Bob Etheridge and the proper response to an ambush video

Below is the video that forced U.S. Rep. Bob Etheridge (D-N.C.) to issue a public apology today. It clearly shows the congressman putting a hold on the young man:

Ethridge posted the following statement on his official website:

“I have seen the video posted on several blogs. I deeply and profoundly regret my reaction and I apologize to all involved.

“Throughout my many years of service to the people of North Carolina, I have always tried to treat people from all viewpoints with respect. No matter how intrusive and partisan our politics can become, this does not justify a poor response. I have and I will always work to promote a civil public discourse.”

Helen Thomas, the longtime White House journalist, was done in by sidewalk video last month. And now Etheridge.

Throughout Washington, chiefs of staff are handing out laminated wallet cards to their bosses, with words that go something like this:

“Good afternoon, young man. I thank you for your interest in your country’s doings. Could I have your name, please? No? Why, where I come from, we always expect a man to put his own name behind his own words. But I suppose times and morality are always changing. My goodness! Look at the time! Good day, gentlemen.”

That’s what they should be saying. If there are other versions, we’d love to read them.

WTVD, a Raleigh TV station, reports that no charges have been filed related to the incident, which helps explain why the media is not calling this a case of assault. The TV station also reports that Etheridge’s Republican opponent denies knowing anything about the sidewalk videographers.

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June 14th, 2010
4:18 pm

Well it appears these campaign aides went fishing and caught exactly what they wanted and then some.


June 14th, 2010
4:33 pm

Where is Cynthia & Jay when you need them? Oh yeah, too busy bashing tea party members, Bush & Conservatives to report grabage like this.

Teddy K

June 14th, 2010
5:15 pm

Bob Etheridge should resign immediately from Congress. He is obviously an angry drunk that has no business being in DC. November can’t get here soon enough.

Shawn G.

June 14th, 2010
5:28 pm

It doesn’t matter if this was a “trap” or “setup”-it still does not give him the right to physically restrain someone who did not touch him…this congressman should be sent packing…

Flora Bunda

June 14th, 2010
5:48 pm

To quote George Ade (or was it Dorothy Parker?), “Whom are you, he said, for he had been to night school.”


June 14th, 2010
5:56 pm

He should of just drilled the kid between the eyes.

Mid Ga Retiree

June 14th, 2010
6:05 pm

If this was indeed “ambush” politics I am just as disgusted with it as I am in Mr. Ethridge’s reaction to it. However, Mr. Ethridge has apologized. Let’s move on. And let’s all pray that somehow, someway, someday, civility returns to politics.

Bitte EX democrackkk

June 14th, 2010
6:33 pm

Bob Etheridge is on edge as he is about to OUSTED in November…his apology alludes to
all the bad things happening, when its HIS ‘party’, the EVIL NC democrackkks have controlled
NC elections unmercifully for about 150 years. NC has just about had all the vile putrid democrackkks we can handle! Plus, he was pissed off drunk at having to attend a social function with the wicked witch of the west, Nancy LaLa Pelousi! Anyone would be ill having left a function like that! ‘WHO ARE YOU?’ he kept asking! ROFL! Gittem Bob.

Bitter EX democrackkk

June 14th, 2010
6:35 pm

make that BITTER EX democrackkk…much better…so glad to be away from the party of SLAVERY!


June 14th, 2010
9:24 pm

The congressman should simply send a note to the White House that says, “Thank you, Mr. President.” Were it not for Barack and the Band, none of this would have been possible.


June 14th, 2010
10:25 pm

I’m sorry, but he was well within his rights here. And really? Jean Chrétien as PM threatened & did throttle his nasty press (and they were actually accredited too!), and his country, Canada, largely cheered him on. He went up in the polls. Attacking someone who’s less credible than you are who’s only out for some attack footage? Not only worthwhile, but to be recommended!


June 14th, 2010
11:00 pm

One the sleazy congressman grabbed the kid’s neck the kid should have beat the ever-loving s**t out of him! Self defense, anyone? Hell, I’d give $1000 to the kid’s defense fund if he had. Ethridge is a punk and this will cost him his seat. Good riddance!


June 15th, 2010
1:54 am

It’s Breitbart’s kids that are the sleazes here, just like their nefarious felonious assault on a Senator’s office trying to wire tap it. That was James O’Keefe’s crew, and they all got off with a slap on the wrist due to their influential daddies, and Breitbart’s deep pockets. So again, if they were real accredited journalists, they’d not need to have their faces altered or ‘blurred out’, and if they were on legitimate business, they might have asked for an interview. But no, all we get from these clowns is more stalking, little respect, and ever more assaultive ambush ‘interviews’. Why is that? I say they’re not real journalists, and they’re just after ‘attack videos’, and that any elected official would be within their rights to do the same to these sleazy criminal minded brats.

Will Jones - Atlanta Jeffersonian Exegesis

June 15th, 2010
3:36 am

Etheridge may have been one of the thousands evacuated on Capitol Hill on the morning of 9/11 who witnessed the “white jumbo jet’s lumbering turn directly overhead” as its Columbia Pike/Pentagon overrun worked “David Copperfield” “magic” for Bush’s and Cheney’s “Reichstag Fire Redux” treason against the American People. Was he one of Larry King’s guests speaking of it before The Best Government Money Can Buy got its story straight?

His lack of Grace and Righteousness has now been compounded by Renee Ellmers’, his Roman Catholic carpetbagging “Republican” opponent’s, efforts to gain “opposition” video to garner support from the anti-Obama racists in North Carolina’s upcoming congressional races.

Having usurped D.C., and major centers of the North and West long ago, Rome’s operatives turn their eyes to the South, long the hold out dominated by Black and White Baptists and Freemasons fully cognizant of the historic Roman Anti-Christ Dr. King and Thomas Jefferson referenced in their prophetic works.

Shall Rome succeed in its post-slave trade, post colonialism, post-Nazism phase?

How better it would be for White, Black, Jew and Gentile patriots to unite as we did at the Founding, recognize G-d’s enemy upon us, and remove it from Our Promised Land, one way or another?

Annuit Coeptis

Death for Treason


June 15th, 2010
8:20 am

JP, anyone has the right to ask any politician a question with fear of being man handled and assaulted, ambush journalism or not. I hope the kid sues him civilly and the DC police grow a pair of nads and charges this SOB with an obvious assault.


June 17th, 2010
3:26 pm

Not really Producer, We’ve got at least 2 current GOP Senate candidates that evidently take No questions (Angle in NV, Paul in KY) w/o first having them come to the campaign as formal inquiries with written requests. Except with their favored FOX news propaganda. So another level of Rethug hypocrisy here. Any of these Brats can stalk you at home, the airport whatever, push a camera in your face AND NOT Identify themselves, or have any credible or known Press Credentials, and harass you? And then try & cover up Who They Were? Err, No sorry! That’s not acceptable anywhere. You Take Responsibility, you Identify yourselves & Who Your working for, and Then You ask, and you get your answer. You don’t need a crew to ambush someone for YOUR OWN Entertainment. Geez, when did the job of the press get to be so sleazy & yes Criminal?

I hope & pray they want to press charges so again they can provide the UNCUT video of what they were doing & why. Or explain to everyone (again), why they ’scrubbed’ or ‘erased’ that bit of critical evidence. In a real court room? It would not see the light of day. In the propaganda whirl of Fox & Friends? It plays forever. Not. Real. News. Not now, not ever.