From the state GOP convention: The Handel video, reposted

Reposted, from 5:25 p.m. Friday — The first real exchange of the GOP race for governor took place just minutes ago, with a brutal attack by Secretary of State Karen Handel on state Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine.

It took the form of a video. The opening image was a grunting bovine. The opening line:

“It weighs tons. Is loud. Moves not with grace, but with a lumbering gait. It is the ox.

Who could be stronger than an ox?”

See it here:

The barrage was strong enough to elicit a gasp from the crowd. The video was the product of Fred Davis, creator of the “godless” ad used in Elizabeth Dole’s unsucessful bid to retain her U.S. Senate seat last year.

Davis also did the “rat video” that Sonny Perdue successfully used against Roy Barnes in 2002.

The video included a flash from that piece of work, a signal that the Handel campaign intends to make Barnes a whipping boy should he enter the race, referring to him as “the same furry creature who tried and failed before.”

The video also includes a subtle criticism of Handel’s mentor, Gov. Sonny Perdue. “Does Georgia have challenges that no politician has been able to solve?” the video asks. “You bet. Transportation. Water. Education. Bloated budgets.”

The six GOP candidates for governor spoke in alphabetical order. U.S. Rep. Nathan Deal promised “intellectual honesty.” Eric Johnson, a hometown boy, pointed to his legislation that arranges for the public disclosure of the names of state lawmakers who don’t pay their taxes. Ray McBerry accused certain candidates (i.e., Oxendine) of coming late to the states’ rights party, and promised that — when the next Hurricane Katrina came — he would throw in the klink any representative of the federal government who tried to confiscate the firearms of the citizenry.

In his address to the convention, Oxendine gave little response to the Handel video roundhouse. But afterwards Oxendine spokesman Jeff Breedlove said, “We just saw the admission of who the real front-runner is.”

Breedlove called Handel “unhinged” and engaged in “a meltdown.”

Beside him stood Oxendine, who said there’s nothing wrong with an ox. “The ox pulled conservative values from the East Coast to the West Coast,” he said. “An ox doesn’t labor for glory or self-gratification. An ox just works.”

But while Oxendine spoke off the floor, the final candidate for governor, Austin Scott, weighed in on $120,000 in campaign contributions that Oxendine has chosen to return: “We cannot survive taking unethical illegal campaign contributions,” he told convention delegates — a clear reference to Oxendine. “This is your responsibility.”

Scott said Republicans need “candidates whose actions do not bring into question the integrity of the brand.”

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fields abloom

May 16th, 2009
9:34 am

Ox should run an ad with a shrew burrowing around in the ground and scolding and nagging everyone and everything around her. Or one featuring a fat dumb cow chewing her cud and accomplishing nothing all day long.

Money talks

May 16th, 2009
10:35 am

The question is: who do the Reynolds want in office? Rivers of brokered campaign donations will flow to that lucky person. Little people and their penny ante contributions don’t matter in elections in GA. Our pols get their cash bundled & from out-of-state moneymen.


May 16th, 2009
10:50 am

This is one of the most dumbest political videos I’ve ever seen! About the only job Karen Handel should be running for is latrine cleaner. No one with a shred of common sense is going to take this politically nothing nincompoop seriously.

[...] can be interpreted as political — a reaction to the video that Secretary of State Karen Handel showed to the convention on Friday, and criticism from state Rep. Austin Scott on Oxendine’s acceptance of apparently improper [...]


May 16th, 2009
3:33 pm

Did Karen Handel and John Oxendine take leave for this Friday vacation? That’s about all that you can call it because it has absolutely nothing to do with the jobs the Georgia taxpayers elected them to do. We are paying these two officeholders $100,000 salaries and they are attending retreats on work time? Something doesn’t compute.

hunker down

May 16th, 2009
3:42 pm

All I know is that Steve Handel has excellent taste in women. She’s smokin’ hot!

[...] While the rest of us were agog at the image of a grunting, muddy ox in that Karen Handel video unveiled at the state Republican convention last week, Tom Crawford concentrated on some of the actual facts asserted in the three-minute spot. [...]

George P. Burdell

May 25th, 2009
3:52 pm

Love Handels doesnt have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting the nod…especially if she’s surrounded herself with the kind of dolts who directed this dumb video.

[...] at the state GOP convention — Handel invited rival John Oxendine to combat at close quarters with her “ox” video and a challenge to “bring it on:” Seriously, this woman knows how to fly into the storm. [...]


June 22nd, 2009
8:12 am

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