Ninth District fallout begins: Mike Evans declares himself in race for Congress

Just around midnight Friday, Harris Blackwood over at the Gainesville Times posted this bit of Ninth District fallout from U.S. Rep. Nathan Deal’s decision to run for governor:

Former State Transportation Board chairman Mike Evans has become the first announced candidate to succeed Nathan Deal in Congress.

Evans, who served four terms in the Georgia House, said he is running to protect homeowners, retirement funds and small businesses from what he calls “Obama liberalism.”

“From job losses to stock losses to the housing market, these are difficult times for everyone,” Evans said in a statement. “This decline will likely get much worse because of the dangerously radical agenda of President (Barack) Obama and Speaker (Nancy) Pelosi. I’m running for Congress to take a stand for the values North Georgians embrace and the values that have made our country great.”

Evans is married to former Department of Transportation Commissioner Gena Evans. He stepped down from the transportation board last year when he announced that the two were dating. They were married last summer.

Elsewhere in north Georgia, Deal’s decision resulted in a candidacy derailed before it ever got started. This from the Dalton Daily Citizen:

Dalton Mayor David Pennington “entertained the thought” of running for governor, but U.S. Rep. Nathan Deal entering the race on Friday ended the idea.

“It never reached that point,” said Pennington, in his second year as mayor of Dalton. “A couple of people said something to me, but when we looked at it at the time, we said, ‘It’s at least exploring seeing what it will take.’ And it became fairly obvious this system is not set up for a private businessperson to do this, and when Nathan Deal came out, it really blew the whole thing.”

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