Your morning jolt: GBI says nothing illegal in hiring of congressman’s stepdaughter

A GBI inquiry into the employment of U.S. Rep. Sanford Bishop’s stepdaughter in the Muscogee County marshal’s office has found no illegal activity, the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer reports this morning.

Says the newspaper:

The employment of Aayesha Owens Reese, the stepdaughter of U.S. Rep. Sanford Bishop, D-Albany, and daughter of Columbus Municipal Court Clerk Vivian Creighton Bishop, was questioned after a city payroll audit in February.

Reese and her husband, Stephen Reese, worked in the Junior Marshal Program, a middle school mentoring program funded in part by a federal grant that the congressman helped obtain.

The Reeses lived in Lithonia, Ga., at the time of their employment, and both held full-time jobs in the metro Atlanta area.

“I am pleased that the report from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation revealed no evidence of criminal intent or conduct relating to the employment of Aayesha and Stephen Reese or funds related to their employment with the Muscogee County Junior Marshal Program,” the congressman said in a prepared statement.

“I commend the GBI for conducting a swift and thorough investigation, and I look forward now to putting this issue to rest and continuing to serve my constituents in Georgia’s Second Congressional District with the same high level of integrity to which they have been accustomed during my 16 years in Congress.”

GBI agent Rodney Wall, who is in charge of the Columbus office, said the congressman was not one of the more than a dozen people interviewed.
“This was not about him,” Wall said. “The only ties were these were family members of his.”

However, Bishop was concerned enough about the situation that he used $25,000 in campaign funds for legal advice earlier this year, according to Federal Elections Commission filings.

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    May 29th, 2009
    10:11 am

    Did ya’ll know this. Probably Norm J. did.
    That Georgia natives routinely eat the livers of various animals. Chicken, cows, and even bear livers can be quite tasty. But, if a Georgian native was to take ONE bite of a Polar Bear liver, that native would die a horrible death of a VITAMIN A overdose.
    Whereas, the INUIT people can and do eat said liver with absolutely no bad effects. Weird.
    Also Polar bears in reality are black colored. Their hairs are translucent giving them their white appearances.

    plus mike

    May 29th, 2009
    4:11 pm

    She submitted falsified time sheets for the marshall program no? How did this Wall guy conclude the investigation without interviewing all relevant witnesses including Sanford? The investigation was, after all, focused on favoritism. Once again, the GBI can’t get it done.


    May 29th, 2009
    6:53 pm

    The GBI is willing to lie about anything. If they think this will pass muster, they’re either morons or they will destroy the data supporting the truth. That, coupled with the issue of the GBI dealing with a politician literally means all parties are in fact, guilty.