Have fun storming the castle….

Despite the Gwinnett County Commission’s decision to postpone the vote on an annual budget that would have included a 25 percent tax increase, organizers are going through with a protest rally at 7 p.m. Monday in the city of Suwanee’s Town Center Park.

The event is sponsored by local activists with FreedomWorks and Atlanta Tea Party Patriots. Another anti-tax group.

Two GOP candidates for governor, John Oxendine and Karen Handel, plan to be there. Others have been invited.

But vampire hunters are sure to be disappointed. Debbie Dooley, one of the organizers, includes this bit of guidance for attendees:

“Bring signs, but no wooden stakes are allowed.”

We’re assuming pitchforks and torches are also verboten.

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The AMAZING GodHatesTrash, Superstar

May 30th, 2009
1:33 pm

What fun is a GOP/Klan rally without wooden stakes, pitchforks, and torches? Is it OK to bring Sonia Sotamayor and/or Obama effigies and a little rope?

Sorry I’m missing this gathering of tea-bagging trash.


Philip of Brookhaven

May 30th, 2009
3:56 pm

I found this interesting article on the blog at TheGeorgiaCitizen.WordPress.Com… Jim: Who do you think has the inside in the Democratic Primary? I know that it is early in the game. There’s been so much talk about the Republicans, but I think someone like Roy Barnes would be difficult to beat. It ought to be a heated race in both primaries and then a very heated fall election. Your thoughts, please.

Rev. Jimmy Jack Bourbon Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

May 30, 2009 at 3:59 pm | Reply
Well, well, it’s getting about that time again. Ole Roy Barnes (Sir Redneck with a Smile) and Thurbert (Sirs in the Society, Will Thou Bless Me?) Baker and DuBose (I Have a Funny Name and I Have Waited Long Enough) Porter are just beginning to do the Fundraisin’ Dance which precedes the Donkey Primary. In 1990, Give’em Hell Zell tied up the money, and Ole Roy finished down the pack. Bobby Kahn wouldn’t let that happen in 1998. Roy cornered the market on the money game. Roy’s planning a comeback. The ole boy first got elected to the State Senate at 25 years old. His problem? He’s too efficient in governing, and this pisses off many folks who think that he comes off as arrogant.

Thurbert Baker has played the game safely and deftly, so to speak. He was appointed by Zell Miller, and he’s won statewide in his own right, sometimes pissing off black political leaders by throwing some bones to the Right Wing Nation on some high profile criminal cases. A nice guy, though. He spent a few years representing DeKalb in the State Senate. He wants dearly to be backed by the Boys of the Society, but Roy and Dubose are members of that Athenian Club as well, and the good reverend believes that this vote will be hopelessly fractured.

The good reverend also believes that Dubose’s dreams of becoming governor are just that…fanciful dreams. He too is a barrister, having graduated from Cumberland Law School (Samford University). He puts out a good, sprightly newspaper in Dublin…eh, Georgia, that is. He did show some mettle when he bowed up at Tom Murphy a few years ago, and Ole Thomas B. Murphy quicky brought Dubose Porter to the Big House, offering him a nice office in the Capitol itself.

Fellow Reprobates, I’ve gotta run. Gotta go let the cleaning crew in at the church. Tomorrow is Sunday, ya know. At The Georgia Citizen, we don’t collect tithes so don’t be afraid to attend. I’ll just share some of the morsels of wisdom which I sometimes pick up around my parsonage and among my brethren and sistern.


May 30th, 2009
5:24 pm

Maybe I missed something but it seems folks being upset about their taxes going up by 25% makes a good reason to protest out of control governments. I didn’t read any mention of the Klan or hangings, unless you count reactionary commentary. If they want to peaceably assemble, as constitutionally allowed to petition their government for redress of a greivance (also constitutionally allowed) then we should encourage that. It seems better than slandering folks for no verifiable reason.

Edward XV

May 30th, 2009
5:59 pm

Philip…I read it. Funny, irreverant, and insightful. For others…www.thegeorgiacitizen.wordpress.com The GOP candidtates have to appeal to the right wing kooks, and the DEM candidates have to appeal to the left wing wackos. Sad. I think that Nathan Deal is a better man than that. Maybe the chicken smell is getting to him.


May 30th, 2009
7:40 pm

GodHates Trash, Apparently God hates YOU because you certainly are trash. So your insipid ascertain is that anyone against a 25% tax hike is a Republican and all Republican are hairy back knuckle dragging Kluckers? You dirt bag. The race card doesn’t work anymore, man up and stand on your OWN two feet, not tired excuses.

Luckily, I live in Dekalb so I don’t have to worry about it. But if I still lived in Gwinnet, I would be there. I’m not a Republican. I not only voted for President Obama, I also sent his campaign money, you ignorant troll.

The funny thing though that you miss trashy, is that the good GOP’ers in Gwinnet ELECTED these crooks. I never really believed the crap about the GOP being crooks who pad their pockets and their buddies pockets until they gained power here in Georgia. Look what has happened since then.

Hey you Gwinnitians, you have EXACTLY what you voted for so you have what you deserve. You should have recalled those dimwits when they robbed you of 60 million or so for that boondoggle of a stadium that made them and their buddies rich off the sweat of your back. Just think how many cops you could have hired with that cash, or even God forbid, how many “poor people” you could have treated and the Gwinnet Medical Center………. or even given some of those evil poor folks a bread crumb or two………


May 30th, 2009
7:41 pm

LOL “insipid ascertain” THERE is a hasty typo……….. Where’s my sign?

Edward XV

May 31st, 2009
12:54 am

A goog match-up…Casey Cagle vs. Roy Barnes. Both of these two men would be resurrected. Nathan Deal? The Gray Ghost of Gainesville. John Oxendine? The Entitled Son Baptized in Lemon Juice.

Will Jones - Atlanta

May 31st, 2009
7:55 am

Assembly of the People in pursuit of Redress of Grievance should be directed at one single object: Justice for 9/11.

Having quit the 9/11 Commission after going public on the fishiness of it that any with a single drop of American blood can smell and identify by downloading for free a copy of “The New Pearl Harbor,” which proves Bush and Cheney committed it as Treason, Max Cleland is the only Georgia notable on the right side of the issue. In that act alone he has proven him a true American leader.

G-d’s grace and American Medicine has gotten him this far, We, the People of Georgia, owe it to our own posterity, to help ourselves by “Annuit Coeptis,” to let the Creator know we care about Truth and Righteousness, to make him Elect once more.

Max Cleland, by acclamation, for Governor of Justice and Georgia!

We have the Greatest State of the Nation. Let us raise a hero with vision and judgment as leader, not some scamming draft-dodging lawyer/banker floating on the river of scum ruining America.

The cancer ain’t gonna cut itself out: The People got to know who and where to cut with a “scalpel” given to us by G-d – each sovereign individual’s moral authority and righteous anger.

Bush and Cheney committed 9/11. It is only tools and functionaries of false-elite who say otherwise, that their fascist plutocracy, necessary for their “higher wages” and “status,” the remaining eighty percent of us know they neither earned nor deserve, stay intact.

Gardens have to be weeded to bear fruit. Their is no sweeter fruit than American Liberty.

How much longer will it exist as the Police State grows, needing such tax increases, when it is predicated on the lie promulgated by the very traitors who committed 9/11 to send us to false war?

G-d is not mocked.

May all true Americans know the One G-d, and destroy the Roman Anti-Christ’s “Fifth Column” cancer in Our Land. Amen.

Only a fool would think we can keep a blind-eye on such evil enormity and that G-d would neither know of it or care. The god of those who did it is Satan. In our Novus Ordo Seclorem we chose to escape king and pope and accept as Ruler only G-d.

Only in Truth and Justice can we further that choice.

Death for Treason


Lil Abner

May 31st, 2009
9:34 am

Will’s been imbibing in that wine again…always on Saturday night. He’s gets “latinus” on us.

Johnson of Gainesville

May 31st, 2009
9:59 am

Rev. Jimmy Jack Bourbon says that Roy Barnes will be the Democrat to beat. The Republicans still can’t find a standard bearer. The Gray Ghost of Gainesville, Nathan Deal? He has some gravitas but is somewhat boring. According to The Ceorgia Citizen, Casey Cagle will get back in the race and win hands down. http://www.thegeorgiacitizen.wordpress.com

Stupid is as stupid does

May 31st, 2009
11:27 am

Of course what no one here mentions is that Georgia took away the state homestead exemption and at the same time handed out more corporate tax breaks. Did Gwinnett homeowners think $200-$300 would come out of thin air? Republicans both state and local are acting STUPID!

Stupid is as stupid does

May 31st, 2009
11:34 am

It seems as if Gwinnett taxpayers have no problem gobbling up 31 million dollars meant for poor school districts every year.

Are you going to protest that also? Any one rushing to give this waste of taxpayer money back to the state? Republicans in the House and Senate knew of this loophole and did NOTHING about it. You going to mention this at the rally Ox? How about you Karen?

You want to explain why Gwinnett is receiving this money? Hypocrites.

Will Jones - Atlanta

May 31st, 2009
9:50 pm

Al Capp’s character was a lot more intelligent than the co-opter of the name. If “Lil Abner” has read the book, “The New Pearl Harbor,” and posts such tripe, he/she’s a traitor or a pathetic, conformed moron.

The rest of us have read the book and know Bush and Cheney committed 9/11. Those who wish other than lawful punishment for traitors against the Constitution and the People are not American.

Those who say Bush and Cheney didn’t commit 9/11 are morons or traitors.

Which are you “Lil Abner?”

Will Jones - Atlanta

June 2nd, 2009
10:18 am

None of the Will Jones’ of Atlanta posts here. “Will Jones” is a pseudonym.