A Senate bill to allow parents to keep kids on their health insurance until age 25

State Sen. Preston Smith (R-Rome) has just cut loose with a pair of health care reform bills that, on first glance, look like they might have legs.

Among the provisions of S.B. 330 and 331, according to Smith:

– Prohibits health insurance companies from unjustly canceling health insurance “rescissions.” This will end the practice of health insurance companies rescinding or cancelling an insurance policy based upon their allegation that the original application contained an error or omission, which is often not even related to the claim. This provision ensures that no Georgian’s access to needed medical care will be harmed by the wrongful cancelation of their health insurance plan.

– Extends health insurance coverage benefits to dependents up to age 25, regardless of whether they are full-time students. This allows parents to keep their children on their health plan through young adulthood, increasing young adults’ access to affordable health coverage. “Young adults shouldn’t lose their coverage simply because they needed five years to complete college or were unable to find a job after graduation,” noted Sen. Smith.

– Eliminates the common practice of placing annual and lifetime caps on insurance policies. The bill prohibits health plans from arbitrary annual or lifetime spending caps, protecting individuals with a catastrophic diagnosis or chronic disease by ensuring health plans meet their obligations to those with the most expensive medical needs.

– Expands access and lowers cost for small businesses to offer affordable group health insurance options to their employees. These provisions will allow small businesses to pool together through association health plans and leverage lower cost health insurance on behalf of their employees. By creating larger insurance pools for small businesses, these provisions will make health insurance more affordable and more accessible.

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Been Around-Done That!

January 28th, 2010
11:12 am

Finally! A legislator with a good idea. Will wonders never cease?


February 4th, 2010
7:45 pm

Glad to see a Republican actually bringing something to the table as far as health insurance is concerned. People in their early 20’s are often forgotten by politicians. Especially in the recession, it is very hard for young people to find jobs, let alone ones that offer benefits.

Tom Hanthorn

February 17th, 2010
12:17 pm

Mechanisms Senator Smith presented are mostly positive, the most appalling is the suggestion that recissions cannot be done even if the applicant is lying. Facts are required by insurance companies to determine what rates should be paid for the coverage. Enabling the client to lie without consequence is just wrong, and surely will lead to higher insurance rates. When government protects people who lie to steal from an insurance company is just wroing, something resembling insurance fraud.
So this feature, if passed, would possibly be the biggest insurance fraud propagated by a governement official.
Gee, Senator Smith has revealed his true character, when he rewards lying by the general public. A wild west, white collar crime, nothing less.