Putting out feelers for an Obama-Reagan approach to nukes

If you’re a religious conservative, it’s hard not to feel a little unwanted.

Every day, it seems, another state accepts gay marriage as a social reality. The national Republican party is locked in a life-and-death debate over whether your principles should remain the foundation of its platform.

Your influence over U.S. Supreme Court decisions may be at the high-water mark, with prospects of a drought to come.

But you have friends. Some people — new allies, in fact — have begun to seek you out, because they know your participation and support is essential.

They are semi-official emissaries from the gray world of U.S. foreign policy — advocates of an effort to rid the world of its nuclear weapons before some terrorist gets his hands on one.

Sam Nunn, the former Georgia senator, is a part of the new diplomatic effort. His Washington organization, the Nuclear Threat Initiative, is underwriting an effort to put the message in front of as many evangelical leaders and congregations as possible.

The Two Futures Program is Nashville-based.

Nunn has also, over a recent breakfast, raised the matter with the Rev. Rick Warren of Saddleback Church in California — the conservative evangelical who gave the invocation at President Barack Obama’s inauguration.

“He’s very interested in this subject,” Nunn said. Chuck Colson, the former Nixon man, Watergate figure and, now, conservative Christian commentator, has already signed on.

“There’s a lot of [need] for the evangelical community and the general religious community — right or left — to understand the direction we’re headed in now,” Nunn said. “I think it’s very important [not only] to change the language, but to also make it much more politically possible for the younger generation to really begin to think and talk about this.”

Jonathan Merritt, a 26-year-old from metro Atlanta, is involved as well. A self-described “faith and culture” writer, he is the son of James Merritt, former president of the 16 million-member Southern Baptist Convention and pastor of Cross Pointe Church in Duluth.

The younger Merritt says he’s been quietly arranging one-on-one conversations between ranking Southern Baptist leaders and George Shultz, the former secretary of state for President Ronald Reagan — whose conservative credentials remain beyond reproach.

“George Schultz is certainly not a pacifist,” Jonathan Merritt said. But Shultz was by the president’s side in Iceland in 1986, when Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev came within a hair’s breadth of an agreement to liquidate their nuclear arsenals.

By definition, religious conservatives do not adjust their outlooks to suit the times. Only last week did a Southern Baptist agency issue a statement declaring torture, waterboarding included, to be unethical under any circumstance.

The concept of nuclear disarmament has been around much longer. Fervently anti-communist denominations have long ignored the topic as leftist claptrap. Southern Baptists haven’t touched it in 25 years or more.

But communism is dead. The new danger is the suicidal terrorist who laughs at the very concept of mutually assured destruction. For instance, those very real Taliban boys who are out to overthrow a nuclear-armed Pakistan.

Two years ago, Nunn, Shultz, plus former secretary of state Henry Kissinger and ex-secretary of defense William Perry — all decorated veterans of the Cold War and nary a dove among them — published an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal that declared the logic behind nuclear stockpiles all but dead.

The age of terrorism, the bipartisan quartet declared, required a slow, multi-lateral and verifiable abandonment of atomic weaponry.

In elite circles, the message has penetrated. Last year, Republican presidential nominee John McCain all but declared himself in agreement. On Palm Sunday, in a speech in Prague, Obama wrapped his arms around the idea — Nunn, remember, was one of his security advisors during the campaign.

However slowly it may come, nuclear disarmament will require a bipartisan understanding by the public that nuclear weaponry no longer the security blanket that it once was. “It’s important that these leaders see a broad amount of support,” Shultz said in a recent conference call with a group of evangelical leaders — all under 40.

Hence the outreach to conservative Christians and the offer of a kind of Obama-Reagan alliance.

“I trust that this issue has broad political appeal,” said Tyler Wiggs-Stevenson, director of the Two Futures Project in Nashville. “I think it can appeal to the most conservative just-war theorist, I think it can appeal to the most radical pacifist.”

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Will Jones - Atlanta

May 10th, 2009
10:36 pm

Sam Nunn, not of the People of Georgia, is showing his true Rockefeller/CFR colors associating with Kissinger and Shultz:

The Council on Foreign Relations is the Rockefeller Pyramid’s “bi-partisan,” “where the elite meet” clearinghouse for ambitious tools seeking corrupt power connections in American “society.”

Kissinger is a Vatican banker Rockefeller, Council on Foreign Relations lapdog, who, I suspect, was the specific Rockfefeller counselor calling for the Dallas hit, astute and evil enough to know what John Kennedy’s actions would do to the false-elite Kissinger was sucking up to when he took their banksters in their unconstitutional Fed off our money supply and ordered our military’s withdrawal from Rome’s latifundial, post-colonial estate of Vietnam.

As president, John Kennedy found the touchstone of Jefferson’s American Genius and Prophetic Wisdom, available to all for the reading and study. Either Rockefeller-lieutenants Bush and Nixon killed Kennedy, or Kennedy killed the fascist, anti-Jefferson, anti-American plutocracy in which he had grown up.

Kissinger is a false Jew and a criminal. If he were ever a true American he would also be a traitor.

When the Zyklon-B salesman from Poland came to D.C., as “pope” John Paul2,after JP1 was assassinated for trying to get the Mafia out of the Vatican Bank (”In God’s Name,” Yallop), George Shultz was summoned to a meeting of the pope’s “Ten Most Important Roman Catholics in America” along with Walter Annenberg, heir of Organized Crime Boss Moses Annenberg’s empire. He is Chairman of the JPMorgan Chase International Council. JPMorganChase is the Rockefeller’s “family bank,” the central pillar of the unconstitutional Federal Reseve System, and, since closet-queen draft-dodger Bush, whose family has fronted for the Rockefeller’s since Big Oil was built on murder and arson in 1870’s Cleveland, invaded Iraq after committing 9/11, the Iraq State Bank.

Nunn is not one of us and is no good for America. This project is an eyewash distraction when the most important issue facing us is protecting President Obama by getting out in front of him as the People, and executing judgement against Bush and Cheney and their treasonous faction for committing 9/11 to send us to die once more in false war.

Max Cleland is the man to lead Georgia. Once again he proved his righteous Georgia roots by quitting the 9/11 Commission coverup to preserve his honor. We Georgians must show him our appreciation by placing him in our highest elected office as an example to our sons and daughters of a life properly lived, in whose righteous steps they can follow: serving honorably in Our Military, accepting the honor of public service, and answering the call to holy office standing for election by the People.

Nunn and his fascist pals must lay low or be mowed down by the Citizenry restoring righteousness in America. Were he a man and a Georgian he’d act as one an lead us in restoring Our Republic by taking Bush and Cheney to the Navy Yard’s gallows. Unfortunately he’s on their side, unless he makes a point of proving otherwise.


May 10th, 2009
11:58 pm

Oh yeah… China and Russia are going to follow all the rules and disarm if we do. NOT!


May 11th, 2009
10:07 am

Re: Keith’s comment — I was inclined to respect the judgement of a coalition that included the likes of Sam Nunn and George Shultz, but after reading these insights, I’ve changed my mind. I’m sure that this reaction (”NOT!”) is the result of sustained foreign policy research and only comes after having weighed the merits of the proposals under consideration. I urge Keith to call Sen. Nunn with his observation. I’m sure that Sen. Nunn, who is of course known for being naive and idealistic when it comes to security policy, has not considered the profound insights behind this objection. This could be the voice that prevents him from blundering forward!

Will Jones - Atlanta

May 11th, 2009
12:27 pm

With Obama’s doing a good job, the Power Elite just needs a “distraction,” Nunn and his evil partners are supplying it. All Americans should be focused on one single goal: Justice for Bush’s and Cheney’s 9/11 treason…all else pales in comparison.

[...] See the background here. But this was the Boston Globe take: “I don’t think anybody would accuse these four gentlemen of being dreamers. They’re hard-headed, tough defenders of American interests and American security. But what they have come together to help galvanize is a recognition that we do not want a world of continued nuclear proliferation, and that in order for us to meet the security challenges of the future, America has to take leadership in this area,” Obama said. [...]