Memo: Barnes candidacy would ‘only enhance’ Democratic chances in Georgia

A memo of uncertain origins has fallen into our hands, mapping out prospects for Democratic governors this year and next.

The Democratic Governors Association tells us it is not an official DGA document — but that the memo does track closely with the content of a conference call that occurred this week between DGA officialdom and allies/donors.

The entire memo, obviously written for fund-raising purposes, can be found here. But this is the carefully worded portion that has raised eyebrows in Georgia, especially among Democratic gubernatorial candidates who aren’t named Roy:

Georgia, Florida, and South Dakota are three states we may be able to put into play depending on our candidate recruitment successes.

In Florida, Governor Charlie Crist looks more and more like a Senate candidate every day and is expected to announce his decision late next week.

In Georgia last week, Republican LG Casey Cagle, long seen as the GOP frontrunner, suddenly dropped out of the race. This race looks to be competitive no matter what, and will only be enhanced by the potential entry of former Democratic Governor Roy Barnes.

And in South Dakota, a potential Stephanie Herseth Sandlin entry into the race would all but solidify a Democratic steal in the state.

In other words, the official DGA position is that Georgia would be a competitive race even if Barnes doesn’t get into the race. But it’s worth mentioning that he might.

We will pass the word to the unmentioned rabble in the field: Thurbert Baker, DuBose Porter, and David Poythress.

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April 30th, 2009
3:10 pm

The Spector switch this week weakens the chance for democrats to win governorships in 2010 and 2012. Given the fact that there is complete one party rule in D.C. the democrats will not be able to restrain themselves on any liberal legislative issues and will turn independents away from the party.

Road Scholar

April 30th, 2009
4:01 pm

John, we’ll just have to wait and see. If they do”restrain themselves”, they’ll add to the governorships and congress.


April 30th, 2009
5:45 pm

Georgia’s Candidate, DuBose Porter

As a past aide to DuBose Porter, I can tell you that he has fallen on the sword for school teachers, students, the PTA, school nurses, and every other entity involved with schools in Georgia. Teachers as well as all those who truly want to see education in this state move up from the bottom of the rankings will firmly support DuBose Porter. He will get the paper work off the teachers so they can teach and get disipline back in the classroom so children can learn.

He has served as the chair of both Education and Higher Education, building great programs that completely transformed local elementary schools in his district. In addition to fighting for the University System, Representative Porter has worked hard for Junior and Technical Colleges. He truly understands the better educated a person is the less they are to become tax-takers and the better a chance they have to share the tax burden with the rest of us. Education is a win-win situation. If you want the truth, there has not been a Governor since Zell Miller that truly cares for education or law enforcement. If you are looking for someone that really cares, DuBose Porter is that man.

In addition to law enforcement and education, DuBose Porter also understands the needs of transportation to both the metro area and rural Georgia. In order for Georgia to continue to grow and grow in the correct ways, gridlock must come to an end in the Metro area. He also understands that rural Georgia needs a transportation plan in order to attract higher quality and a higher quantity of industry.

Representative Porter was a dedicated and valued member of the Nature Conservancy Board, a group that understands the needs of the environment and Georgia, for twenty years. He has always worked to protect the land and water in Georgia and will continue to fight to ensure the highest quality of life for our future generations. His love of nature is evident by his hiking trips with his sons and their many family trips canoeing down Georgia’s rivers, which he will continue to protect.

DuBose Porter’s family values cannot be rivaled. Both he and his four sons are Eagle Scouts. Scouting is a way of life for them including the tenents of the Boy Scout oath. DuBose and his wife are an inseparable team, working hard to make Georgia the obvious choice for Georgia’s children, including their own, to live and thrive. Ask anyone in Representative Porter’s district about the Porter family. You won’t get a negative response because everyone loves them–just look at the overwhelming majority he won in his district in the last election cycle.

Six years ago, when Georgia went red, most of the Democrats went home to make a boatload of money in the private sector. They were out of sight politically, however, DuBose Porter stayed in the trenches and worked to bring Georgians together. He didn’t give up because he believes that there are more issues that unite Georgia than issues that divide us. He feels Georgians are closer on the issues than the consultants, talking heads and spin masters would have us believe. If we really want to bring Georgia together, we need DuBose Porter.

DuBose Porter is the one to watch. As a family man, small business owner, Eagle Scout, churchgoer and believer in God, he is going to take this state by storm. DuBose understands the needs of both urban and rural Georgia. DuBose is the guy to bring this state together and move it forward. Twenty seven years of legislative experience and an astonishing ability to bring diverse groups of people together for the good of Georgia are just a few of the reasons why he has the qualifications that make him the perfect candidate for Governor. Though his name recognition is not strong in all parts of the state because he has never been a grandstander, it will come once the word of his record and his true family values gets out to the state and it will.

DuBose Porter is a consensus builder. It might take time to get his message across Georgia, but with an extremely loyal (you see how I feel) campaign team we will get it out. Add support from all of the Georgians that are fed up with the bickering that divides us and are ready to move forward, and you will see DuBose Porter will become your next Governor. Just ask a teacher.U


April 30th, 2009
5:55 pm

not on this planet said the teacher


April 30th, 2009
6:12 pm

Enter your comments here
That comment was about Roy Barnes said this teacher. I don’t care how you all post them we are all voting for DuBose Porter. So get ready.

Will Jones - Atlanta

April 30th, 2009
6:50 pm

Max Cleland is the man for the governorship. Why pick losers? Don’t all who really “count,” reading this blog, live in Georgia? The People made Obama president over the best efforts of the sectarian faction that’s gotten us into this jamb, and every “Republican” candidate in the race, now or later, is tarred by that.

By his grace and humility, and wisdom as a Constitutional Law professor, America is going to come back strong with an actually presidential president, and restore the Rule of Law: Righteousness in Our Land. Should Georgia, one of the Original Thirteen responsible for the creation of The United States of America, now hold back as Our Country is restored?

G-d, by Our Creed, “Annuit Coeptis,” will bless us as never before: The Promised Land.

Senator Cleland was cheated out of his seat in the Senate by a lying, draft-dodging supporter of a traitor and false Christian: Ted Haggard’s “good buddy” closet-queen and draft-dodger, 9-11-committing George Bush.

When Max was a member of the 9/11 Commission he was issued a number of books to read to better understand 9/11, one of which was Emeritus Professor David Ray Griffin’s, “The New Pearl Harbor.” Soon thereafter he quit the commission telling America that the Bush administration was “stonewalling,” “withholding” important information.

Now each of us can read for free what we can know was the key to quitting the commission.

Just go to Google Scholar and put in “The New Pearl Harbor” pdf and you can download a complete copy, donated to the American People and the world by the publisher and author.

Here’s one of multiple links to a site giving it out:

Bush did 9/11. Read the book by a respected scholar of proven integrity.

Handel, Oxendine, Deal, Westmoreland, Gingrich, Chambliss, Isakson, Perdue and all the rest of the Gay Old Pervert farm team whose master is the Roman Anti-Christ’s Vatican-banker and Big Oil, Hitler-financing Rockefeller Fifth Column, lacked the intelligence, patriotism, and discernment to protect Georgia and America from what Bush and Cheney did to us, or to bring them to justice. Innocent blood is on their hands and We, the People, must get out in front of Obama and do the righteous work of justice ourselves.

Cleland’s righteousness was proven. G-d sustained him through the horror of Vietnam when he took The Oath and answered the Call with 9.2 million other great Americans.

It’s beyond coincidence that all the Gay Old Perverts of the Vietnam generation dodged, didn’t protest, and became part of the traitorous Fifth Column Bush’s father was serving when he and Nixon killed John Kennedy for ordering our military withdrawal and for taking the pope’s bankers of the unconstitutional Fed off our money supply.

Georgians are the best, the best men, the best women, the best land and the best climate…and the best city…what I believe is the prophesied New Jerusalem, Atlanta GA…(We’ve got to claim the blessings: from having a pulse when you wake up each day, to having food to eat, to having air to breath, to having the prophesied New Jerusalem in the New Israel to call home).

But each of us has work to do in cultivating this “Garden.” See something broke, fix it. See evil happening, stop it.

Max Cleland has proven his integrity as a man, as a public servant, and as a patriot, and we need him now to help turn this Ship of State around.

No more 11th hour tax-breaks for Perdue, no more Linger Longer “Bush good buddies” stealing Jekyll Island.

Good government requires that good people hire good men and women at the ballot box. Max Cleland was right about 9/11 and 9/11 is the key to our breaking Satan’s grip on America.

Pull on the “string” of the torture Bush and Cheney committed in order to get “confessions” from others for the crimes they, themselves, know they committed, so hard it snaps their necks on a gallows at the Navy Yard for us, for our ancestors, our children and posterity, and for all succeeding generations of true Americans who will tell tales for hundreds and thousands of years to come, G-d willing, of how Atlanta and Georgia helped America cast the Beast into the Pit.

Nothing to it but to do it. The task has begun. Obama is anointed.

Now Georgia must redeem ourselves, cleanse ourselves of this evil we allowed to rule over us, by making Max Cleland Governor of Georgia!


April 30th, 2009
9:17 pm

Dubose Porter is about exciting as a warm bucket of spit. Non-starter for the Dems.

holy crap

April 30th, 2009
10:19 pm

Will Jones- I think you need to see a shrink. You are one unstable dude.

Will Jones - Atlanta

May 1st, 2009
1:18 am

Yeah, Dropping out of college my first semester and enlisting in the Regular Army in 1968 sort of proved….something. But what’s that got to do with my telling the truth about why Max Cleland should be Governor of Gerogia, and why the pervert draft-dodgers, fakers, and cursed of G-d who make up the false “Republican” party shouldn’t? I want the best for my town, community and state. Evil is easy enough to see. Why do you think Karen Handel never raised a family? What kind of person would needlessly turn on the sirens and lights of an official state car to get through traffic the way Oxendine did? Who would associate with the Jekyll Island-stealing Reynold’s scum, pals of “down low” Bush the draft-dodger who committed 9/11, like Eric Johnson and Sonny Perdue?

Clowns like you, “holy crap,” think closet-queens like Bush are men and that men like Max Cleland and Jim Webb who went and served in the Army and the Marine Corps “need to see a shrink.”

Men and women willing to kill and die for a “crazy” idea, “America” by Oath and Creed – “Annuit Coeptis with no King and no Pope: You fascists, monarchists, papists, pedophiles, liars and traitors who want to bring back and profit from caesarism, have to hate. That’s why the Italian Solution is assassination: slaying the innocent from secret places, serving the rich, oppressing the poor.

America is “E Pluribus Unum,” Of Many, One. One Law, One Justice, One Truth, One G-d.

You think those what believe in the American Dream are nuts, in ideals, principles, Truth and Justice. But that’s what America is, and must be.

You hate people who want to save America because they prove you have no soul. You’d rather just have the Mammon-worshippers and fascist plutocrats getting away with their evil and treason. Those, your “good buddies,” you think are perfectly sane. The millions of men and women, the best of which are from Georgia, who put their lives at sacrifice under The Oath for the Constitution and the People, you think are nuts…they their lives, lost to the lies of scum like Bush and Cheney, are nothing.

Many years ago I was crewing on a rich man’s sailboat for a Memorial Day regatta. The wind had died and we were just drifting and talking, seven or eight Baby Boomers. Its being a time set aside to remember our war dead I reflected on the 58,000 Americans who had died in Vietnam. The rich man’s response? “More people are killed by drunk drivers every year. No big deal.”

Somebody’s got to do the “heavy lifting” to toss the Beast into the Pit. Better watch yourself “holy crap” or you just might slide in too.

Enough of us in Georgia are serious enough about America and our posterity that by G-d’s grace we may just may watch Babylon fall in a day and your pal, the Beast, cast into the Pit…happy to remind you, you were crazy not to have come out of Babylon before the Wh-re of the World was ended. Doubt many shrinks could do you any good in the mean time, but “thanks” for the “good thoughts.”

Alan Ulman

May 1st, 2009
10:50 am

DuBose Porter has done the work, quietly and without fanfare, for 28 years. I think that when Georgians see the work of his life, discover what a fine man he is, and understand where he wants to lead the state, he will be elected Governor and we will all be better off for it.

In this way he reminds me of another Georgia Governor who began his campaign after a long and productive period of service in the House. “A workhorse, not a showhorse,” is what we called George Busbee.

Will Jones - Atlanta

May 1st, 2009
2:29 pm

I ask my fellow Georgians, White, Black, Jew, Gentile, Freemason and Baptist, young and old, rich and poor, to pray about our making Max Cleland our governor next year. More of the same won’t get it and clearly G-d’s hand has brought him this far to again be made elect by the People.

We need “Annuit Coeptis.”

It is G-d’s blessing alone by which we are saved and strengthened, and our posterity secured. There is much work to be done and as Max Cleland has lately proved to have the right sense as to just what the problem is…the rest are just sold-out, compromised space fillers…

He can catapult Georgia back into the front rank of these United States, as at the Founding, Atlanta was true and righteous honoring a genuine American hero Mohammed Ali back in the spotlight lighting the torch at the Olympics.

Let’s help our children to be proud to be Georigians. Tell them of the best of us: Noble Jones (no lineal relation to this commenter) at Bloody Marsh and Hugh Thompson at My Lai…and elect Max Cleland as Governor.

Bob Hartley

May 16th, 2009
12:34 am

DuBOSE PORTER is a fine Southern Democrat. He reminds me a lot of the way Georgia Democrats USED to be. He is a hard working, strong church going man. When he gets his message out, people will open their eyes. DuBOSE PORTER!!!