Your morning jolt: Candidates beg for spare change

On Tuesday, with a June 30 deadline only seven days away, Karen Handel begged for spare change.

“Any amount you can contribute right now will go a long way in helping us meet our goals next week,” the Republican candidate for governor said.

At five days out, John Oxendine , a GOP rival, asked supporters to empty their pockets, else a Democratic bogeyman will reign over them. “I am running to protect the traditional values Georgia holds dear from Roy Barnes and the liberals in Atlanta,” he said.

Republicans and Democrats alike, whether running for governor or something else, see the end of the month as a kind of CRCT test for grown-ups.

The size of a candidate’s treasury in the first six months of this year will be read as a measure of strength and viability — could determine the size of his/her treasury for the next six months as well.

There will be exceptions. Democrat Roy Barnes specifically declared that he wouldn’t start his campaign until next month, escaping any scrutiny of his fund-raising strength. Nathan Deal, the Republican congressman running for governor, will not doubt point out that he didn’t join the race until May.

Austin Scott, the Republican candidate for Tifton in the race for governor, has announced that he will begin a 1,000-mile walking tour of Georgia, starting at the state’s northern end on Saturday. We’ll let you interpret what that says about his fund-raising.

Every candidate tells us that fishing for campaign cash has been extremely tough this year. But consider the situation of Kathy Cox, the state school superintendent. She and her builder husband filed for personal bankruptcy last year.

On this morning’s, my colleague Christian Boone reports an even more pressing burden:

First bankruptcy, now foreclosure for state School Superintendent Kathy Cox, who stands to lose her Peachtree City home.
The house is scheduled for auction July 7 on the Fayette County Courthouse steps, according to a legal notice published last week in the Fayette Daily News…

The Coxes’ home, which they share with two teenage sons, was their biggest listed asset, valued at $450,000. Two mortgages on the home total $442,907.55, according to court documents.

Cox has put out the word that she’s running for re-election. One candidate has already expressed interest in challenging her in the Republican primary, according to the Georgia Association of Educators.

It has to be hard to make calls for campaign cash when your house is on the auction block.

Several of you have asked the question, so this morning we rang up several attorneys, both Republican and Democrat, to ask whether — in a personal bankruptcy proceeding — campaign contributions made to a candidate could be claimed by creditors.

No, they all said, as long as said campaign committee is self-incorporated. “They’re totally separate entities,” said Stefan Passantino of McKenna, Long & Aldridge, who specializes in campaign finance compliance.

Cox’s situation is unusual. Usually, the question is asked the other way around. A candidate’s campaign falls into debt, and creditors go after the candidate to satisfy the debts. And still, the answer is no — one entity is not liable for the obligations of the other.

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    6 comments Add your comment


    June 26th, 2009
    10:32 am

    John Oxendine’s family values are not the family values shared by most Georgians. Why is it the ones that are most vocal about family values are usually the ones who are the worst examples?

    Most Georgians define family values as living with dignity and integrity – above reproach, not lecturing to others how they should act while doing whatever you darn well please. We shouldn’t have to explain to our children why the governor is telling them to be a good citizen while, at the same times, he hasn’t felt the need to follow the rules.

    Think about it. Do we point to hypocrites and tell our children to grow up like that? Or do we point to those with quiety dignity, integrity and fortitude? Rarely, if ever, are those descriptions of the same person.


    June 26th, 2009
    11:22 am

    My suggestion for oxendine is to get a job & quit sucking from the taxpayer tit. Deadbeat.


    June 26th, 2009
    11:47 am

    Let them suck air!

    Chris Broe

    June 26th, 2009
    11:59 am

    Did the Low Country Cracker have a ghost writer? He was so eloquently poetic in his P-mails to the Girl From Ipanema, yet in his email to reporters yesterday he could only manage, “I made a mistake while I was there in meeting with the woman who I was unfaithful to my wife with.”

    I think Sanford had a Scarlett Pimpernell, no, he had a Cyrana de Bergerac, (or is it a Pinnochio?)


    June 26th, 2009
    2:10 pm

    John Oxendine is a scumbag who accepts money for political favors.

    I am always skeptical of anyone who uses the term “Family Values” due to history.

    However, in the case of this clown, I know from first hand experience how he has run his current office.

    “Oh you want those rates approved? Well, I am very busy with my campaign. Perhaps if I had more campaign contributions I could spend more time getting those rates approved.”

    This guy is a complete and total scum bag. PLEASE VOTE FOR SOMEONE ELSE.

    Consider General David Poytress over Roy Barnes on the Democrat side too. His resume is top notch and Roy has had his chance, and we did not see improvement in transportation or education.

    David Poytress is the best Democrat running.

    Still trying to decide which GOP candidate might be good. So far, I just KNOW its not Oxendine.

    Will Jones - Atlanta

    June 28th, 2009
    6:06 am

    Barnes is a “Fed-friend bankster” and Vietnam “law school draft-dodger.” Poythress did at least have the decency to join the Air Force and can do good for the People of Georgia in some capacity other than governor, this time around.

    Max Cleland is the man to make all Georgians proud: Proud of our blood; proud of what makes Georgians great and good; and proud that one of our own, like Hugh Thompson risking all at MyLai: willing to do righteousness – to confront great evil when he quit the 9/11 Commission we all know covered up Bush’s and Cheney’s treason.

    G-d is watching each of us, sovereign individuals, and we must respond as Patriots of the American “Dream,” and follow one who has proven his worthiness for election as one of, by, and for us, by G-d.

    There is no greater challenge facing America and President Obama than the treasonous sectarian faction now back on it heels: but it must be expropriated and extirpated for Our Nation to return to the Creed: “Annuit Coeptis,” and know, for a certainty, that we can again have “our endeavors blessed by Divine Providence,” as One People, sovereign in Our Land.

    Let’s not have “one step forward and two steps back.” The Gay Old Perverts prove time and again what “Family Values” hypocrites they are, who bought us the draft-dodging closet-queen cheated into the White House by only the Roman Catholics’ votes in the patently unconstitutional ‘Bush v. Gore,’ and have gone on to support that evil by turning a “blind-eye” to the treason Bush went on to front for on 9/11.

    Those who send money to treason’s enablers are making a statement about their own souls: are they Mammon-worshipping traitors or just stupid beyond description?

    Lost souls, defilers, confused, without moral compass, self-justifying philistines will continue to delude themselves, as they do in their own lives, with the lie that the GOP has any claim to what is right and good in America.

    Georgians better know better and make the boneheads who have permitted such evil to prosper in America know that it’s time for them to tend a much smaller garden: and to refrain from entering the Public Common while proceedings progress to hang Bush and Cheney and their nearest hundred or thousand accomplices.

    Their money shall not protect them now. The evil and treason, assassinations and abominations, they have committed against America and G-d shall soon be punished by The People.

    Georgians would do well to keep their money home and send no good money after the bad which has done so much evil to Georgia and America by the hand of those supporting false, traitorous “Republicans.”

    Death for Treason

    Cleland for Governor of the Greatest State in America!