Your morning jolt: Joe Biden — and Barack Obama’s gay marriage problem

As Joe Biden showered and shaved this morning, prepping for his appearance before a rabbinical assembly in Sandy Springs, others were still mulling over the vice president’s friendly remarks about gay marriage – and the pickle they’ve created for President Barack Obama.

From the Washington Post:

Several people close to the White House said the episode has exposed internal tensions within Obama’s team between those who want the president to say he favors same-sex marriage before the November election and others who worry about a political backlash if he does….

About one in six of Obama’s top campaign “bundlers” are gay, according to a Washington Post review of donor lists, making it difficult for the president to defer the matter.

To add to Obama’s discomfort, North Carolina — where Democrats will gather this summer to nominate him for a second term — today votes on a constitutional amendment to limit marriage to heterosexual couples. The measure is expected to pass, though a new Gallup poll tells us that attitudes continue to change:

Fifty percent of Americans believe same-sex marriages should be recognized by law as valid, with the same rights as traditional marriages — down slightly from 53% last year, but marking only the second time in Gallup’s history of tracking this question that at least half of Americans have supported legal same-sex marriage. Forty-eight percent say such marriages should not be legal.

That a vice president is seldom his own man doesn’t count as a revelation. Then there’s this amorphous assessment in today’s New York Times, offered by a woman whom Biden may face in the 2016:

“Being a vice president is kind of like being a first lady,” Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said. “You are there to support and serve the president. There is no job description.”

Help Biden out. Submit your arguments below and rate other opinions, from 1 to 5, by clicking on them:

Some people said that Vice President Joe Biden was at an Ansley Park fundraiser on Monday night, but beyond hearsay, we have no actual proof. All we can say is that his motorcade was there. From Michael Buczyner and Channel 2 Action News:

In the 12th paragraph of an announcement posted on his campaign website, suspended GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum last night endorsed Mitt Romney as his party’s nominee. Santorum’s price may be jobs for his people – a credit to the former Pennsylvania’s blue-collar message. From his note to supporters:

As it is often said, “personnel is policy.” I strongly encouraged Governor Romney as he builds out his campaign staff and advisors that he add more conservative leaders as an integral part of his team. And you can be sure that I will work with the Governor to help him in this task to ensure he has a strong team that will support him in his conservative policy initiatives.

This morning, you may have received this message from Brian Robinson, spokesman for Gov. Nathan Deal: “Some person is posting terrible rumors about you.” Wait for the phone call – and don’t click on the link.

Robinson says his Twitter account — he operates under the handle of Lord Tinsdale — has been hacked, and apologizes for that pre-caffeinated dose of paranoia. As if line-item vetoes weren’t enough.

Fox5 Atlanta reports that DeKalb County has a sheriff willing to turn the other cheek. On Monday, members of Occupy Atlanta – protesting a family’s eviction – tossed the domestic items on green space outside the office of Sheriff Tom Brown.

Said Brown:

“If I’m the guy that’s the scapegoat, then fine. Don’t tear up my building, don’t tear up my cars. Don’t hurt my deputies, don’t interfere with free movement of the public and you’re not going to have a problem with me.”

On his Facebook page, state Rep. Michael Harden, R-Toccoa, has announced he will forego a third term in the General Assembly in order to take a full-time, “senior leadership role” at the state Department of Community Affairs.

The AJC’s Politifact Georgia today takes a look at U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss’ contention that, in the Reagan era, voters didn’t punish members of Congress for working together.

- By Jim Galloway, Political Insider

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