food etc from government. 41% of Georgians are in this group as well as most Republican red voting states in Southeast. Look on c-span for Rommey video 5/14/12 and Ryan’s Budget and check votes by people you voted for. This is how Republicans really feel about you, it lines up with their votes. You may have to get groups together and write in same name if you do not have anyone running against republican after you look at his votes. Watch out for your own pocketbook, do not listen to lies from Rove’s Crossroads and others trying to buy your vote.


September 23rd, 2012
6:35 pm

“Putting it on the wall” (see:TSPLOST)


September 23rd, 2012
6:45 pm


No sock-puppeting here. Once you pick a name, you stick with it. No providing applause for yourself or your champion under another name.


September 23rd, 2012
7:13 pm

As smitten shakes his fist and points his finger from his throne while the planet Kolob?(us southerners call it the can)…BS bs bs….He might say reed would make good………(fill in the blank)


September 23rd, 2012
7:24 pm

Mayor Reed…you were being interrupted for telling the truth…that’s the last thing the Republicans want to hear…and where is the momentum Ms Buchanan was referring to for the Romney campaign? If this past week is what they call momentum, please keep it coming. SNL is having a record season this year! I don’t know which lady is having a brain fart…Ms. Buchanan or Ms Coulter…well, in Ann’s case, diarrhea of the brain.

Charles Douglas Edwards

September 23rd, 2012
7:57 pm

I agree with City of Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and others NASCAR analysis of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

When President Barack Obama took over the steering wheel the engine (economy) was sputtering and the wheels were wobbly and about to fall off.

The United States was facing the BIGGEST economic crisis since the Great Depression.

President Obama has managed to stabilize the engine and re-align the wheels. The car has started to run smoother and is beginning to pick -up speed.

Now is not the time to change drivers especially since the new driver represent the same people who drove the car into the wall.

We pray and HOPE for the re-election of President Barack Obama !!!


September 23rd, 2012
7:58 pm

Well Kasim, you must be classified and a “bad mayor” or should we say a “mayor wannabee”. How you got elected is still a mystery.


September 23rd, 2012
8:16 pm

Yes Mr.Mayor, You are willing to stand before the cameras on Mitt, but where are you on Governor Deal’s denial of President Obama’s Medicaid expansion program? Thousands of Atlanta’s citizens needs some one to STAND UP for them on their non existent HEALTHCARE. What about a showing for MEET THE NEEDS OF ATLANTA and her CITIZENS. You are AWOL!

Greg Camp

September 23rd, 2012
8:32 pm

Mayor Reed is a hands-on Mayor. Like or dislike his beliefs or policies, Reed puts his heart into it and follows up with it. Refreshing to see this, as Eric Cantor, John Baynor, and Mitch McConnell are sandbagging and slacking in the US house and Senate.


September 23rd, 2012
9:32 pm

@Mr. Camp, Hands on exactly WHAT, put his heart in WHAT? I don’t know if he’s in the graft of the airport, I doubt it. How’s our transportation issues, what about one of the dirtiest cities in the usa..
NASCAR analogy, come on people, are YOU THAT stupid,must be APC product, oh by the way where is the MAYOR there. The economist recently reviewed Sandy Springs where people are moving because Lovely Atlanta is SO dysfunctional.Finally, where are we on the proposed new stadium, let’s see what happens when the tax payers are asked to pick up part of the tab , should be fun. Why the Atlanta mayor is asked to be on these shows is most assuredly beyond me but if this is the best Southern mouthpiece he has pass the biscuts, because we shore in for an interesting ride…..


September 23rd, 2012
9:52 pm

let’s get rid of “deal”, recall? next election, did outside groups help buy our votes for him? It may be time to put more democrats/independents in to balance him. Let us look carefully at all advertisments, who is buying our vote? google
Super Pacs ,,Karl Rove’s crossroads and koch bros American Prosperity and about 600 others with undisclosed donors, millionaire, etc. I heard 75% of super Pac money was being used to tell lies/half-truths against democrats.

Fedup Taxpayer

September 23rd, 2012
10:29 pm

Goes to prove that Reed is just a political hack–not a real understanding up right citizen, help his community type mayor. Give a politican a free minute in the media and he shows his posterior.


September 23rd, 2012
11:19 pm

AND Obama is like a chauffeur of a limo who got lost in the middle of Detroit and never found his way out ! Analogies work both ways and that’s the best one I could come up with. Must say, I am rather proud of it.


September 23rd, 2012
11:22 pm

Greg Camp @ 8:32 pm – It pains me to write this, but You are right about the Mayor being hands on. He is always Hands ON to everything but to the needs of the citizens of ATLANTA. Hands on for Gov. DEAL and T_SPLOST. Hands on for Mr. BLANK and HIS New Stadium. Hands ON for bike & walking trails to benefit a very small group of citizens.

Mayor Reed, has been a CHURCH MOUSE when it come to the following.
No Hands for Medicaid Expansion support for the Poor & uninsured. No Hands for Road repair, No hands for infrastructure repair, No Hands for Litter Clean up ALL over the CITY. No hands nor support for the thousands of children of Atlanta when told their is NO SCHOOL BUS SERVICE available for them at the beginning of the Year. No Hands in providing workable solutions for aggressive Panhandling all around the CITY.

Atlanta needs a MAYOR in CHIEF. Right Now all we have is a CHEERLEADER in Chief, for whatever cause, that will help promote the person KASIM REED in whatever endeavors, that looks promising that comes his way.

lets ALL hope and PRAY that November, will provide a one way ticket to WASHINGTON,D.C. .

Atlanta will be a BETTER CITY again, because of it……….

G Mare

September 23rd, 2012
11:47 pm

Jim, thanks for a good column. Mayor Reed rocked it. As I live outside of ATL, I don’t pay much attention to the city politics, & was not familiar with the mayor or his politics. So I have only seen him on MTP. Both times I have seen him there, he acquitted himself impressively.

Thanks, again, Jim. Please keep up your good work.


September 24th, 2012
12:15 am

It sounds like Reed is a Democrat on the national and city level and a Republican on the state level. Which tells me he is a traditional politician who wants to play it any way that boosts his own political career. So if Georgia politics does not satisfy his narcissism then perhaps he can get a cabinet appt. from the President. I don’t blame Obama for using him as a surrogate but let’s be clear that to Reed it is really all about Reed all the time.

OTP and Staying There

September 24th, 2012
12:50 am

Reed obviously either doesn’t know Romney never said “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt” or he purposefully lies to support a President that is an utter and complete failure.

Romney said GM and Chrysler need to go through the bankruptcy process to restructure. At the time he said it, the government was handing them money to keep them in business. Romney said that wasn’t a long-term solution and instead they must restructure. Guess what? About eight months later, GM and Chrysler restructured using the bankruptcy process and the exact perscription Romney proposed. Obama’s minions, like Reid, ignore this fact and pretend that what Obama did was somehow different from what Romney told him he should do.

As for the headline “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt” that accompanied Romney’s op-ed, those words were written, as headlines typically are, by the staff at the New York Times not by Mitt Romney himself. He never uttered those words so often attributed to him by the left.

Reid is either ignorant or purposfully misleading but either way, his rabid partisanship is the reason I refuse to go to his city and spend any money there anymore. No Braves games, no concerts, no evenings at the Fox, no intown restaurants. Nothing. As long as this hack leads the City of Atlanta, I’ll stay away.

He really ought to think before he opens his mouth.


September 24th, 2012
1:11 am

Kasim Reed is a political schizophrenic. He goes on Meet the Press and chats like he is running for something- cogent, articulate, abrasive, and commanding. Then we turn around and Atlanta is nominated for the 5th dirties city in the country.

He has no vision for the city other than cops and clerks. Potholes, and hoodlums run prolific. I am not suggesting that these problems are new to Atlanta’s experience, but I am suggesting that Reed, as one of the young Turks of Democratic politics would have a little more inventiveness about addressing the municipal quagmire that is Atlanta.

I suppose Atlanta that I should get it through my head that just maybe he is all talk..


September 24th, 2012
2:37 am

Much ado about nothing. You are going to vote for who you are going to vote for and so is the other side. NONE of this matters to us. The only thing that matters to the people that are undecided is the upcoming debates so the debates will decide this. That and the fact that the turnout and enthusiasm for Obama is significantly elss than it was in 2008. That and Obama is promising the same things now as he promised in 2008 is not a good sign because why should we believe you this time? We believed in unity, a deficit cut in half as stated Feb 2009 not a doubled debt, we believed when Obama said if unemployment was not under 6%, he would be looking at one term and its isnt close, letting our closest ally hang out to dry because he more worried abut how he looks to Muslims who want Americans, Christians and Jews DEAD is a very bad thing, being for gay marriage is extremely bad considering less than 3% of the population is gay and the rest of us believe in family and marriage between a man and a woman as God created being right according to God, not what gays lobby for as being right and acceptable….3% pushing their failure to resist on us? Shame on us for allowing that and shame on a LEADER who promotes it….This is the most important debates and election in the history if America. Big govt who we know does not manage anything well…can you imagine the customer service for our healthcare?! Bigger govt so they can waste more money, overspend, mismanage etc…or a limited govt who gets LESS of our money and LESS chance to blow it, waste it and screw up? I think LESS is BEST by far….I think WE know how to handle OUR money better than the govt. Nobody in this country is goign to starve or go without healthcare. Never have. Never will. If so people will be sued. Got food stamps, welfare already. USA gives you the chance to be free and the opportunity. But we are NOT here to pay for you to succeed. You got to go out, earn that money and have a plan. You get a chance and should be thankful for it. Its not fair to take from the successful to pay for others to maybe or maybe not squander those tax dollars. We need less govt, less taxes and some get up and go and drive. A new mentality of determination. Not an ENTITLEMENT mentality.

You are entitled to be free and to have a chance to go for it. just because your parents were not well to do does not entitle you to the money of people whose parents succeeded or they themselves succeeded. that is NOT America nor should it be…and its not fair to those who worked hard and sacrificed. Go to school and get qualified to make some decent money, save up, get some investors or however you can do it if you want to start a business and then do it when you are capable by your own merits and sacrifice and savings…not because the govt took from those who have to give to those who want the easy path instead of the hard one others took or that their parents took that paid dividends…how DARE that be the new America…it is NOT the govt’s responsibility. I am a relatively poor person myself. I make $50,000k and have a family of 4 and mine is the only income. It was MY fault I did not sacrifice to go get college degrees, to make more money younger so I could do more with it to turn it into something bigger and better.

Bottomline….MUCH bigger govt to help people who dont want to sacrifice like is necessary to suceed and therefore will wastes billions on their own…or a MUCH smaller govt that has less of a chance to wastes our money? WELL….we ALL KNOW how govt screws up every program they run and it gets corrupted and money is WASTED in massive amounts and we ALL KNOW how the customer service is…..I will take a small govt that has less of our money to make govt people have retirement plans and benefits I dont have and that doesnt have the opportunity to waste and screw up with as much of our money….

DO you have ANY idea how much money the military wastes alone?! probably half a trillion a year in overspending, overpaying and overlapping. Throw in all the scams that are going on by people cheating the govt programs already…..

govt cant be trusted with our money by ANY stretch of the imagination….lets dont give them more because if we do its gone, its wasted and they will never want to stop taking it from us…..

The American way is not handouts and entitlements no matter who you are or where you came from…its about if you work hard, you have an opportunity to achieve and something might come of it. Not that we all will should be rich and none should ever be poor. ALL societies have poor people and always will. Always will have criminals and addicts and lazy people. Taking from the successful, giving it to the GOVT and trusting them to do whats best in an efficient and non-wasting way is a recipe for financial ruin of our nation and a raping of our citizens….tax and spend is actually tax and spend and waste….they already screw up with what they got and we get taxed so much already because of wastes and corruption and scams and govt contracts and spending fiascos…..we should NEVER give them MORE so they can take more of America;s money and lose it or fill peoples pockets illegally….because all this will happen. It ALWAYS HAS…..

work hard and sacrifice, make your own way. You have that chance in America. Grab it. Dont grab the money of people who have already sacrificed so you dont have to. B.S.

mark green nyc

September 24th, 2012
4:53 am

i am proud and glad that there was at least one person who wasn’t afraid to tell america the truth. unfortunately it seems that white america even the democratic ones seem imtimidated to tell the truth. as the republicans sat and told lies repeatedly i didnt hear any strong rebutals from anyone but mayor reed, and everyone except the mayor was content to let them continue. there is only one truth in the final analysis. these people have college degrees and plenty of education yet they will lie in your face.you cant get one republican to admit that congress is responsible for the lack of job growth. that they voted down every job proposal the white house offered but they say it’s obama’s fault. again i’m proud of mayor reed. never corpitulate and always stand with the truth.

mark green nyc

September 24th, 2012
5:12 am

i heard gov romney say he and his partners couldn’t get an american bank to finance them to start the staples business so they went to columbia where they secured the money. interesting, the only big money holders in columbia are drug lords… let me find out


September 24th, 2012
6:38 am

Yeah, go ahead and elect the used car salesman President. When you are broke down on the side of the road with your “it was owned by a little old lady who never went anywhere” then maybe you’ll realize that you were snookered by Mittens.

Links 9/24/12 « naked capitalism

September 24th, 2012
6:56 am


September 24th, 2012
7:35 am

Reed is a clown. How did that TSPLOST vote go for Mr. Big Ears Mayor??? Romney keeps hitting the wall but is only behind 2-3 percentage points in the polls from Obozo.


September 24th, 2012
7:40 am

“Kasim is the going places, unlike the embarrassment Mayor Shirley and Sonny – Deal govenors. Mayor Reed has a clue and cares about Atlanta, next step, US Senator then White house. You heard it first here on roller derby!”

That is pretty funny. Reed will not win anything outside of Atlanta. He will go down in flames just like Vernon Jones, Jim Martin, Roy Barnes, etc., etc.


September 24th, 2012
8:03 am

Romney is to a bad NASCAR driver, as Reed is to a model prisoner.


September 24th, 2012
8:19 am

It was nice to see someone speaking for at least the Metro Atlanta Area that did not seem like a ro(money) drone or an ignorant hick (sam olens’ performance at the rnc keeps coming to mind).

If you can’t accept what a pathetic choice to lead our country that romney is, then do us a favor and don’t vote for anybody.

But romney hits the wall every time.

Question Man

September 24th, 2012
8:22 am

Was Reed’s friend Mary Norwood?

Double Zero Eight

September 24th, 2012
8:22 am

That analogy was truthful and humorous.
SNL might be able to use it in one of their skits..


September 24th, 2012
8:37 am

maybe Kasim is just trying to get his name added to the airport too.

Whirled Peas

September 24th, 2012
8:58 am

Kasim Reed is like a bad synchronized swimmer.


September 24th, 2012
9:22 am

I really thought that Georgians had a little more sense than this trash talk I am reading. You folks really don’t get it do you? Obama wants to push entitlement programs (unless you are one of my creditors, I do not owe any of you anything), turn this country into a socialist country (do so many of you really want government dicatating almost every aspect of your life-look up the definition), and he is trying to remove God and any mention of Him from every aspect of this country, yet he apologizes to muslims and the rest of the world for America’s success. Funny how you democrats and liberals are so very fast to judge anyone not in your camp and condone Obama’s critizing of the rich and wealth, but oh, wait just a minute now-who is it that your Obama is sucking up to for his campaign funds? The rich and wealthy! Talking about liars and two-faced.

[...] You think that Kasim Reed’s Sunday description of GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney as a “bad NASCAR driver” was an impromptu product of the Atlanta mayor’s imagination? Consider this from Politicalusa.com: [...]


September 24th, 2012
10:00 am

I agree with Truthls, thank you for your comments. I cannot understand WHY people do not see the truth regardless if it comes from a Democratic or Republican candidate. Yes, Obama is for the muslims that want to destroy everything this country has bulit and stood for for decades. Wake up people, just because Obama is black does not make him right!


September 24th, 2012
10:42 am

kasim reed using nascar analogies?

ha. funny. but smart of him.


September 24th, 2012
11:38 am

Reed, thanks for telling the truth, Joe, Bay Buchanan represent everything that is wrong with the right, amazing how many times the word food stamps came up, Romney ever mentioned that word when he was talking to his fat cats.

Mitt was insulting his own base, seniors, veterans, I wish Reed had brought up how the rep veto against Veteran bill, yet idiots like USMC support these people ””””””

Veta Victorian

September 24th, 2012
11:58 am

I am so proud of kasim Reid stance for President Obama.
You are an asset to Atlanta.

[...] think that Kasim Reed’s Sunday description of GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney as a “bad NASCAR driver” was an impromptu product of the Atlanta mayor’s imagination? Consider this from Politicalusa.com: [...]


September 24th, 2012
8:57 pm

Jimmy Johnson in the lead.