Jack Kingston on the GOP race for governor: ‘It’s a catfight.’

Congressional Quarterly has joined the chorus of those — present company included — who say a Nathan Deal bid for governor is inevitable.

CQ had a quick word from the congressman himself, who’s expected to announce Friday:

“People across the state were looking for someone… And I had to put it into consideration,” Deal said.

But the best stuff came from his Georgia colleagues in the U.S. House:

Republican Rep. Lynn Westmoreland said Wednesday that Deal has made his plans known to the delegation and has received a “very, very, very, very good reception” from Georgia Republicans.

“We’re excited” about his announcement, Westmoreland said.
Deal said he had yet to form a committee so his status in the race, exploratory or otherwise, is not yet official.

It doesn’t appear there will be a consensus within the delegation. Republican Rep. Jack Kingston said he is supporting state Sen. Eric Johnson, who is the godfather of Kingston’s son.

“It’s a catfight,” Kingston said of the GOP field.

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April 30th, 2009
3:12 pm

I think Jack Kingston demeans the cat world when he says the R run for gov will be a cat fight. I have another animal in mind but don’t want to mention it because, again, I don’t want to embarrass that animal or its ancestors. What would you substitute for cat?