Your morning jolt: South Africa refuses Cynthia McKinney

A television station in Capetown, South Africa is reporting that former Georgia congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has found another country that doesn’t want her around:

A controversial former member of the American congress and a 2008 presidential candidate, Cynthia McKinney, was abruptly removed from a South African Airways flight on Tuesday.

McKinney, who stood against President Barack Obama at an early stage in the race for the US presidency, was barred from boarding an SAA flight to Johannesburg in Washington DC.

She would have travelled to South Africa to act as international guest speaker on the Channel 4 network’s first Palestinian Struggle and Human Spirit film festival, which will be held in Athlone from Friday to Sunday.

McKinney spent a week in an Israeli jail earlier this year, after being swept up by that country’s navy while trying to pass through a blockade into Gaza.

Walter Jones with Morris News Service has this disturbing bit of news this morning:

An illegal dump containing 3 million tires won’t be cleaned up because the Environmental Protection Division of the Department of Natural Resources doesn’t have enough money….

The giant dump in West Georgia’s Upson County contains roughly one-third the number of tires scrapped statewide every year. EPD officials plan to merely cover it up instead of removing the tires for recycling or fuel.

You want evidence that resigning from the state Senate gives you some latitude in how you campaign? Republican candidate for governor Eric Johnson on Friday will make copies of his income tax returns available to reporters.

Consider the move not only a challenge to other GOP candidates, but an implicit rebuke of Gov. Sonny Perdue, who has kept his business interests churning during his seven years as governor – but has been reluctant to disclose many specifics.

Hands On Atlanta, perhaps the premier volunteer group in the city, has collared the four major candidates for mayor for some hammer time on Saturday, and will put them to work – together. They’ll be building a deck.

Another 300 volunteers will join them, constructing walking trails, installing flooring, and erecting walls in the Washington Park neighborhood around the Butler Street YMCA, the city’s first African American subdivision.

The event is built around the 20th anniversary of Hands On Atlanta. Despite the economy, the number of volunteers is said to be up 66 percent. For more info, go to, or call 404-979-2800.

The issue of gays in the military may not be an immediate priority for President Barack Obama, but the issue is percolating toward a future explosion. This from the Boston Globe:

An article in the Pentagon’s top scholarly journal calls in unambiguous terms for lifting the ban on gays serving openly in the armed forces, arguing that the military is essentially forcing thousands of gay men and women to lead dishonest lives in an organization that emphasizes integrity as a fundamental tenet.

Quarterly, which is published for the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was written by an Air Force colonel who studied the issue for months while a student at the National Defense University in Washington and who concludes that having openly gay troops in the ranks will not hurt combat readiness.

While you ponder the above, consider these items found while perusing this morning’s

  • Federal judge rejects plan for Georgia’s mental hospitals.
  • MARTA fares go up today.
  • Outstanding water bills in city of Atlanta reach $811,011.
  • Panel: Fayette County commissioner violated ethics ordinance.
  • Surveillance cameras for Piedmont Park?
  • Fulton County tax bills finally going in mail.
  • Snellville joins Gwinnett County library fight.
  • Former Conyers Housing Authority chief sentenced for embezzlement.
  • Clayton County Commission chairman accused of inappropriate touching.
  • Some opinion:

  • Pro & Con: Do White House policy ‘czars’ upset the separation of powers?
  • Child care training standards vital to education of our kids.
  • From elsewhere in Georgia:

  • Augusta Chronicle: Perdue doesn’t expect more cuts this year
  • And beyond:

  • WSJ: As President Barack Obama reviews options, Defense Secretary Robert Gates worries that a manpower-intensive plan won’t stop Taliban.
  • The Guardian: US diplomat ‘forced out’ over stance on Afghan election fraud.
  • Reuters: China marks 60 years with spectacle of power.
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    October 1st, 2009
    9:40 am

    Surprise, Surprise, Surprise.

    The State of Georgia imposes a “fee” of $1 for every tire that a consumer “recycles” so that Georgia will have a fund to resolve solid waste issues.

    Except the General Assembly then take %80 of that money and uses it for god knows what. The result, there is not enough money in the solid waste fund to deal with illegal solid waste dumps.

    This has been going on for years and Sonny’s fingerprints are all over it.

    If you have any doubt where GOP imposed “user fees” will go, this should be a clue. The GOP Wingnuts want to turn the HOV lanes into ‘toll lanes’ — don’t be surprised when the tolls are then used by the GOP for pet projects in rural Georgia and not for transportation improvements on the Interstates or anywhere else in metro Atlanta.

    Its just another way of taking money from metro Atlanta to use in rural Georgia.

    General Sherman

    October 1st, 2009
    11:17 am

    Why are you wasting time and print on Cynthia??


    October 1st, 2009
    11:45 am

    Daedalus: The corruption at the State House is alarming. Are you certain that these guys take a fee and then use an overwhelming portion for other projects. If so, where may we find that information. I have no doubts that it is true. These guys (GOP) came in 2002 promising to clean up the mess at the General Assembly. Instead, we have more corruption and “fuzzy” accounting.

    Of course, our city government (I live in Atlanta) is even less effecient. I really believe that it is time for a third political party in the United States. These guys are corrupt and are doing nothing less than stealing our tax dollars.

    Obama Spends More Time Talking To Oprah Than Gen McChrystol

    October 1st, 2009
    12:16 pm

    If only Dekalb County and the rest of the state would follow South Africa’s lead with regard to Cynthia McKinney.


    October 1st, 2009
    12:17 pm

    Don’t forget…the problem is the occupation, not the people.


    October 1st, 2009
    12:18 pm

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the good chuckle today. Can’t wait to hear who McKinney blames for this. Are the Jews somehow running South Africa? Or the Republicans?


    October 1st, 2009
    12:25 pm

    hahahahahaha you have to laugh ay this. Cynthia McKinney proves evey day just how irrelevant she truly is. What a waste of skin

    Will Jones - Atlanta Jeffersonian Exegesis

    October 1st, 2009
    12:31 pm

    EagleNationRising: “I really believe that it is time for a third political party in the United States.”

    Black, White, Jew, and Gentile created America together. We need to reformulate their original whig party to restore the ideals of The Creed, and to remove the cancer which has been attacking us ever since The Founding: the Roman Anti-Christ’s “Fifth Column” – elements of which are present in the Democratic Party (which with moral outrage and restored discipline could become a genuine, righteous whig party following Obama), and which dominate the Gay Old Pervert party.


    October 1st, 2009
    12:46 pm

    Should have let Cynthia go to South Africa. Could have taken her out on one of those safari’s and left her there. Let the wildlife have her. Of course that would be fair to them either.

    Billy McKinney

    October 1st, 2009
    1:37 pm

    “You ain’t no Zionists, is you?”

    Cynthia Tucker McKinney

    October 1st, 2009
    1:39 pm

    Cynthia McKinney is nuts. She has been rejected by her peers. I thought she was going to go be a human shield somewhere. She should have stuck to that job. The woman is as crazy if not crazier that Will Jones.

    cletus T. rockafella

    October 1st, 2009
    5:39 pm

    will jones seems to get a pass to promote his website, which I don’t understand. Jones propagates an anti-America philosophy that few can comprehend, by virtue of the fact it is based on communist/socialistic views. Jones CLAIMS to have served, but he didn’t. Will Jones is here to merely attempt to make an anti-America statement, nothing more, nothing less. I do believe he may be on substances that could be illegal, but, if true, that is his problem.

    Alistair Skeffington

    October 1st, 2009
    8:30 pm

    South Africa refuses Cynthia McKinney??? This is untrue, but sadly it is what passes for journalism at and blindly picked up by Mr. Jim Galloway of AJC.


    October 2nd, 2009
    1:10 pm

    Enter your comments here Do not be so mean. We are talking about a Human being. We should not wish people to be eaten by animals, state that they are a waste, nuts or whatever. None of us are perfect and if we placed your comments that you say privately in a public arena, People would have second thoughts about your motives and sanity. Let people do their thing. Who are we to Judge and be so mean-spirited.

    Brad Steel

    October 21st, 2009
    10:29 am

    McKinney is addicted to attention, but she’s so inconsequential that no one cares whet she is doing. She needs to fade into obscenity, but her addition won’t let her. She is the worst. And that assertion is coming from a lefty.

    An adumbration: McKinney will get attention through another ballon-boy hoax.