Who has qualified in local races?

You can  view who has qualified for statewide races at the Secretary of State’s site.

Below is early information on who has qualified for local races, provided by our colleagues at the AJC . It is a work in progress and will be updated next week.


Solicitor General: Robert James, (D) I

Commission District 2: Jeff Rader, (D) I

Commission District 3: Larry Johnson, (D) I

Commission District 7: Stan Watson (D)

Commission District 7: Kathryn Rice (D)

Commission District 7: Bryce Farbstein (D)


Board of Commissioners

Michael Robinson, District 1, empty seat (R)

Ralph “Pete” Amos, District 1, empty seat (R)

Todd Levent, District 3, (R)

James “Jim” Harrell Jr, District 3, (R) I

Mark Venco, District 3, (R)

Josh Shorr, District 3, (R)

Board of Education

Ann Crow, District 1, (R) I

Kristin Morrissey, District 2 (R)

Camille Fareri, District 2 (D)


Buzz Ahrens, Co. Commission Chairman, (R) I

Harry Johnston, Co. Commission Post 1, (R) I

Derek Good, Co. Commission Post 4, (R) I

Jason Nelms, Co. Commission Post 4, (R)

School Board

Kenneth Ball, Post 1, (R)

Gary Puckett, Post 3, (R) I

Robert Reichsteiner, Post 5, (R) I

Debra Radcliff, Post 6, (R) I

Robert G. Usher, Post 6 (R)


Commission Chair: Tim Lee (R)

Commission Chair: Larry Savage

Leonard Church, Commission, District 1 (R)

Helen Goreham, Commission, District 1 (R)

Earl Stine, Commission, District 3 (R)

JoAnn Birrell, Commission, District 3 (R)

Tim Stultz, School Board, Position 2 (R)

Holli Cash, School Board, Position 2 (D)

Kathleen Angelucci, School Board, Position 4 (R)

Bill Borden, School Board, Position 4 (R)

Jim Snell, School Board, Position 6 (R)

Barry Morgan, Solicitor General (R)


County Board of Commissioners, District 2

Lynette Howard, Norcross (R)

Jose R. Perez, Norcross (R)

Keith Shewbert, Norcross (R)

Robert L. Byars, Norcross (D)

County Board of Commissioners, District 4

Gerald Cagle, Lawrenceville (R)

John Heard, Lawrenceville (R)

Tommy Hunter, Buford (R)

Ron Silver, Braselton (R)

Tim Sullivan, Buford (R)

John Kenney, Buford (D)

County Board of Education, District 2

Dan Seckinger, Buford (R) I

County Board of Education, District 4

Bob McClure, Lilburn (R) I

Mark A. Williams, Snellville (D)

Solicitor General

Rosanna M. Szabo, Lawrenceville (R) I


Commission: District 1: Steven Broadbent (R)

Commission: District 2: Lori Henry (R)

Commission: District 3: Elizabeth Hausmann, (R)

Commission: District 6

Joan Garner (D)

David Holder (D)

Sally Smith (D)

Keisha Waites (D)

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