Now that Super Tuesday is set, press club wants a GOP debate in Atlanta

Immediately after Secretary of State Brian Kemp announced March 6 as the date of Georgia’s 2012 presidential primary, he was button-holed by Maria Saporta, the Atlanta business writer.

Saporta is also the chairman of the debate committee for the Atlanta Press Club – which is already fishing for local partners to sponsor a Georgia debate of the GOP presidential candidates.

“We’re looking into the possibility of holding a Republican presidential primary debate in Atlanta before Super Tuesday,” Lauri Strauss, executive director of the Atlanta Press Club, quickly confirmed over the phone. “We’ve been putting the feelers out for a national broadcast partner.”

Strauss said the club has already had conversations with Atlanta-based CNN and Fox News. (If you remember the first tea party rally at the state Capitol, you’ll know that Fox loves to play in CNN’s front yard.)

Strauss also said she and others have been consulting with Kemp, Gov. Nathan Deal, and state GOP chairman Sue Everhart.

Only last week, the press club announced that Charlie Loudermilk, founder of Aaron’s Inc., had pledged $1 million over four years (in $250,000 increments) to permanently endow the club’s series of political debates during every election year in Georgia.

In honor of his close friendship with former Atlanta mayor Andrew Young, the debates are to be named the Atlanta Press Club’s Loudermilk-Young Debate Series.

In other words, the press club is looking hard for a premier event – and would like Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich and the rest of the gang to attend.

- By Jim Galloway, Political Insider

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September 29th, 2011
12:38 pm

schedule it before thanksgiving or you won’t get a chance


September 29th, 2011
1:09 pm

And will this be just like the current crop of debates where the “favorites” are hand-picked before the debate, given all the face time, and then the rest are ignored?? I am sick and tired of the mainstream media deciding who I should be able to vote for. I certainly understand that the media giants are deeply threatened by independent and pricipled candidates like Ron Paul and his committment to actually uphold the constitution, but if the press is going to pretend to be other than owned and controlled by the government they are going to have to pretend a bit harder.

I mean just look at the list presented – Mitt (Romneycare) Romney, Rick (Gardasil) Perry, Cain and Gingrich. What’s the matter? Can’t think of the the rest of the gang’s names because nobody bothers to mention them anymore??

I certainly would welcome a local debate. I would prefer an honest even-handed discussion with ALL the candidates even more.

Independent voter

September 29th, 2011
1:16 pm

I hope the teaparty dont show up if the debate is did in Georgia. I wonder who they boo this time.


September 29th, 2011
1:35 pm

If they hold a debate in ‘Atlanta’, will that mean Cobb County, Gwinnett County or one of the new made-up cities in North Fulton?

Independent voter

September 29th, 2011
1:40 pm

If they hold a debate in atlanta that mean they have protester outside


October 2nd, 2011
7:36 pm

Where and When, and will it be open to the general pbulic?