Of Obama, health care and puppies

Politics can be all about finding just the right — preferably warm and fuzzy — metaphor to fit the argument. Something a voter can quickly identify with.

U.S. Rep. Nathan Deal found his today, in a description about President Barack Obama and health care.

Here’s a CNN clip, posted on YouTube:

Deal said health care reform:

“….deserves at least as much time and deliberation as it would take to select a puppy to reside in the White House.

It took the president six months to decide…which puppy he was going to have. To expect Congress to do something on major health care reform in six days is totally irresponsible.”

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The Oddball

July 24th, 2009
6:56 pm

If Mr. Deal has something worthwhile to contribute to this important debate, he hasn’t shown it yet. Healthcare is a serious problem to be dealt with and should be dealt with now, not later, in a constructive national debate. Healthcare costs add $1600 to an automobile made in America and $84 to a car made in Canada. We need solutions. We certainly don’t need more pejorative jabs at the “other side.”

Coastal Cavalier

July 24th, 2009
9:28 pm

The additional costs on a car can be laid directly at the feet of the UAW and their fellow thugs and hoodlums in organized labor. The federal government has not shown much success with many things it has run (Internal Revenue) or tried to run (post office). It’s experience to date in health care is a disaster. Having dealt with VA, Medicare and Medicaid with family members have proved to me that government run health care may solve some of the problems simply because so many people will die waiting for health care.

Rick in Grayson

July 25th, 2009
8:11 am

Why do the Democrats feel that US citizens are obligated to pick up the healthcare tab for illegal aliens? That is exactly what the new heathcare bill provides! Won’t it be expensive enough to cover US citizens without paying for foreign nationals in our country illegally?

Speak to Rep. John Lewis…he feels that US citizens are obligated to provide healthcare to illegal aliens, along with several other Democrats in the House of Representatives. Why don’t they put the interests of US citizens before those of illegal aliens?

Phil in Atlanta

July 25th, 2009
9:22 am

Why did the Republican conrolled Congress at the time think the American people were entitled to government provided prescription drug benefits. Then as now, the American people not entitiled to health care any more than they are entitled to flood insurance, indoor plumbing, or a trip to Cancun for spring break. You are entitled to your pursuit of these things.


July 25th, 2009
9:31 am

Where’s Deal been for the last 14 years? Now that he’s running for Gov. he decides to step up, go on CNN and have a quotable line. My man Ox is the bets person to lead this state. He’s customer focused.

Curly Girly-man

July 25th, 2009
9:39 am

Mr. Deal might have a point, but most of us GOP guys take about 10 seconds to decide who to have sex with in a public restroom, so we know how to make quick decisions.

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July 25th, 2009
2:55 pm

Dandy deal is one to talk,what has he done in congress in all his years:nothing. He takes plenty of time.

Bill White

July 25th, 2009
7:00 pm

I like this guy. I hope we see more of him and he might be a contender for Georgia’s top job. It’s so true that this administration takes forever on decisions. The thing to remember here is that health care is not a right. It’s something that you must earn in order to get — just like a car. I respect those who have insurance. They work hard to get it and keep it. Me, I choose to skip it. No, I never expect to get sick and go to the emergency room and suck off of the taxpayer. Me and my family are doing fine without it. We take care of ourselves at home and get advice from neighbors if we’re under the weather. You see, the church-going people support each other without tax dollars. If more folks like me would follow that basic thought that adheres to our Founding Fathers’ vision, then we would all be better off. We need more good men like Mr. Deal and women like Sarah Palin who stand up and speak the truth about how your national gov’t spends way too much. These fine people have the sensibility to stand up and tell audiences that enough is enough: we will not spend money that’s not ours. Amen!


July 25th, 2009
8:58 pm

Obama needs to turn this issue over to a BIPARTISAN commission to fix the problem, with one of the goals being : AS LITTLE GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION AS POSSIBLE! One of the things that this administration just does not get is the fact that there is LITTLE FAITH IN THE GOVERNMENT DOING ANYTHING RIGHT — EXCEPT DEFENSE!

Everything the government touches costs an ‘arm and a leg’, and when it comes to health care, that is precisely what it might very well cost.

Obama has not leveled with the American people. It was clearly portrayed on July 22.

If he wants to reform health care — GET IT OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE, and NANCY PELOSI’s hands!

PS: Nancy Pelosi’s popularity is LOWER (34% – Gallup) than that of Palin’s (40%)!!
What does that tell you????

Bill White

July 25th, 2009
9:23 pm

It tells us that Pelosi is a Communist Wiccan and Sarah is a well-liked, Christ-centered, principled woman who shows strong leadership. Sarah is also beautiful on the eyes whereas Wiccan Pelosi is held together by plastic surgery paid for by us, the taxpayer. Yes, we paid for it ’cause Congress gets their own socialized health care. The only ones who should receive health care are the conservatives.

Mack The Knife

July 25th, 2009
10:17 pm

obama wants debate doesn’t he? Then a few more weeks to give the clowns in Congress at least
time to read the 1165 page bill is not much to ask is it?
Or I suppose you leftist donkeys on here sign things with out reading them all the time!


July 26th, 2009
12:35 am

Yes and GW Bush read everything he signed–NOT! It’s highly doubtful that John Boehner will take the time to read the details of Obamacare–it’s easier for him to bake himself on the golf course while chain smoking his filterless Marlboros.
Also, did these same GOP’ers read the details of the case to start their illegal oil war?
The view that the Dems are not reading the health care proposal is just another smear tactic concocted by the right-wing noise machine. Let’s face it: The health care system is already a dysfunctional Socialistic system with a combination of the taxpayer funded ERs to insurance companies that raise premiums and copays. It’s time for a bipartisan reform effort.

The Professor

July 26th, 2009
1:08 am

Nothing a Ga GOP-er says is important. GA voted for McNasty and the dinosaur-riding Bible-thumper Palin (the one with the slut daughter, the “soldier” son who vandalized school buses and fled to Michigan, and the redneck secessioinst pot-head husband). Obama crushed McPhony; the Dems hold both houses of Congress, so states that backed the wrong hoss have to just suck it.

Road Scholar

July 26th, 2009
8:32 am

Coastal: You know management had to sign the labor deal also, don’t you?

Oddball: You said it best, the rest of the comments are just clutter.

Norma Vaughan

July 26th, 2009
11:23 am

Yes every government worker hired or elected get healthcare benefits paid by the taxpayers but the GOP doesn’t want us to have what they have. Is this right??? Hell no. Bill White is stupid to think Palin is a good leader. She is a bimbo who is a quiter and a liar. she is having a great life off the backs of tax payers as all of DC. It is time for all Americans to have healthcare. Stop paying for the illegals care. It is time for term limits for all elected officials at all levels of government. It is time for all government people, teachers, etc. to pay for their own benefits. They bring in no money they just live off the taxpayers $$$$ and no one is watching the hen house.

Norma Vaughan

July 26th, 2009
11:26 am

Mr. Deal is a joke. He has done nothing for the people of Georgia and now he wants to be governor. It gets him closer to home and on a different pay and benefit plan. Does anyone see what government is doing? We shouldn’t pay for any of their benefits and retirement. They work for us, yeah right. They work for big companies.

Georgia Independent Voter

July 26th, 2009
1:54 pm

I am an Independent voter. I am not tied to the Democrats, the Republicans, or Libertarians for that matter. I have voted for who I believe is the best candidate for which ever office.

At this time, I cannot intelligently support voting for 99.9% of Republican candidates for any office, local, state, or national. You see, I voted for Bush twice as well as Sonny and some Congressmen. Now after seeing the mess they’ve made nationally and in this wonderful state, I will take my vote elsewhere.

I did not like it when Democrats would not support President Bush because I believe in respecting the office if nothing else. But Republicans who said they believed in the same thing, have turned out to be worse. And not only are they not supportive, or respectful when they disagree, they encourage “tea bag” parties where Neo Nazis hang out, and they want to break up the country!

Those aren’t the kind of values I can support. And I do support a national health care plan. A choice to buy into a government-run, not for profit health insurance plan should be supported by all of those who claim to be fiscal conservatives. If we don’t fix health care, the nation will go broke. If you support growth and job creation, then we need to lessen the cost burden per employee just like other countries do that we are competing against.

If you claim to be a “values voter”, then I do not see how you can turn your back on the millions who are uninsured..most of them working. If you are a “values voter”, then why would you not want something that is a top reason for the break up of families in medical bankruptcies?

You say you don’t want a government bureaucrat making medical decisions for you? Then why in the world would you want some corporate bureaucrat doing it whose sole job is to find a way to deny you coverage?

We’ve tried it the private sector way and it isn’t working for most Americans. Even with the government taking care of the seniors, the disabled, the veterans, and the poor, the insurance companies have continued to not get the job done.

If Republicans and their voters were smart, they would realize that this reform is going to happen. They should get on board and make sure there are certain things included in the legislation . This carping at the President and continuing with the long expired “socialized medicine” slogan is not going to work.

National health care is coming folks, you would think people would stop underestimating Obama by now. He is going to get it done, if for no other reason than he’s a politician, and a very good one at that. And the Democrats are all politicians too. Come 2010 they are going to want to campaign on a success, not a failure. It’s common sense. And they have the votes to pass it despite the politics going on now.

Mark my words, “Obamacare” will pass and not only will it pass, most of the people on these blogs flapping their gums about it, will be on it and loving it even if they don’t admit. If I was a Republican in Georgia, I would being trying to figure out how to stop Obama from taking Georgia in 2012, because once Obamacare passes, and people see that the Republicans were lying about something again, Obama will pick a few more votes and that all he needs to win the state.


July 27th, 2009
10:18 pm

Deal is a dude!

Georgia Democrat

July 31st, 2009
5:22 pm

well said Georgia Independent Voter.

All politics aside, healthcare is a national problem. Everyone in America deals with healthcare issues everyday. Going to the doctor and realizing that your prescription pills have doubled and healthcare only pays a certain percent of the medicine is a healthcare issue.

It seems that we turn a blind eye to the fact that health care is inefficient and that insurance companies are profit machines. I think we need to take this challenge head on and make sure that we dont get divided by Republicans and Democrats. Healthcare is not an issue for Obama, it is an issue for the people of America.

confederated southern GOP

August 1st, 2009
2:44 pm

you here all the southern GOP lover say they hate Obama health care plan. when it passes( and it will) watch and see how they all line up to get it. Remember when Johnson was trying to get Medacare the southern GOP did not want it either. now they love it. Pure hipoecrits. They want it but don’t want Obama to pass it If it was DA bubba W they would pass it. Southern hate for Obama. The party of no. And for the Blue Dog we are watching you ,yes work hard to get a good plan for the people not the insureance company, they have the insureance company in their pocket now they make the rule and don’t want to change. Blue Dog democrats cast there volt for you the GOP is not going to vote for you. and one blue dog Jim Marshall is in the 8Th where the GOP is just a few vote away from that seat and if he does not fine a way to vote for this health plan we will make sure he stays in Macon next time we vote. we vote for him now he need to vote for us. As the DA bubba would say stand with us or you will go home ,bank on it, show time!!! the Southern GOP are nation Killers . look at who was in power and how they did our country , most were southern GOP and there polices. look at all the money they put on a credit card now they have the to talk about spending, pure, hypocrites. the party of Hell no are the southern GOP at any thing!! They mean working class people no good. Watch what they do not what they say pure hypoctites!!! yes Obama will win because the southern GOP is hatefull and clueless on how to run a country

William, in Lithonia

August 5th, 2009
3:17 am

It has been revealed that the Mercinary army Blackwater, now known as Xe services, was George Bush’s personal death squad for Muslims and was indeed a Neo ‘Christian’ Crusade of Murder.

Republicans since Nixon, and many of Bush’s people were in Nixon’s cabinent, have funded death squads in South America much like Blackwater.

And now it is revealed that Eric Prince the owner of Blackwater, from a family of religious bigot supporters who fund such religious bigots such as Gary Bower and James Dobson, also committed murder to interfere with a federal investigation of his death cult.

Now republican bigots who seek to deny the sick today’s modern health care, have brown shirt like thugs showing up at town hall meetings. It is no secret that these thugs are funded by republican groups who are funded by the health insurance corporate murderers.

Republicans are a disgrace to humanity and a scar on this nations conscience.

The South has risen again with it’s religious bigotry. The same bigotry that supported slavery and fought for the slave owners. The same bigotry that fought for segregation. The same bigotry that fought to reduce democracy by inacting poll taxes and high ballot access laws. The same bigotry that goes to war with poor immigrants while fighting for tax free border free corporations. The same bigotry that has taken over the Republican Party and finally destroyed the Manufacturing base of the north. The same bigotry who lied us into a christian crusade in Iraq. The same bigotry who now fights for the corporate profits that insure the healthy and wealthy and denies the sick and poor. The same bigotry who denies environmental damage and promotes the economic strangle-hold of fossile fuels. The same bigotry who’s intolerant culuture wars have made America the world’s largest per capita prison population.

Republicans are a disgrace to humanity and a scar on this nations conscience.

60% of bankruptcies in America are due to medical bills.

Of those medical bankruptcies, 75% had health insurance.

One of the reasons for people lacking health insurance is due to pre-existing conditions, or loosing their job when they get sick.

So, the health insurance industry is insuring the healthy and wealthy while denying the poor and sick.

That is not humane or moral.

The Health insurance industry also gets between a patient and a doctor limiting choice.

I have heard many flat out lies and distortions presented by Republican groups.

You Republican Bigots lied us into 4 trillion spent on a War in Iraq, and now you lie to us about improving our health care insurance.

You Republican bigots gave 2 trillion in tax cuts to the wealthy and due to your irresponsible deregulation of financial institutions they lost it in the stock market.

You Republican scum bag bigots go to war against the poor Mexicans while sending our jobs overseas with tax cuts.

It is disgusting how you Republicans support the status quo of bankrupting Families.

It is time to rebuild and invest in America, and humanity.

Angry Republican

August 8th, 2009
11:47 am