Andrew Young on the SCLC: ‘I’m not interested in organizations. None of them. Except the NAACP.’

Former Atlanta mayor/congressman/U.N. ambassador Andrew Young hung around the apron of the state Capitol on Tuesday after endorsing former Gov. Roy Barnes.

The man who once served as top lieutenant to Dr. Martin Luther King was asked about the nasty legal fight for control of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

A court hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.

Truth be told, Young sounded more than a little bit like the AJC’s Cynthia Tucker, who has argued that it’s past time to shut the organization down.

Said Young:

“I have said that the SCLC that I worked with was a movement. And that movement ended somewhere — a little after the early ’70s. Dr. King always resisted forming an organization and selling memberships.

“They are fighting over an organization. I didn’t have any interest in an organization when I was working for SCLC. I have an interest in a movement.

“If anybody is doing anything that is a movement, or the possibility of a movement, I would be glad to support it. But I’m not interested in organizations. None of them,” Young said. “Except the NAACP.”

There was also the matter of Young and the Democratic race for attorney general. Ken Hodges, the Dougherty County prosecutor, has claimed Young’s endorsement.

But the former Atlanta mayor has written a check to state Rep. Rob Teilhet of Smyrna.

“That’s where I am,” Young smiled. Between the two candidates, in other words.

Young said that Hodges came to him “to explain to me his difficulties” – resentment among African-Americans, some of whom blame him for the failure to prosecute a white police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black motorist in Columbus in 2003. ”

Said Young:

“I took a picture with him. But the picture that I took with him really was at Joe Lowery’s retirement. It didn’t constitute a formal endorsement.

“I didn’t know him very well, but I didn’t want to be against him. When I talked to Rob I realized that he had a good record also, and I have on number of occasions have supported more than one Democrat.”

All that said, the former Atlanta mayor said that Hodges shouldn’t be saddled with baggage from the Kenneth Walker incident.

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King Roy

June 1st, 2010
12:56 pm

Let’s talk about me.

Raquel Morris

June 1st, 2010
12:57 pm

Interesting, but what does Andy say about Hodges’ failure to fully support voting rights?

Prudent Voter

June 1st, 2010
1:33 pm

I am OK with not “saddling” Ken Hodges with all his MANY legal & ethical mistakes, so long as he is not saddled up to be our top state legal official. Ken Hodges should just fade into private practice, he does not have the judgement, knowledge or ethics to be our attorney general. The “Phoebe Factoids” false prosecution debacle is another example of what I mean.

Hodges is not qualified to be dog-catcher

June 1st, 2010
2:18 pm

There is a documentary film called “Do No Harm” which shows Hodges at his worst. Hodges makes Mike Nifong (remember Duke rape case?) look honest and ethical.

The Walker case was a tragedy, to be sure.

The fact that the videotape of the shooting was not seen by the grand jury is a pure and simple injustice. Hodge should have empaneled a second grand jury in the Walker case, pure and simple.

The grand jury failed to indict deputy Glisson in November 2004, and the videotape of the shooting was released in December 2004.

Goto Youtube and search on ‘police shoot unarmed man in custody’ and see if you would vote to indict Glisson. Walker was unarmed, face-down on the ground, with three other deputies on top of him, Glisson strolls over and fires two rounds from his MP5 into Walkers head (go look at the video).


June 1st, 2010
2:23 pm

too much money to be made off decisiveness……..

RIP Ken Walker

June 1st, 2010
2:38 pm

The Walker shooting is also on MetaCafe. Hodges argues that he cannot control what a jury does, therefore the whole Walker case is not his problem. But in light of the new evidence that was made available (911 calls, videotape of shooting), Hodges acted irresponsibly by not recommending that a second grand jury meet.

Also, there was a state law that was passed as a result of Hodge’s misconduct in that case… Hodges did not swear-in the witnesses…in this case the man who pulled the trigger….for the grand jury proceedings. Thus the testimony was not given under oath (making the testimony invalid).

A State law was passed this year that Bans unsworn grand jury testimony.

Also, Hodges is party to a lawsuit regarding the Phoebe Putnam hospital case, as he (allegedly) fabricated and manipulated evidence in that case, and even issued phony subpoenas.

There’s a reason Hodges left Albany after the Phoebe-Putnam affair….

Saddled with the Baggage of the Walker Incident?

June 1st, 2010
2:47 pm

that’s like feeling sorry for Hitler being ’saddled with the baggage of that Halocaust incident’.

The job of a prosecutor is very simple: you present evidence to a grand jury, and let the people decide whether a crime has been committed.

Hodges seems to have a teeny weeny problem with evidence. He either fabricates it, as in the Rehberg case, he mishandles it, as in the Walker case, or he simply denies that it exists, as he did with the Walker case.

If Hodges loses the Rehberg case, he could get disbarred, which would greatly diminish the probability of getting elected to be Attorney General.

Do No Harm

June 1st, 2010
2:54 pm

Here’s a Tip:

When you’re running for Attorney General, and there is a documentary film about your misconduct as a prosecutor, you better pull some strings to make sure that film does not get seen by potential voters….Oh wait, did that already:

Hodges has some powerful and rich connections…his campaign treasurer is a Calloway, one of the richest Republican families in Georgia. Surely a phone call was made so that GPB would not show that film.


June 1st, 2010
2:56 pm

Andrew Young is interested in only one organization: the bank where he keeps his money.

So Young did NOT endorse Hodges?

June 1st, 2010
3:09 pm

“I took a picture with him……It didn’t constitute a formal endorsement.”

But Andrew Young’s public statement of August 18, 2009 sounded an awful lot like an endorsement.

So there were some wedding pictures, and a bride, but no actual wedding took place?

Johnny Good Ole Boy Oxendine

June 1st, 2010
3:10 pm

Hey…HEY!!! OVER HERE! Look at me! I’m relevant, right? I played the “conservative, Christian, family man” card. That means I win automatically, right?

June Cleaver

June 1st, 2010
3:11 pm

It does sound like he may be weasling out of the endorsement. I would bet the Telhet folks are camped out in his driveway…..


June 1st, 2010
3:28 pm

Oxendine…..pfffftttttt….(coffeee spray).

Oxendine used to have lights and siren on his state-issued vehicle, but the GBI revoked his permit for that. It seems he was using his lights and siren for emergencies, such as being late for dinner.

Oxendine wrecked six state vehicles, including that elusive ’swerved to miss a deer’ crash (that seems to happen to politicians as they leave a bar late at night). Police somehow “forgot” to do a breathalyzer test for that incident….how convenient.

And he was reprimanded for buying a sedan with leather interior on the state dime when there was a spending freeze going on.

Sounds like an honest humble public servant to me.

“In 2001, Oxendine was stripped of his permit to use emergency lights and sirens on his state-issued car after the GBI investigation discovered repeated misuses of state property. The report revealed that he had regularly turned on his blue light and siren to get through traffic when he was late for personal appointments. Therefore, the Department of Public Safety revoked Oxendine’s emergency light permit and ordered the blue lights be removed from his automobile. It has been seven years, and the state Department of Public Safety refuses to reissue the equipment due to Oxendine’s abuse of authority.”

Johnny Good Ole Boy Oxendine

June 1st, 2010
3:32 pm

But Ronnie…!?!?!?! I play my ego so loudly around town, and I make people feel great because they were blessed by my presence near them. I’m obviously gonna win because I’m just so great. I don;t even have to say why (specifically). I’ll just post open-ended, generic promises to maintain the status-quo of the Good Ole Boy system that runs this state perfectly. (P.S. Please tell Roy Barns to stop running…I’m scared).


June 1st, 2010
4:12 pm

Oxendine is regular ‘good old boy’ alright…. A regular gun-totin pickup-drivin beer-drinkin Gawgia boy.

An attorney who has all his kids in private schools who seems to think he’s Newt Gingrich cross-bred with Robert Redford.

Johnny Good Ole Boy Oxendine

June 1st, 2010
4:19 pm

Awwwww :-) Thank you, Ronnie :-) You flatter me! FINALLY someone understands how great I am. I’m the Kanye West of Georgia politics. I put the ‘awesome’ in, um…uhhhh…in, um… ‘AWESOMENESS’.

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June 2nd, 2010
8:35 am

Amen Ambassador/Mayor Young!


June 2nd, 2010
8:29 pm

Ken Hodges is filth.

[...] On Tuesday, former Atlanta mayor Andrew Young confessed that he’d grown a little squishy on the Democratic race for governor. [...]

Lawrence Foy

July 2nd, 2010
7:36 pm

I’m not surprised to hear Young’s comment about SCLC. We all are disappointed in the organization. That being said, Young is just as guilty for the demise of SCLC (at least the principles fostered by Dr. King) as others. He, like others, from the movement-attained the “American Dream” then sold out to some major corporation (Nike). The only thing that Andrew young hasn’t done to fulfill his quest for the American dream is to marry a white woman. Or has, he? No one should take Young’s endorsement seriously. He has no credibility–given his straddle the fence position.

Rob Teilhet [AG-D] — Peach Pundit

July 9th, 2010
4:30 am

[...] been protested by the NAACP , flubbed a basic question about the Voting Rights Act and was caught fibbing about an endorsement from Ambassador Andrew Young.  Struggling and desperate to change the subject, he started sending [...]