Transcript of 911 call from Glenn Richardson’s mother

Those rushing to the Paulding County home of Glenn Richardson last week found the House speaker to be semi-conscious in his bathroom, with “a silver revolver on the counter in front of him” and at least one suicide note, according to an incident report released late Monday.

Full details can be found at Gold Dome Live.

See the essentials of the police report here.

Below is a rush transcript of the 911 call made by Glenn Richardson’s mother Merty at about 8 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 8, to report that the speaker of the House had overdosed on sleeping pills:

Operator: Paulding County 911. What is the address of your emergency?

Second voice: Hightower Road in Paulding County, but she’s not exactly sure….

Third voice: I do not know the number. He has a post office box. It’s my son, Glenn Richardon, the speaker of the House of Representatives. It’s Ridge Road, and then you turn on Laird, and then you turn on Hightower.

Operator: Okay, what’s the phone number you’re calling from?

Third voice: I’m calling from my home, 770-xxx-xxxx.

Operator: And what’s your name?

Merty Richardson: Merty Richardson.

Operator: What’d he call in to report?

Mrs. Richardson: He told me he’d taken a sleeping pill. He’d gotten very, very upset.

Operator: He did this on purpose?

Mrs. Richardson: Yes. He called to tell us that he loved us, but that it was too late to do anything, but I — we’re fixing to head to his house.

Operator: Okay.

Mrs. Richardson: We’re in Douglas County, and we’re fixing to head up there, but I had to, you know [indistinct] send an ambulance there.

Operator: Okay, I want you to take a breath for me, okay? I’m going to go ahead and send it over so that we can get responders on the way. I’m going to ask you a few more questions, okay?

Mrs. Richardson: Okay.

Operator: Okay, calm down for me, okay?

Mrs. Richardson: [Indistinct] talk to you on my cell phone, so I —

Operator: How long ago did you talk to him?

Mrs. Richardson: As soon as I hung — not more than three minutes —

Operator: About three ago? And he was okay?

Mrs. Richardson: No, he was not okay.

Operator: Was he conscious?

Mrs. Richardson: He was conscious and talking, but he…

Operator: Okay. I’m just going to let the responders know that three minutes ago he was conscious and he was breathing okay.

Mrs. Richardson: Listen, there’s a gate there, and you have to [gives the password].

Operator: Okay. What’s his name?

Mrs. Richardson: Glenn Richardson.

Operator: Glenn. How old is he?

Mrs. Richardson: He’s 49.

Operator: And he took sleeping pills?

Mrs. Richardson: That’s what he told me.

Operator: And you’re on your way there?

Mrs. Richardson: As soon as we finish dressing. We were in our pajamas.

Operator: What are you going to be driving?

Mrs. Richardson: We’ll be in an ‘04 Tahoe.

Operator: Tahoe? All right, I’m going to go ahead and update the responders, okay?

Mrs. Richardson: If you want to call me back, call me on my cell phone, 770-xxx-xxxx.

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