Swing State Project: Georgia’s race for governor still ‘likely Republican’

Swing State Project, a Democrat-oriented blog, this morning gives its horse-race line on 25 gubernatorial races in 2010: Ten are rated as leaning or likely Republican, nine are likely or leaning Democrat, and six are ranked as toss-ups.

SSP isn’t yet convinced of Democratic chances in Georgia, which it still calls a “likely” GOP refuge:

Democrats have already drawn a pair of credible candidates for this race in Attorney General Thurbert Baker and state House Minority Leader DuBose Porter, with ex-Gov. Roy Barnes also waiting in the wings. But despite Barack Obama’s impressive performance here in 2008, Democrats have been dropping like flies at the statewide level in Georgia since 2002, and anyone nominated here will have to run an impressive race in order to overcome the state’s friendliness toward the GOP brand.

Republicans have a crowded primary of their own, with both Secretary of State Karen Handel and state Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine in the mix. Democrats received a minor lift here with Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle’s surprise decision to seek re-election, and this race has a lot of potential to slide toward the competitive column if the Democratic primary can stay clean.

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Will Jones - Atlanta

April 28th, 2009
12:33 pm

Just as a seeming miracle wrested control of Congress and then the White House from the perverts, adulterers, traitors and thieves of the False Republican Party, may G-d grant the good and decent people of Georgia freedom from the “deadenders” who have yet to brought to justice along with Bush and Cheney for the evil they have, and permitted to be, visited upon Our Cherished Land.

Will Jones - Atlanta

April 28th, 2009
1:44 pm

We Georgians have two great heroes to teach our children to admire. Men who easily prove that to be of Georgia blood is to be the best of America:

Atlanta born Hugh C. Thompson, Jr., who was a man and patriot at My Lai and brought honor to our state;

Atlanta born Max Cleland, dumped out of the 9/11 Commission because he knew the Bush administration was hiding important information. Each of the commissioners was given the original edition of The New Pearl Harbor. Look how many supposed Americans had that book to read yet lent their “good” names to the cover-up that ensued.

Hugh Thompson is now recognized by the Army for the hero he was, but has passed.

Max Cleland is the man the Democratic Party of Georgia can nominate and a grateful people will make him governor next Fall.

Our Governor should be a man or woman of proven integrity, not some Gay Old Pervert or sold-out draft-dodger.

Max Cleland, by G-d’s grace, came home alive from Vietnam with his integrity intact and he proved that by quitting the 9/11 Commission that any who read Professor Griffin’s book can know with absolute moral certainty before that same G-d that Bush and Cheney are traitors and must fry for the Law to be worthy of respect in America.

Death for Treason

Cleland for Governor


April 28th, 2009
4:04 pm

I agree, Will. Unfortunately, the GOP and their voters think Cleland, regardless of his military record and sacrifice, believe him to be a terrorist sympathizer.

GA is a safe republican state and its voters are too ignorant to realize how down hill things have gone since Barnes wasn’t reelected.

Will Jones - Atlanta

April 28th, 2009
4:43 pm

The Gay Old Perverts in Georgia, pack of draft-dodging Mammon-worshippers serving the Roman Anti-Christ that ran the slave trade then convinced the weak to take free slaves like an evil drug (by G-d’s infinite grace to be the mechanism by which “all nations of the world shall flow into [the prophesied Land of Promise]” then sided with the “Reaganite” carpetbaggers and assassin-Nixon racists to divide and conquer the best people in America: Baptist, Freemason, Black, White, Jew, Gentile.

They’re about to find themselves without any voters at all once everybody reads the free download of Professor Griffin’s common sense, irrefutable proof that Bush and Cheney committed 9/11 and that Max Cleland took the moral high ground, with his integrity intact, to dump the fraud off.

Hugh Thompson and Max Cleland, according to Wikipedia, both born in the city limits of Atlanta, Georgia. Mighty fine, by G-d.

Georgians are great and good. I’ve said it earlier, I’ve been all over the state, after being all over America and around the world. We have the best of the best and when they realize what’s been pulled on them it won’t be a pretty sight.

Tar and Feathers on a rail will be what the scum traitors will wish they had done to them.

Max Cleland stood strong when, with 9.2 million of us dupes, he answered the call as Army Officer when Bush’s father killed Kennedy for ordering us out.the pope’s latifundial estate of Vietnam and taking the Federal Reserve banksters off our money.

Now it’s time of the People of Georgia to raise him back up like we did Mohammed Ali at the Olympics to make all Americans proud who want Righteousness upon Our Blessed Land.

Time to start beating the drum for Max Cleland for Governor. The Tory scum have money like Bush’s “good buddies” the Reynolds’ stealing Jekyll…but Cleland will have every true Georgian, Veteran, farmer, working man and woman, honest shopkeeper, retiree and G-d fearing patriot…the numbers will crunch the racist, fascist Fifth Column right out of our state.

Cleland for Governor
Death for Treason

The REAL GodHatesTrash, Superstar

April 29th, 2009
5:45 am

Republicans do well with the stumpbroke moron vote.

And Georgia is full of stumpbroke morons.