The Republican schism, Part II: Club for Growth endorses Rubio in Florida

With the battle for the New York 23rd over, the Republican argument over who’s a real conservative now shifts to Florida. This just posted by USA Today:

The Club for Growth’s Political Action Committee made it official this morning, endorsing former state lawmaker Mario Rubio in next year’s Senate race. That’s a diss to Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, who has the backing of top national Republican party leaders as well as the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee in his bid for the seat.

In a statement released this morning, Club for Growth President Chris Chocola said he believes that either Crist or Rubio can beat Rep. Kendrick Meek, a Democratic congressman who’s running for the Senate seat.

“The only question now is what kind of Republican will Florida send to Washington next year: a pro-growth Republican with a record of fiscal conservatism or a big-government Republican with a record of tax increases?” Chocola said.

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