Swindall indicted for contributions, says Atlanta city councilwoman

This is a bit backwards, but it looks like former congressman Pat Swindall has been indicted in connection with illegal campaign contributions during a 2007 Atlanta city council race.

A press release from Councilwoman Joyce Sheperd was just issued in response “to the indictment of Atlanta Real Estate Investor/Developer Pat Swindall and two of his business associates in an illegal campaign contribution scheme.”

We’ve no official word from the Fulton County D.A.’s office.

Said Sheperd:

“I am pleased to see this action taken by the Grand Jury. In my testimony to them yesterday, I confirmed the fact that I was not involved or aware of the alleged contribution scheme,” said Councilwoman Sheperd. “It is important for the people of District 12 to know that I would never accept contributions in exchange for political favors, and I plan to return the campaign contributions, which totaled $8,000, to the State of Georgia.”

Swindall was a two-term member of the U.S. House of Representatives whose political career ended with a perjury conviction arising out of a federal money-laundering investigation.

In 2007, Dale Russell with WAGA (Fox) reported that two men claimed to have helped Swindall the contributions to Sheperd. The men said Swindall wrote an $8,000 check to be divided up into eight individual checks of $1,000.

Swindall denied any wrongdoing, and said he was the victim of an extortion attempt.

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June 24th, 2009
12:50 pm

For those of you not here long enough to remember, at his trial, the aptly named Congressman Swindall’s father got on the witness stand and tried to explain that the problem wasn’t that Pat lied, it was that people should not have believed Pat. His father explained that nobody believes Pat. If he’s talking, he’s fibbing!

Seems some people still haven’t heeded the Sr. Mr. Swindall’s warning.


June 24th, 2009
1:13 pm

Pat can’t seem to stay out of jail! This is hysterical!


June 24th, 2009
1:16 pm

How is it that this man is free and is being trusted enough to be an investor/developer?


June 24th, 2009
1:27 pm

So does this mean …he tried to “swindell” them??


June 24th, 2009
1:29 pm

He’s a Republican, right?

The Dogfighter Returns

June 24th, 2009
1:32 pm

give him the electric chair. fry his arse. if this were china he would be a dead man walking. off with his head.

Nobody reads long posts

June 24th, 2009
1:33 pm

Poor guy can’t BUY a break.

jellyton D

June 24th, 2009
1:35 pm

Oh please. Please. Fully half to two-thirds (isn’t that about the right “complexion”) of the council is known for shaking down business leaders, screwing taxpayers, and laundering cash and lying while doing it. Even Pat Swindall is not dumb enough to throw money at an esteemed member of this august body and expect it to buy anything. It is much more believable that Swindall was indeed the victim of an extortion attempt. 550,000 additional Atlantans are, also, skewered annually by this gang of loons……..


June 24th, 2009
1:39 pm

Swindall is presently suing the homeowners association of the neighborhood in which he lives. He objects to the fact he and his family have been caught speeding and blowing through stop signs on numerous occasions, and objects to paying the fines. This guy is mentally ill.


June 24th, 2009
1:48 pm

Swindall’s name says it all…I laughed out loud! Why would anyone trust him with anything?? The man has a history of illegal activity. Pathetic.

Curtis Davis

June 24th, 2009
1:50 pm

Anyone that lives in District 12 is intimately aware of the illegal tactics that Joyce Sheperd has used to fund raise. The following businesses have been victims of Ms. Shepherd’s pay to pay dealings Metropolitan Bedding, Larry Wilensky, Lee Tire, former Jucks Bar Grill (Extorted out of business), Metro Fitness, Victory Church, and Airport Chevrolet (Extorted out of business).

Reread Shepherd Statement

June 24th, 2009
2:03 pm

I hope Mr. Pat Swindall is either exonerated or convicted quickly. I commiserate with his family for the embarrassment caused by his seemingly absent integrity. Am I correct in inferring that Councilwoman Shepherd received the $8000, and has not yet returned the funds?


June 24th, 2009
2:04 pm

I agree with Curtis this smells like a Rat. Sylvan Hills and Capitol View got exactly what they deserve in supported crooked Joyce Sheperd 6 years of absolutely NOTHING!!!


June 24th, 2009
2:05 pm

why are our elected officials so desperate to stay in office that they resort to such unethical and illegal behavior. Joyce Shepherd really needs to reevaluate whether she is in this position to serve the people, or she is a self serving idiot. Whether the case, Councilwoman Shepherd has a lot of explaining to do.


June 24th, 2009
2:07 pm

Shocking! Another Criminal Republican! Are there republicans who are not criminals? Maybe, but very very very few.

Dozier S.

June 24th, 2009
2:08 pm

Everyone in District 12 did NOT support Councilwoman Shepherd!


June 24th, 2009
2:10 pm

Here we go again Councilman H Lamar Willis now Councilwoman Shepherd!
Can the southside catch a break…


June 24th, 2009
2:53 pm

If you are aware of anymore businesses being shaken down in the City of Atlanta by elected officials please call 404-526-7003


June 24th, 2009
3:18 pm

Are you guys seriously this stupid? Jellyton D is right Pat wouldn’t be that dumb, he is a very intelligent man. You guys obviously have no life to be sitting around slashing this guy, i have had the honor of meeting him a few times and he and his family are amazing people. I hope Pat is found innocent. Stop Slashing the man just because you will never be elected for any position. I’m curious who of you all has actually met Congressman Swindall?

The REAL GodHatesTrash, Superstar

June 24th, 2009
3:27 pm

Swindall is pure trash. Georgia GOPers love trash.

Yvonne S

June 24th, 2009
3:31 pm

This really is not about Pat Swindle it’s about the crooked greedy politicians that seek this dirty money.


June 24th, 2009
3:51 pm

Mitzy lets fire up the truck


June 24th, 2009
4:01 pm

Oh lawd Flora and Derrick let us see some more information come out before we pass judgement. We all know politics is a messy business. Joyce please have a meeting to explain what has happened. Capitol view resident.


June 24th, 2009
4:35 pm

Someone needs to start a countdown to watch how long it takes Joyce to return the dirty money.


June 24th, 2009
5:29 pm

How can you NOT laugh at this? Pat, the moron crook was a shyster, as is his cronies. Hope he goes back to jail for long long time.


June 25th, 2009
1:39 pm

Remember when young Congressman Swindall was a rising start in the GOP that some viewed as a potential Presidential contender. Hubris kills.


June 25th, 2009
3:06 pm

Having known the Swindalls since the early 80’s – I can say that Swindall’s father was the liar. As for the allegation, there is a lot of shady political business in downtown Atlanta, and I know Pat poured a lot of effort into his property there to make it successful in spite of that environment. It does sounds like somebody was trying to get Pat to go in a certain direction, and he wouldn’t play. I would wait and see where this goes before kicking a man when he’s down.

Bob Rivers

June 25th, 2009
3:38 pm


I have known Pat and his family for 40 years- His Family is wonderful. Pat may be many things but I have to tell you, he is not stupid. Read the story- he gave some $8000 and then tried to hide it…. ask yourself WHY? it is not a crime to give the money- it is a crime to knowingly accept it. Why would you give money to someone who did not know you were giving it? What favor could you gain….answer: NONE. So…. why lie about it? it is not a crime to be the giver.. it is a crime to be the receiver-

Of course “if” council woman Sheppard knew she received it she would be guilty of a crime- So who is more likely to be lying here?

Pat has a lot of enemies because he is a very aggressive business man and cuts no one any slack- In my opinion, it is his greatest flaw and greatest asset. It has cost him to lose a number of personal friendships over the years but has brought him great financial well being. MY guess is he pissed someone off. And I would not be surprised if this did not originate with someone he pissed off and Sheppard asking for more than the law allows.

None of this is logical that why I don’t believe it. Good luck to Pat on this one.

Start asking why?


June 25th, 2009
11:13 pm

$8,000.00 is a lot of money. And Joyce Shepard isn’t a rich woman. One would think that any candidate of her stature (not a seasoned political person of long standing) would ‘notice’ that $8,000.00 contributed to her campaign in 2007.

Hmmmm….She should question where those clams came from…she should know. It’s not like this money, even broken up into $1,000.00 pieces….would not be squealed over. ANY political candidate of her stature would be tickled pink to have these contributions.

Something doesn’t add up here. Either Joyce is very divorced from her campaign money drives and contributions…or she is playing possum here.

I do think real answers need to be given to the voting public. Atlanta has seen more than it’s share of corruption, and Ms. Shepard needs to come clean about this issue. Unfortunately, lies and distortions are the usual of Atlanta politics and one can only hope that either Ms. Shepard rises above the usual….or is exposed.

I’m not taking any bets on this one. But Joyce? Do the right thing…give the money back….and tell the truth. Your neighborhood is watching. So is the rest of Atlanta.


June 26th, 2009
2:42 pm

If Councilwoman Sheperd raised $154,000 in her 2005 election and had $40,000 left over? Why cant she return the funds out of the remaining $40,000? Basic 5th grade math!


June 26th, 2009
9:10 pm

Joyce Sheperd is a sneaky and conniving snake! She is a nasty, phony, vindictive elected official. Sadly the good people in her district are often left behind. Just look at the very street she lives on Metropolitan Blvd. This street has lost businesses since she has been in office. She also ruined the Perkerson Park Christmas Lights Event which was great for our neighborhood. Please Gloria Tinubu (or anybody at this point) return to politics and help us take back our community from a insecure crook(Joyce Sheperd)and snake oil salesmen(Derrick Boazeman).


June 28th, 2009
3:26 pm


Are you keeping track?


June 30th, 2009
12:13 pm

See that Joyce was one of the Mayor smooches who voted yesterday for the tax increase.

Average of $240.00 per taxpayer added to taxes…I guess she isn’t worried….


Bonnie French

July 8th, 2009
5:16 pm

I’m curious to know who the two people were who gave the money for Mr. Swindell (made the contributions) Have the names been released?

Jason Thoms

July 11th, 2009
7:28 pm

When will Joyce return the money? She knows Pat very well. In fact she uses a company that is housed in building owned by Pat. Joyce is crooked.


July 11th, 2009
8:42 pm

So what happened, did the $8K get refunded yet?

Jason Thoms

July 11th, 2009
10:57 pm

Not that I am aware of. Joyce also has a daughter that used to work in the office of H. Lamar Willis and works in the City of Atlanta Department of Water. Just Joyce is Shady Joyce. I’m glad she has opposition.


August 9th, 2009
3:15 pm

Dept of Water? the ones ripping off peeps with $1K water bills? This city will stay broken as long as Joyce S and her crooked cronies are running things. Hey, anyone know who funded her movie night & photo-op in Perkerson Park on Aug 4? Nothin like gettin an eyeful of Joyce’s mug on da big screen. I’ll bet taxpayers picked up that tab…unless it was her man Swindle. And Comcast paid for the flick too, so they get some nice favors outta city hall for their donation.


August 13th, 2009
11:55 pm

Oh, Atlanta politics are so dirty! I do remember Curtis Davis (Grace Davis’ son) slinging a tire iron at the windows of the Cooks (his neighbors) van with the Cooks 2 little girls inside as the windows broke. Some squabble between Grace Davis and the Cooks over a driveway.

So, Curtis. Have you rethought your past behavior any? Trashy, ghetto behavior….

Frankly, my dear, it’s hard for me to give a damn. Joyce Sheperd or Curtis Davis…..what a choice. Any one for lesser of two evils?

That seems to be the only choice we have on the southside. We need new blood pronto.


October 15th, 2009
7:17 am

Who are all the developers Joyce Shep gets $$$ from? Last nite on tv news a bunch a ladies in SE were all over Sheperd since she’s pushing for code violations to be cleaned up at a condo complex. Sheperd ignored the problem for years, but now it’s her re-election time…so suddenly she cares. Peeps in mtg argued with her about “her developers”…so who all are they?