Your morning jolt: Former Mexican president says we need softer border, receives (honorary) Georgia citizenship

The former president of Mexico on Tuesday pointed to the European Union, where there are softer borders, a common passport design, and only one currency — the euro.

Mexico, Canada and the United States need something like that, said Vicente Fox, wrapping up a two-day visit to Atlanta at a conference at Kennesaw State University.

Former Mexican President Vincente Fox/AP

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox at KSU/AP

“Walls don’t work,” Fox said repeatedly, “There is a sense of fear in this nation after Sept. 11, and I understand that, but building walls is not the answer.”

Fox spoke to a group of about 150 who attended open panel discussions on the future of the North American Free Trade Agreement. They included my AJC colleague Mary Lou Pickel, who filed the information above — and below.

Outside, a handful of protesters gathered to tell Fox to go home. One sign read “No American Union.” D.A. King, president of the Dustin Inman Society, an anti-illegal immigrant group in Marietta, said he did not organize the protest. King sat quietly inside, listening to the panel discussions and taking notes.

Fox spoke to graduating students at Emory University on Monday and received an honorary degree there. At KSU, state Rep. Pedro Marin (D-Duluth) presented Fox with a state certificate that declared him an honorary citizen of Georgia. The gesture was stuffed with irony.

The certificate was signed by Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel, who strongly supported a new law this year demanding that new voters show written proof of citizenship before they’re allowed to register.

Proponents of that law said it would cut down on fraud and make sure that illegal immigrants do not vote. Opponents said it amounted to a poll tax against the poor and elderly, who would have to pay to get documents proving they were born in the United States, rather than simply swearing to it, as has been the practice.

Handel is now running for governor. Marin, a Democrat, just smiled when asked about the citizenship certificate. “I want him to keep Georgia on his mind,” Marin said.

The H1N1 virus was another topic of conversation. In Mexico, and here.

(Mulligans, a bar in nearby Marietta, known for its controversial messages on its sign out front, had this one this week: “Swine flu – another Mexican import!”)

Fox said his country was prepared to handle a pandemic, which the outbreak was not. But the country has seen a 90 percent drop in tourism, Fox said.

Cruise ships no longer want to stop at Mexican ports. “Oh, Mexicans have influenza! Right away – everybody hide!” Fox joked.

“The Chinese say, ‘We don’t want Mexicans for the moment,’” Fox said. Mexico, insulted by China’s stance, chartered a plane to pick up about 43 Mexican citizens who did not have the flu, but were quarantined in China nonetheless.

“It’s time to invite everybody to come back to Mexico,” the former president said. He plugged a festival in early June sponsored by his “ El Centro Fox,” a kind of presidential library he founded in Guanajuato, as a lovely reason to visit Mexico soon.

He did not say whether he would now attempt to register to vote in the 2010 race for governor of Georgia.

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    Will Jones - Atlanta

    May 13th, 2009
    11:54 am

    The last time I did the math from almanac demographics, the European Union – the lastest manifestation of what Hitler proposed as “The United States of Europe” – is about 95% Roman Catholic. The head of the Nazi SS in the Netherlands, “Prince” Bernard, was one of the founders of the Bilderberg false-elite which created the EU’s forbearer, the European Common Market.

    Hitler wanted it, Hitler’s followers created it.

    When “Bush pal,” plutocrat papist Vincente Fox proposes “softer borders” for Our Country, it’s in perfect keeping with fascist plutocrats’ “BFF,” the Roman Catholic Church’s published stratagem for taking over the U.S. through promotion of, legal aid and amnesty, and naturalization and voter registration for, illegal immigrants.

    Any with a passing interest in this openly published, organized and funded invasion for conquest of the United States of America – by the historic political economic entity America’s Founder recognized as “the real Anti-Christ,” and “an engine for enslaving mankind” – need only obtain a copy of “The National Pastoral Plan for Hispanic Ministry,” ISBN-10: 1555861997.

    They know what they’re doing. Shouldn’t we?

    The silence on this easily demonstrated truth by Roy Barnes, Chip Rogers, and any of the other Gay Old Perverts on Rome’s “Fifth Column” farmteam in Georgia suggests they are working for the corrupt rich who need to break down the threat of an energized Working Class, the eighty percent which is The People, shouldn’t we find elected leadership elsewhere?

    If We, the People, don’t do it, who will? America’s come too far to give up the inheritance which established The Individual as sovereign for the first and only time in human history. Many of the earth’s cultures and languages have no concept or version of “I.”

    In America each person’s right to his or her own relationship with The Universe, the Creator, G-d, is sacrosanct and personal. Nowhere else is that true.

    America is G-d’s Land of Promise. Canada and Mexico are majority adherents of the pedophile priesthood of Babylon. The want to make zombies out of Americans, who for too long have been “standing on their hind legs” as if they were as good as the rich and “titled.” Pushing their excess slaves into our country eases the pressure to revolt their, and destroys the Middle Class – the sovereign People – here.

    Good fences make for good neighbors.

    Tax the Roman Catholic Church: it is trying to win at “Bloody Marsh” using different weapons and tactics.

    Papist traitors out of America now.

    Will Jones - Atlanta

    May 13th, 2009
    11:59 am

    The problem with Europe and America having so many Catholics is the fact that they continuously grant legal status to minors, making it illegal for fully grown white men to takes sexual advantage of them. The weak should not be protected from the strong. The rule of law is a waste of time. Human dignity is nonexistent and people should not have the right to religious liberty, to think or believe as they see fit. They should always defer to fully grown Southern white males as they alone know best.


    May 13th, 2009
    12:26 pm

    Vicente Fox is a puppet of the Globalist Elite who openly admitted (on Larry King Live) to planning a common currency with fellow Globalist pawn “Jorge Boosh” (in conjunction with the North American Union/NAU…modeled after the EU). A border wall (Pacific to Gulf) of itself would not be sufficient. In conjunction with the fence, would be a (more impacting) elimination of birthright citizenship for anchor/jackpot babies (of the illegal invaders). Also, ending taxpayer subsidies for invaders is a must. The invasion (with the planned NAU/SPP) is a mechanism for the destruction of our Republic, it’s sovereignty & Middle Class!

    Turkey Slayer

    May 13th, 2009
    1:08 pm

    AJC, Please take note of what your readers above me are saying, then go to and see how its done on a professional level. We are consertative. Please change your liberal reporting practices or fall by the way side.

    American worker

    May 13th, 2009
    1:26 pm

    Having been at the KSU/Fox event for the entire tedious 4 hrs – I can say with great frustration that it went much further than saying we should have softer borders.

    Fox said: “My dream is that we will have no borders” And that we should form a North American community like the EU…something about that would make the USA “stronger”. ( The fact that he has been saying that since before he was sworn in as Mexico’s president goes un reported by the press…but supported by the editorial pages.

    It would erase the USA. Robert Pastor was there too. He of the “Toward a North American Community” Pastors along with Juan Hernandez, a Mexican citizen who says we should have open borders and was the Hispanic liason for the miserable John McCain presidential campaign.

    KSU hosted an Infomercial for amnesty and open borders. Taxpayer dollars go to the strangest places, huh?

    Why are these facts not in thr AJC coverage? Why is a blogger posting a reporters story and what next at the AJC?

    It looks like the protesters were the smartest people there!

    This may be the most bizzare reporting I have seen yet.

    Trunk Monkey

    May 13th, 2009
    1:49 pm

    Maybe Fox should concentrate on fixing his own d-mn country before he starts lecturing US on us trying to keep his people home. Maybe if Mexico wasn’t such a cesspool of corruption, poverty and lawlessness, his citizens wouldn’t be so quick to choose a life of crime over here instead of being upstanding and decent THERE.

    It was HIS administration that printed out the “How to illegally migrate to the United States, access their public assistance programs, and not get caught” and then bragged that illegal remittances from his scofflaw countrymen added more to the Mexican GDP than oil, tourism or foreign investment and that “the money transfers grew after Mexican consulates started giving identity cards to their citizens in the United States.” effing B-tard.

    My greats and grands helped build this country. My family, like most other American families, have built roads and houses, and started businesses. We’ve enacted the labor and wage laws that protected workers from exploitation. We have tried to ensure equality of opportunity through education. We’ve obeyed the law, valued honesty, and tried to improve our communities through volunteerism and engagement. And what have the Mexicans done to improve THEIR country?

    Fox needs to go back to his own rat-hole of a country, shut the h-ll up, and be grateful that our government doesn’t have the ‘nads to do should have been done long ago…slam shut the southern border, put troops there to keep it shut, and start deporting every illegal alien that can be found.

    Will Jones - Atlanta

    May 13th, 2009
    5:21 pm

    “Name-thief” – You are, no doubt, a fan of Rush Limbaugh…did he take you on his trip to the Dominican Republic? When Customs detained him when found with the illegal Viagra he had a number of “good buddies” with him. Pederasts of feather flock together…what can one expect from someone who stated on his TV show: “The Roman Catholic Church is the rock-ribbed backbone of American moral values.”

    If you start living right, from now, your name can become good enough to attach to your comments. As it is you are nothing but papist “Fifth Column” scum trying to destroy America.

    Will Jones - Atlanta

    May 13th, 2009
    8:10 pm

    America would be a good country if not for the personal liberty enjoyed by its citizens. Only protestant white Southern males should have the freedom of choice. Everyone who does not fit that description should be hung or deported.

    [...] ….more here [...]

    Will Jones - Atlanta

    May 13th, 2009
    10:28 pm

    Name-thief: Plenty of Americans have “come out of Babylon.” Many quit Rome as soon as they got to the South where the more spiritually evolved made clear what the Creed and the Founder intended. That they never sent back for priests cued for Rome the need to create a Civil War to destroy the Jeffersonian, Protestant (Cross of St, Andrew), Jew-loving South will all their Irish, Italian, and German Roman Catholic victims of molestation wanting to “compensate” as cannon fodder…and when Lincoln wanted to let the anti-Roman Catholic South up easy, had their Roman Catholics from St. Paul’s RCatholic Church on Capitol Hill do the deed.

    America is for “all nations of the world” as the Land of Promise…the prophesied New Israel as Our Founders believed in their Covenant with “Annuit Coeptis,” the Creator.

    The Nation into which they flow was built by Black, White, Jew, and Gentile “Whigs.” Whig means anti-Roman Catholic.

    Come out of Babylon, Name-thief. Quit suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome. Conquer your molesters. What they did to conform you is an offense to G-d. Study Our Creed, understand why we came here and created America…You don’t have to be a tool of evil. There’s room for all people of good conscience in America, or plenty of good ways to get their own countries out of Babylon. Ho Chi MInh kicked out Rome…Hugo Chavez kicked out Rome…Jefferson and the Founders kicked out Rome…Fidel Castro kicked out Rome…and so me we kick out the Tory papists from America…after complete and total expropriation for their treason and the noose for their figureheads Bush and Cheney…and any others who feel “honor” bound to join them on the scaffold of American Justice.

    [...] former President of Mexico received honorary Georgia Citizenship today. Somewhere is Social Circle, John Douglas is most likely emailing the Governor to ask him to call a [...]


    May 16th, 2009
    3:27 pm

    Ha,ha,ha,.. That all crook is still at it. Too bad he isn’t touring with his old buddy Senor Jorge Bush. The two of them would have a greater impact than just one alone–they’d be thrown out of the lecture hall sooner.


    March 10th, 2010
    11:31 pm

    blogs.aj.ccom, how do you dp it?