Call it the Journalist Full Employment Act: Vernon Jones to run against Hank Johnson

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Vernon Jones to Announce His Bid for the Fourth Congressional District Seat

DECATUR, January 14, 2010 – Vernon Jones, former Chief Executive Officer of DeKalb County, Georgia, will hold a press conference tomorrow, Friday, January 15, 2010 at 2:00 p.m. E.S.T. The press conference will be held at 4153 Flat Shoals Parkway, Building C, Decatur, GA 30034 in the 2nd floor conference room. All media is invited.

Jones’ press release was immediately followed by an announcement from Hank Johnson that he’ll announce his re-election bid Saturday.

Said the congressman: “Serious times call for serious representation, and the Fourth District will be well served by a vigorous, positive debate that presents a diversity of views. I look forward to a vigorous campaign and re-election to a third term.”

Johnson disclosed in December that he has battled hepatitis C, an incurable, blood-borne liver disease, for more than a decade.

DeKalb County Commissioner Connie Stokes has already announced plans to challenge Johnson in the Democratic primary this year. Another county commissioner, Lee May, is considering the contest.

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January 14th, 2010
3:29 pm

Another career politician. Jones has already said he’s been unemployed since his CEO job ended. Failed U.S. Senate run, just give it up Vern (Mama’s Family). If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Johnson has done in admirable job, and hasn’t embarrassed the district like Cynthia did. Get a REAL job Vern.


January 14th, 2010
3:45 pm

Vernon Jones, Connie Stokes and Lee May are vultures. Hank Johnson and his staff have been doing an excellent job, and have represented the 4th district well. On what basis would these three be challenging Hank, except to take advantage of him because of his illness? It’s inappropriate and it’s ugly. Challenge those who represent their districts poorly, and please let Hank continue to do his job.

Respect the Voters

January 14th, 2010
3:53 pm

I ran into Mr. Jones at Atlantic Station and he wasn’t very nice at all. I passed him in the hall and mentioned to someone that Mr. Jones was there. Mr. Jones turned around and said, “I know who I am” like someone was trying to bother him or talk to him. No one was trying to disrespect Mr. Jones and actually no one was talking to him at the time. As voter, I was surprised by his reaction and that told me a lot about him as a person. Definetly will not get my vote.

Can't Stop Laughing

January 14th, 2010
4:27 pm

Vernon Jones, after the 100 scandals you had while CEO, with the last one being the worst (TERRELL BOLTON), you’ll be lucky to get 500 votes. It’s fitting that you’re holding your press conference on Flat Shoals Road. You used 2001 park bond money to buy Earl Paulk’s old church on Flat Shoals where you had your inauguration as CEO. Funny how that property was never used for a park. But Earl Paulk made a boatload of money as you directed county staff to purchase the property for much more than its appraised value.

Well, at least you’ll provide comic relief during the campaign. Go get ‘em Hank!

Lee & Connie?

January 14th, 2010
4:30 pm

I hope Lee and Connie run against Hank and have to resign from the county commission to do so. Our county commissioners should have term limits of eight or ten years. There are plenty of good potential candidates for county commission. Thank the lord that Vernon had a two term limit!!


January 14th, 2010
4:35 pm

What a joke. Hank’s not flashy but he’s done his job.

The Fourth District will not elect a man who bragged about voting for Bush … twice.


January 14th, 2010
4:45 pm

What’s wrong with voting for Bush?


January 14th, 2010
4:50 pm

Interesting how Johnson’s sickness even appears in this article almost as reasoning for why others are running. Strange how none of those challenging really have anything poor to say about Hank. Do we really need more people running for office because they want a job, or do we need people who serve the Fourth District as Hank has done for 2 terms? Hank, congratulations on fighting an incurable disease while serving the people of your district so admirably.


January 14th, 2010
4:59 pm

Hank may not be perfect but he has given us years of intelligent, thoughtful representation and is right on the issues that matter. We finally have a rep who gets the job done and whose integrity is unquestioned. He’s done a really good job for the 4th district.

4th District Voter

January 14th, 2010
5:03 pm

Hank Johnson has done a very good job. I look forward to voting for him again. Don’t know what the others are thinking or why they chose now to run against him. Seems a little tacky to me.

A couple of years ago, I called Mr. Johnson’s office in DC to ask for his support on an issue. He answered the phone himself. How many times have you called your congressional representatives office and he or she answered the phone?

I live in Rockdale. I hope our Republican friends remember the good work Mr. Johnson has done for us, and don’t cross over in the primary to put one of the weaker candidates on the Nov. ballot.

I'll sit this one out

January 14th, 2010
5:14 pm

Not voting for anyone who voted for the stimulus bill (which was horrible), cap and trade, (which is worse) and this healthcare abomination (economy destroyer) while throwing in “if you vote against healthcare reform, the KKK again will be riding the hillsides lynching and menacing people”. What the hell does that mean ?!? Pandering to non-thinkers, obviously. Unfortunately Vernon Jones would fit right in D.C., he would be up to his eyeballs in scandal in no time. At least Johnson is honest if not misguided. I’m out this go ’round.

Road Scholar

January 14th, 2010
5:18 pm

Vernon Jones; the Sarah Palin of Dekalb County! Campaign slogan: Just doesn’t know when to quit!

Intown Lib

January 14th, 2010
5:31 pm

2 more years! 2 more years!

[...] AJC’s Jim Galloway reports that this delightful bit of news has landed in his inbox: FOR IMMEDIATE [...]


January 14th, 2010
6:12 pm

How sad — VJ needs a job. Heard he’s been going around telling people Hank isn’t running. What? Vernon lying already? No way?! Going after a sitting congressman who has done yeoman’s work — guess he still has no class. And Lee and Connie, why don’t you guys fix DeKalb’s budget woes before eyeing Washington? Looks like you’re running from budget mismanagment to me.

Oh My God It Gets Better

January 14th, 2010
9:55 pm

From Vernon’s campaign web site, which looks like it just went up:

“Georgia needs a Congressman that is ready and able to go to battle for her when needed; someone that is humble, a Christian, qualified and experienced, and a Representative who will exemplify statesmanship in the United States Congress.”

Humble? A Christian (it was a menage-a-trois!)? Qualified? Exemplify statesmanship?

The delusion is mindblowing.

So I guess Vernon is going to make this about religion.

Classy as ever.

[...] Jim Galloway calls it the Journalist Full Employment Act. [...]

[...] Mr. Galloway calls it the “Journalist Full Employment Act.” [...]

Georgia Voter

January 14th, 2010
11:29 pm

Vernon Jones for Congress … because “three ways” are better in Washington. What kind of Christian is that?

Another 4th Distrist Voter

January 15th, 2010
12:38 pm

I, too, have contacted Mr. Johnson’s office many times to express my opposing views of many things he has supported and he has either not responded, responded with a canned answer that did not specifically address my concern or responded to a completely different question that what I asked. He does not represent the views of many 4th district residents so the upcoming election is one I certainly look forward to.

Name One

January 15th, 2010
3:31 pm

Vernon Jones brought Terrell Bolton to DeKalb. ‘Nuff said.


January 16th, 2010
9:52 am

Vernon Jones is the most visible politician I have ever seen. He said he would get more sidewalk, parks and libraries,sidewalks and roads. I cant for you guys but i have seen these things. I have driven on the new roads, taken my family to expanded browns milll park and aquadic center, and walked on the sidewalks on panola road. I like results and thats why Mr.jones has my full support.

Robert Bryant

January 17th, 2010
3:38 am

Vernon Jones says he is sick of allientating people. Um . . .I think Vernon is just sick of being unemployed!!! He has not changed his ways. He is just desperate. Ask Vernon who he is not going to allienate this time around and see if he gives the COMPLETE list. He won’t. He is a republican. Hank Johnson is incredible and has EARNED our vote again. Vernon needs to give it a rest.

Good Gubmit

January 17th, 2010
1:44 pm

The only reason that VJ is running is that he thinks he won’t get indicted next year if he is a sitting congressman. On the flip side, he lost DeKalb County to Jim Martin. At the very least it should be entertaining. I heard that he will be hiring that redhead Jill Chambers to teach him poise and charm.


January 17th, 2010
6:53 pm

Vernon lost Dekalb to Jim Martin because there was a low turnout for the run off election and there was a mail out sent calling him a republican, but that is not relevent now. I am a man of results, and personally i havnt seen any from Congressman Johnson so I would like to give Veernon my vote based off if his results here in Dekalb.

Drinking Tea

January 19th, 2010
10:45 pm

Looking forward to voting for the B candidate in the dems primary, then electing the fiscally conservative libertarian or republican. Bye Hank, you and VJ can hang out with Martha Coakley. Come to Avondale for the TEA party.


January 26th, 2010
4:26 pm

Lee May would be great in that position. Connie is a joke. Hank can not speak. Andy, his PR goon, has been placing these blog pieces. Hank, you are sick, please go get well. Connie, you are a joke. At least after this loss you will be out of politics for good. Vernon, oh Vernon…what can I say. This will be one for the history books.

Uncle Sam

March 25th, 2010
11:10 am

Hank Johnson is the worst of the congress ! He works very close with GALEO of georgai and UNIONS and the ACLU ! He wants open borders and illegal immigration to continue plus an Amnesty for the 20 million illegal aliens in the country.His office also bands anyone that comes in nicely against a vote . Even the ones that voted for him. His office is also PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE .

Uncle sam

July 17th, 2010
10:37 pm