‘Not a Dick Cheney situation,’ says the John Oxendine campaign

While other GOP candidates for governor were in Athens debating each other Tuesday evening, state Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine was dealing with this:

A man hunting with Republican gubernatorial hopeful John Oxendine was “sprayed” in the leg during an organized quail hunt in Dade County on Sunday, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has learned.

Oxendine, the sitting state insurance commissioner, was hunting with his children at a quail hunting preserve when someone accidentally fired their shotgun and an unnamed adult “was wounded superficially,” Oxendine campaign spokesman David Crim said.

Oxendine was not the shooter or the person wounded, Crim said.

“This was not a Dick Cheney situation,” Crim said, referring to a 2006 hunting accident in which the former vice president shot someone in his hunting party in the face.

Look for more details tomorrow. We know that dealing with firearms is inherently dangerous. Classes deal with that. But using loose language about guns also carries a risk. This from an October account of an appearance by gubernatorial candidates before GeorgiaCarry.org, a gun rights organization:

The focus was on three candidates for governor: state Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine, state Rep. Austin Scott of Tifton and Ray McBerry of McDonough. A stand-in appeared for Secretary of State Karen Handel. Libertarian candidate John Mond also attended.

Oxendine told the gun crowd that he thought licensed carriers should be allowed to pack heat “virtually” anywhere — except for courtrooms, prisons and jails.

“I wouldn’t feel bad at all if someone wanted to carry a gun in the Governor’s Mansion. We may go out on the back porch and shoot a few wine bottles or something, ” he said.

But drinking while carrying a concealed firearm is a no-no. “Commissioner Oxendine, you’d have to change the no-alcohol policy first, ” Scott interjected.

“That will be done the day I’m sworn in, don’t worry, ” Oxendine said.

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Good Government

January 20th, 2010
12:08 am

A vote for John Oxendine is officially becoming a vote for Roy Barnes.

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January 20th, 2010
9:05 am

This isn’t a Dick Cheney situation, because this situation isn’t about a shooting. This is about whose land he was on and why. The man can’t get enough of the life. Political donations, dinners, new cars, hunting trips. Take a good look at Oxendine Georgia.

Wounded Warrior

January 20th, 2010
10:02 am

Hope that guy has life and health insurance, when with the Ox,


January 20th, 2010
11:08 pm

Karen Handel is the only viable Republican candidate. Unfortunately, she may not be crazy enough for a lot of my right wing friends. As a moderate Republican, I am pretty much left out in the cold when it comes to Republican politics in this state. God help us if Oxendine and Deal get elected. I am one of Deal’s constituents, and he has done nothing for usw since he’s been in Congress. Oxendine is too cozy with the very fat cat insurance executives he is supposed to be regulating. He probably is a crook.

Word: Man down! | Fresh Loaf

January 23rd, 2010
8:51 am

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