Your morning jolt: High court upholds touch-screen voting and the rights of young strippers

The Georgia Supreme Court this morning upheld the right of young women under the age of 21 to shed their clothes at locales in Atlanta where alcohol is served.

Five young erotic dancers had challenged a city ordinance that prohibited those too young to drink from entering a business where alcohol is sold.

Deanna Willis, Danielle Barbee, Ashlie Startley, Olivia Almeida and Rachel Haxo were dancers at the Cheetah Lounge strip club when the City enacted the ordinance in 2007. At the time, all five were either 19 or 20 years old.

The court found that the local law conflicts with two state laws. “It is clear that the Legislature’s intent is to allow persons who are over the age of 18 but not yet 21 years old to dispense, serve, sell or handle alcoholic beverages as part of their employment,” the opinion written by Chief Justice Carol Hunstein reads.

The decision was brief and unanimous.

Click here for a summary of several decisions released Monday by the court.

The state Supreme Court also upheld the use of touch-screen voting machines.

Garland Favorito and seven others had sued the state, arguing that the machines don’t produce a paper trail that can be audited and don’t protect against fraudulent manipulation.

A Fulton County judge had granted a summary judgment in the state’s favor, determining a trial was unnecessary. The Supreme Court agreed.

A trio of GOP candidates have run into trouble for using letting their Bulldogish natures show up on campaign literature, in trademark form. This from the University of Georgia’s campus newspaper, the Red & Black:

Three politicians running for Georgia governor and Georgia senate in 2010 remain ambiguous as to whether or not their campaigns will stop using the University’s registered trademarks on campaign materials.

The three politicians – gubernatorial candidates John Oxendine and Eric Johnson and state senator David Shafer – did not seek or gain permission from the University to use its trademarks, according to Assistant Athletic Director Alan Thomas.

On Friday evening, U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss wasn’t the only politician cited in a pay-for-play piece by ABC News, but he was by far the most prominently displayed. Click here to watch.

The story focused on the abuse of leadership PACs by several members of Congress — to inflate their lifestyles, says ABC.

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    Bo Chambliss LOBBYIST

    September 28th, 2009
    9:44 am

    Doesn’t Dad, Saxby, look great on national TV, it’s hard to believe he was so badly injured to be 4F during the war. You Go Saxby….


    September 28th, 2009
    12:01 pm

    Ok, lemme get this straight Georgia……You will allow your ‘children’ under the age of 21 to be naked and sell alcohol…..but, you won’t allow ADULTS to purchase alcohol on Sundays?? Yeah, I guess BACKASSWARDS is the only explanation….

    Worth County

    September 28th, 2009
    12:12 pm

    Enter your comments here
    Fulton, you have a heck of a point there…seems a bit odd doesn’t it?


    September 28th, 2009
    12:17 pm

    Thanks Fulton for saying what I was about to type. This state is so backwards that even when it is moving forward, we still manage to take a step back.



    September 28th, 2009
    12:43 pm

    Go to school and read a book, then you wouldn’t have to take your clothes off to make a living!!!!!

    billy bob from cobb

    September 28th, 2009
    1:13 pm

    Would be better if these stupid public school teachers could teach them to read. I guess that is another great business with unions involved. The only reason govt. is after health care is because there are no unions.


    September 28th, 2009
    1:23 pm

    fulton…a large part of the lobby against sunday alcohol sales are liquor store owners.

    [...] See the full article from “Atlanta Journal Constitution” [...]

    [...] (H/T Jim Galloway) [...]

    DJ Sniper

    September 28th, 2009
    2:12 pm

    I swear, the people who run Georgia seem hell bent on keeping this state in the dark ages. Why is it that I can’t buy liquor on Sundays from the liquor store, yet I can buy it at a bar, restaurant, or club? Also, why is it that the people here have no problems allowing people to carry guns inside restaurants, on public transportation, and inside state parks, yet the mention of Sunday liquor sales sends them into a tizzy? We need some new leadership in the place.

    I’m aware of the fact that the liquor store lobby is against Sunday sales because it wouldn’t make sense for them to be open if all they can sell is beer and wine. Why hasn’t anybody proposed that beer, wine, and spirits be sold on Sundays?


    September 28th, 2009
    2:37 pm

    Uhm outsider? Don’t want to burst your bubble but I know a lot of college students that get thru college by guess what? Yeah stripping. I also know some mothers that have paid their childs way thru college by guess what? Yeah stripping? I know a lot of college educated men that find entertainment in guess what? Yeah stripping.


    September 28th, 2009
    2:46 pm

    Great ruling! If you are old enough to enter into contracts and serve in the military you are old enough to dance nekkid in bars for tips!


    September 28th, 2009
    2:51 pm

    A lot these girls parents paid for cheerleading, dance, ballet, aerobics and gymnastics…and afterwards they never did anything with it? I have a trumpet collecting dust sitting in my attic that I never use and my mom still gives me crap 25 years later what a waste of money it was. Hey I am all for it! I say let these girls use the training that their parents spent hard money on!! Dont let it go to waste!!


    September 28th, 2009
    3:02 pm

    Using the UGA logo or name is pretty common place, even if it is wrong. In the past, other law makers would just force their desires on the university to provide them with tickets, suites, admissions for families, names of buildings, and other favors. I think Shafer is pretty above this stuff and will make it right.


    September 28th, 2009
    3:11 pm

    My man Ox say the Supreme Court blew it on the Touch Screen voting machines. I bet one of the first things that he does as Gov. is replace them all. We should go back to punch cards, then you have a paper trial that can be validated.


    September 28th, 2009
    3:15 pm

    Hey Im all for it. Someone”s got to entertain the married men of atlanta..


    September 28th, 2009
    5:12 pm

    Enter your comments here
    Interesting, just because you can read a book doesn’t necessarily mean that you will not be a stripper. Some of these young lady’s pay for their education by being strippers. A book has nothing to do with them making honest wages for honest work.


    September 28th, 2009
    5:26 pm

    Some strippers make good money.I know one that raised two girls,college and everything.Hell of a woman.

    Sunday sales.Can’t be putting the bootlegger out of business.They only sell after morning church services.

    Hooray for touch screen voting.The easiest way yet to rig an election.Lyndon Baines would have loved it.Let the techies decide.


    September 28th, 2009
    10:53 pm

    Hooray for young strippers.

    Kudos to UGA. I wouldn’t want to be associated with Ox, Shafer and Johnson either.