Your morning jolt: On Nathan Deal’s bid for governor, and a vote by Georgia senators to oppose Kathleen Sebelius

Two things of note afoot this morning:

— We understand that U.S. Rep. Nathan Deal has reserved the steps of the Hall County courthouse in Gainesville at 10 a.m. Friday, to announce his Republican bid for governor.

Word has also been passed that the north Georgia congressman has been making courtesy calls with the same message.

Over at InsiderAdvantage, Matt Towery posits that a Deal candidacy would make a Roy Barnes comeback less likely. The two are friends. Deal is a former Democrat — he switched in 1995, two years after arriving in Congress.

“Barnes knows Deal, and there may be a respect factor there,” Towery says.

But to pose a problem for Barnes, Deal would first have to rise to the top of a GOP field of six, four of whom can call on significant amounts of cash and activist support.

Karen Handel has a raftful of organizers from the Sonny Perdue operation. Eric Johnson of Savannah says he’ll have the support of fellow senators. But House Speaker Glenn Richardson has been suspiciously quiet — even though one of his members, state Rep. Austin Scott of Tifton, is in the race.

We couldn’t get hold of Richardson this morning. But House Rules Chairman Earl Ehrhart did pick up his phone. He hasn’t talked to Deal, but he’s “seriously interested” in the man’s candidacy.

Should Deal run, expect a mad scramble for his seat. State Sen. Lee Hawkins (R-Gainesville) is expected to run. PeachPundit adds the name of Bill Stephens, the former state Senate majority leader, who is now a banker in private life.

— An issue has finally arrived that put U.S. Sens. Johnny Isakson and Saxby Chambliss to the right of Gov. Sonny Perdue.

On Tuesday evening, the two senators voted against confirmation of Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius to head the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The vote was 65-31.

Said Chambliss:

“By recently vetoing a bill on late-term abortion, Governor Sebelius ignored the will of Kansans. By not paying the taxes she owed until just before her confirmation hearing, she ignored the laws of the United States.

“I also believe it is inappropriate to place someone with her record of disregard for human life into a national health leadership role. For those reasons, I oppose Governor Sebelius’ nomination.”

You’ll recall that six weeks ago, immediately after President Barack Obama nominated her, Sebelius received the endorsement of Georgia’s governor, who had accompanied her on a trip to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Said Perdue:

“Gov. Sebelius is an excellent choice to lead the [U.S.] Department of Health and Human Services. Using her experience as a successful governor, she will bring to this position the perspective of someone that has managed the delivery of these vital healthcare programs and fully understands the value of a close partnership between the state and federal governments.”

Perdue, of course, does not have to make it through Republican primary next year.

Arlen Specter, the newest Senate Democrat, voted “aye.” But so did Olympia Snowe of Maine, one of the few moderate Senate Republicans remaining.

Isakson, by the way, heard about Specter’s switch at a party luncheon on Tuesday.

“Needless to say, you could’ve heard a pin drop,” he told my AJC colleague Bob Keefe. “But he stated quite clearly he had done a poll and came to the realization he couldn’t win the Republican nomination — but could possibly win the Democratic nomination.”

While you ponder that, consider these articles found while perusing this morning’s

  • Despite dipping 2.5 percent in February, Atlanta are home prices may be bottoming out.
  • Georgia health officials say they’re preparing for swine flu cases.
  • Gov. Sonny Perdue has signed a bill giving himself the authority to declare a flu emergency.
  • An aide to Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska will approve most federal stimulus funds.
  • Some opinion:

  • Cynthia Tucker says gun violence is a more serious plague than any flu.
  • Bob Barr declares that, despite the fad of crisis after crisis, the sky is not falling.
  • Patrick Leahy thinks the Voting Rights Act still has work to do for states.
  • Elsewhere in Georgia:

  • Atlanta Unfiltered: A DeKalb lawmaker-lawyer goes to court to face malpractice claim.
  • Tondee’s Tavern: On the crowding race for secretary of state.
  • And beyond:

  • WSJ: Call Barack Obama an engaged, yet elusive president.
  • NYDN: Arlen Specter’s move to Democratic party is a symbolic plus for Obama.
  • WP: Gingrich, Snowe and others on the specter of the Specter switch.
  • NYT: From Édgar, 5, a cough heard round the world.
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    Dr. Aborto

    April 29th, 2009
    9:43 am

    Sebelius’s mom should have had a late term abortion.

    Pierce Randall

    April 29th, 2009
    10:19 am

    Whatever our Senators’ policy disagreements with Sebelius, we certainly need to expedite the HHS nomination, in light of the potential flu pandemic. But Chambliss and, to a lesser extent, Isakson, are there to “win Republican primaries” they won’t face serious opposition in anyway, instead of administer the party.

    Another neo-con clone

    April 29th, 2009
    10:24 am

    Deal has devolved into just another clonal replication of neo-con flat earth thinkers.
    As the U.S. sinks into 3rd world status, they still push an empty useless and totally negative agenda. No alternative energy, no transportation alternatives such as high speed rail, no water conservation, no birth control, no environmental protection, no health care reform, no diplomacy instead of war-mongering, etc. ad nauseum. And now they all have climbed on some stupid “states rights” bandwagon, left over & rehashed from the ’60’s fight against integration.

    Will Jones - Atlanta

    April 29th, 2009
    10:39 am

    The Gay Old Pervert party brought us JFK-assassins Nixon and Bush1, and Bush2 cheated in by only the papist on the SCOTUS to commit 9/11, bankrupt the Treasury to make the Fed rich and to make The People bondslaves to the National Debt.

    Any politician affiliated with that faction’s Roman Anti-Christ Fifth Column deserves nothing less than universal disapprobation by his neighbors and total condemnation by any who loves America.

    They are a pox on Our Nation which needs to be cured by the Enlightened Electorate.

    Death for Treason

    Jeffersonian Exegesis

    Jim Callihan

    April 29th, 2009
    10:41 am

    If the news on Congressman Deal is true, it will be interesting to see just how fast he becomes the poll leader. The other “leading” candidates have considerable “negative factors” among voters – even within the GOP; in that regard, Nathan rapidly ascends.

    He has a huge advantage with his experience in DC, as to how the unfunded federalism plague works; and can run “interference” on behalf of Georgia taxpayers. Fiscal restraint is something all Georgians will benefit from, whether they want it or not; The “Mommy – I want” mentality is exactly why America is BEYOND broke & running out of credit.


    April 29th, 2009
    10:43 am

    Oh, that’s right–Georgia still has two reactionary, loser Senators (formerly called Republicans).

    How embarrassing.

    Will Jones - Atlanta

    April 29th, 2009
    12:37 pm

    Yeah…but what broke Washington was the “Mommy – I want” mentality on the part of Bush’s being allowed to get away with 9/11 to send us to false war as part of the same pattern employed by his father’s and grandfather’s and great-grandfather’s fronting for Vatican banker/Big Oil Rockefeller and the Roman Anti-Christ’s American Fifth Column…because they wanted it violating Our Creed and Constitution.

    So the solution isn’t to put the squeeze on the People. Those who did this to us, and profited from it, must be compelled to cough up…full expropriation and adjudication that the Law be worthy of respect in America and the debt they ran up to pay for their false war paid by them, not us.

    Do the crime…do the time…or in the case of this treason…”light’s out.”

    NB: If the facts cited in my argument are bothersome, just download the free pdf copy of “The New Pearl Harbor” on-line. Obama was elected of the People by making nuanced allusions to the proven truth.

    If Nathan Deal, Roy Barnes, or any of the other fronts for the false-elite carpetbaggers who got us in this financial meltdown, don’t have an honest, albeit subtle take on what’s really going on, they need to be gone.

    Max Cleland showed his character coming back from his duty as an Army Officer in Vietnam and in government service. Dumping out of the “deeply flawed”(i.e. Bush cover-up like the Warren Commission covered up his father’s assassination of Pres. Kennedy) 9/11 Commission signals the patriots of Georgia…and it was Georgians who helped create America…that he could have a genuinely true perspective on the real problem facing us today: Treason at the top.

    We need Georgia to be a bastion of goodness and righteousness, to shield Georgians from the Fifth Column for so long powerful in Washington.

    More of the same doesn’t get it when we’re heading in the wrong direction. It’s time to turn the corner and Cleland’s earned the honor of doing so steering. He was right. We need leaders we can teach our children to respect.

    Dishonor stole his Senate seat and we were duped in Georgia. The Gay Old Perverts did this to us and we must see them punished politically.

    If he’ll take it let’s give him the governorship to get out in front as Americans and out from under Rome’s Fifth Column who’s been trying to break us down since right after the Revolution.


    April 29th, 2009
    2:14 pm

    I thought voting against Cabinet memebers because of ideology was wrong?Oh, that was just when Bush was in office!

    Will is an IDIOT

    April 29th, 2009
    6:20 pm

    Would someone please get Will back to the nuthouse. Everyone knows that the demorats killed Kennedy,
    everyone but Will.

    Will is an IDIOT

    April 29th, 2009
    6:24 pm

    while barry continues to appoint old school cronies and lackeys to positions, waste more money
    per second than Will could make in 10 lifetimes, spends more time out of Washington than in,
    can’t talk without his teleprompter, and continues to promote a useless and ineffective scamulus bill
    we have idiots like Will still harping on the past. All the while barry is destroying their future.
    Can you say GULLIBLE?

    Will Jones - Atlanta

    April 29th, 2009
    10:55 pm

    When Rome conquered Greece “idiot” was a term of respect among the Greeks. It meant private person, an individual not part of the state.

    idi^ôt-ês , ou, ho, ( [idios] )

    A. private person, individual, opp. the State, xumpheronta kai polesi kai idiôtais Th.1.124 , cf. 3.10, SIG37.3 (Teos, v B.C.), Pl.Smp.185b, X.Vect.4.18, etc.; opp. genos, SIG1013.6 (Chios, iv B.C.); opp. phatria, ib.987.28 (ibid., iv B.C.).

    Rome, in Latin, turned a good and noble thing into a bad word, just as they turned “zealot,” Jews opposed to the Roman occupation and creation of Palastine (the Caesar’s palace district for his local ruler) into a bad word, just as they turned “liberal,” the highest achievement by a person in Scripture, into a “bad” word.

    Fascists and papists differ with Our Founders and want to denigrate those who attempt to “refresh” our collective memory as to the transcendant and sublime meaning of The Creed, and how easily can be discerned the effectiveness of Rome’s Fifth Column treason in America.