Your morning jolt: Two physician-congressmen condemn virus ‘hysteria’ and the spending that goes with it

Two of Georgia’s three physician-congressmen have been making some overlooked news lately.

In overlooked House floor speeches earlier this week, U.S. Rep. Paul Broun joined U.S. Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-Marietta) in declaring that a media-driven hysteria over the H1N1 virus — only rubes call it swine flu now — was resulting in overspending by the Obama administration.

(Is anyone else tempted to call it the “hiney” virus?)

Broun and Gingrey objected to $2 billion in a defense supplemental bill for pandemic preparedness, and another $1.5 billion to develop an H1N1 vaccine by this fall.

Some of the spending has been recommended by the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta.

Politico tells of statements by the two congressmen made during Tuesday’s special order session on the House floor:

Gingrey: “We can’t let all of our spending and our reaction be media-driven in responding to a panic so that we don’t get Katrina-ed. … It’s important because what we are talking about as we discuss the appropriateness of spending $2 billion to produce a vaccine that may never be used — that is a very important decision that our country has to make.”

Broun: “I don’t think we need to spend $1.5 billion on flu vaccine when … the research shows that it’s not going to be very virulent. … We are stealing our grandchildren’s future by borrowing and spending. … This hysteria over the flu is driving the media, and it’s driving the administration, driving the leadership here. We’ve got to stop that.”

The spread of social mores is another matter, however.

In this morning’s Athens Banner-Herald, Blake Aued reports that U.S. Rep. Paul Broun has become concerned at decisions in five states to permit gay marriage, and a vote in the District of Columbia to recognize such unions.

Broun will re-introduce a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.

Says the ABH:

The recent trend toward legalizing gay marriage at the state level “highlighted the need for the amendment,” said Pepper Pennington, a spokeswoman for Broun, R-Athens.

Previous versions of the Marriage Protection Amendment have not even come close to gaining enough support to pass, and it has an even slimmer chance now that Democrats have taken over Washington than when Republicans controlled the federal government. It would require a two-thirds vote in Congress and approval from 38 states to be ratified.

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    May 8th, 2009
    9:53 am

    The always overlooked (obviously even by you Mr. Galloway) Dr. Ron Paul – physician – has been making public statements about the swine flu virus for several weeks now. For an intelligent take on the situation, just look up Ron Paul Swine Flu on YouTube.

    At least when he makes a statement you know that its not just coming from a partisan hack position. He has had priciples all of his 20 years in congress.

    Will Jones - Atlanta

    May 8th, 2009
    11:25 am

    Ron Paul may have had some timely wisdom at the matter’s onset, Gingrey and Broun, however, are “a day late and a dollar short,” spouting off long after cooler, more intelligent minds discovered the “re-branded” flu numbers were in the normal range. Both of them are “medical school to dodge Vietnam” losers so easily recognized as “men” without honor, integrity, or an actual healer’s calling.

    The constituents of each would well serve Georgia and America by removing them from office at the next election. They reflect nothing but cowardice and dishonor on all those living within their Congressional Districts…and that’s not right for Georgians, who are the best of all Americans, living in the best state.


    May 8th, 2009
    3:40 pm

    Cooler heads may have discovered the truth, but the media and the government are still maximizing the campaign of fear to grab both power and money. Don’t expect that to stop anytime soon. It is making for a great distraction from the economy, the continuing failed foreign policy, the bailout corruption, the wasteful spending, and all the other great “change” we are getting from this new group of clowns.

    May 8th, 2009
    3:47 pm

    Let me get this straight: Gingrey and Broun — two Repuglicans who have been whipping up a frenzy of hatred and paranoia about the current administration — are condemning hysteria? Pot, meet kettle.

    May 8th, 2009
    3:48 pm

    Check that. Price. Can’t keep my frentic “Party of No” players straight.

    Cindy Sue Causey

    May 9th, 2009
    1:06 am

    There’ve been other.. rumors floating the Net re the virus frenzy, and they have nothing to do with $$..

    Something about August sticks to Mind, just not what.. Oh, and the Census.. People being locked in their houses by geolocation.. That was a hoot..

    And 80,000 troops being sent to Georgia to train as the new administration’s civil, well, you get the pic..

    As to the numbers that were floating around, *AMAZING* how fast MSM changed its tune when the real ones hit social media like Twitter..

    Hm. ;)