One more out: Westmoreland says no to race for governor

We speculators are quickly running out of spare GOP candidates for governor.

Sam Olens bowed out on Tuesday, Mark Burkhalter on Thursday, now Lynn Westmoreland, who issued his stay-put memo about an hour ago.

U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston and state Sen. Eric Johnson, both of Savannah, remain quiet.

Here’s what the congressman from Coweta County had to say:

“The last week has given me a chance to think seriously about how I can best serve the people of our state. That process has involved in-depth talks with my wife and children, my longtime supporters and my most trusted friends.

“I have decided that it is best for me to remain in Congress, where I think I can make a difference as a legislative fighter.

“I work with a great group of Georgians in Congress, and I believe it’s critical that we rebuild our state’s seniority in the delegation. I’m also excited about leadership roles I’ve taken to help Republicans work toward reclaiming our majority in Congress and returning our federal policy to conservative principles that will best serve America’s economy and its families.

“While my decision will be good news for some and disappointing to others, I believe it’s best for me and my family. Rest assured that I will do everything in my power to support our party’s nominee for governor.

“We’ve fought too hard and come too far to lose ground. We must keep the governor’s office in Republican hands, and I’m going to be a large part of that effort as a member of Georgia’s congressional delegation.”

One completely crass and unscientific measurement of the impact of Westmoreland’s decision is by press release. On Thursday, when Burkhalter — a resident of north Fulton County — threw up his hands, Roswell resident Karen Handel was the first to issue a press release praising the decision.

Today, state Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine is first out of the gate:

“Congressman Lynn Westmoreland is a true leader of the Georgia conservative movement. I am proud to call him a friend and look forward to working with him as we advance the conservative movement in Georgia.

“I respect the process Lynn and his family went through in making this decision. This is a win for Georgia conservatives as Georgia will continue to have his conservative leadership in the US Congress.”

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Will Jones - Atlanta

April 24th, 2009
12:16 pm

Did not realize the touted Cobb Countian Olens was affiliated with the Gay Old Perverts.

I do know that one cannot be part of the Republican Party, the transparently obvious sectarian faction whose lineal antecedants and forebearers financed the rise of Hitler, and Nazism, and, thereby are accomplices to the Holocaust with the masters of their Fifth Column treason: the Roman Anti-Christ, for whom Hitler and Knight of Malta Prescott Bush were working, AND be a true, righteous Jew.

Sorry to hear it. Georgia could sure use righteous men and women in public office…Big Time. The way to it is to return to our honorable Yellow Dog roots, rejecting any candidate for office associated to any degree with the 9/11 traitors Bush and Cheney or their farm team of draft-dodger/Republicans here in the Greatest State.


April 24th, 2009
12:20 pm

Guess Lynn didn’t want to memorize the remaining 7 Commandments after all! You gotta know all 10 before you hit the campaign trail and pretend to live by all 10!

The Snark

April 24th, 2009
12:23 pm

Good. Now maybe he’ll do us all a favor and quit the House too.

Republicrat Slave

April 24th, 2009
12:25 pm

The answer is not found in who “runs” or “succeeds” in the gubenatorial acquisition. The answer is not found by “party” alone – as both have proven worthy of corruptable control. The answer for all Georgians can be found in the one who will place themself in between the monster from DC (and pervasive throughout our state) and the very citizens of the Great State of Georgia.

Therein lies the challenge – outlined here:

And summarized by:
We must begin immediately to dismantle their tool of “federal power through big government”. We must restore true American independence. We must return our school systems to “local control”. We must protect the integrity of our “local police forces” by preventing any “federal aide”, which is the path to a “national police force” totally controlled by a “central government”. We must stop and prevent all “revenue sharing” among and between governments, as it is a device used gain control over local and state government, as well as hide fraud. We must find and promote for political office, those that not only talk about reducing “federal control”, but who have the courage and will power to actually do it through the power of legislation, once elected. That means the disqualification of those promoted by “partisan political parties”.

You want ot understand why “tea parties” and protest are springing up by the thousands? THIS IS WHY! It is bigger than “red” or “blue” and “we the people” are sick of the corruption by “big money – big government”. ENOUGH ALREADY!!! Somebody? Anybody? Everybody – STAND UP AND FIGHT!


April 24th, 2009
1:19 pm

Hmm. wonder if Will Jones thinks Angels&Demons and The DaVinci Code are non-fiction too.
I had no idea the power of Lynn Westmoreland’s decisions! He’s be a great Governor. But he’s a great Congressman too. Glad some Republicans are getting some sense and not all running for the same cliff.

Will Jones - Atlanta

April 24th, 2009
1:20 pm

“Republicrat Slave” AKA “Birchite” – G. Edward Griffin’s work to which you linked is John Birch Society cover for the Roman Catholicism each its leaders share. Like Jesuit-trained Lyndon LaRouche, Griffin finds amorphous “conspiracy” everywhere but where it can be identified, indicted, tried and punished: the known assassins of Kennedy and King and the Roman Catholic Fifth Column they served to send us to die by the tens of thousands in their papal fiefdom of Vietnam; the domestic finance of Hitler from the Roman Catholic collection plate and the Vatican’s correspondent banker in the U.S. the Rockefellers; and Bush’s and Cheney’s treason of 9/11 to profit their Anti-Christ false-elite and send us to die in more, distracting false war on behalf of their corrupt, deviant Saudi cronies.

Anytime the answer is obvious and someone like you comes along with a slick movie to give some vague, incorrect answer to the problems besetting America…it’s nothing but papist propaganda dragging “Red Herrings” to confuse Justice by the American People.

Death for Treason

Hang Bush and Cheney and expropriate and extirpate their Roman Anti-Christ Fifth Column false-elite and America will be the prophesied Land of Promise again.

Jeffersonian Exegesis


April 24th, 2009
2:17 pm

Boy, as a practicing Catholic, I didn’t realize just how much hatred thyere is out there — hatred generated by people who need to get back on their medication. Slow down, Will. You’ll last longer.

Republicrat Slave

April 24th, 2009
3:28 pm

“Will”, you said “Anytime the answer is obvious…” but gave none, other than “Hang Bush and Cheney and expropriate and extirpate their Roman Anti-Christ…” blah, blah, blah. That simple huh? Heck, if u’re right, I all for it, but give them a fair trial first – HA!

Again, rather than address the contenet of my post, you resort to the age-old tactic of (trying to) disqualify ONE SOURCE. What’s even worse, presumption on your part, that I’m a “Birchite…a Catholic”, a facilitator and co-conspirator of senseless war(s).

But you bring up some amusing relationships regarding the “destruction of freedom”. Try this one – which was it who put Alexander Hamilton in chrage of the US Treasury from the “start”? Who aided his plan to establish a monetary fraud system based on a “private bank” issuing and controlling “public money”? The Spartacus Group or the Catholics?

Maybe, just maybe – it was neither, but an indifferent group driven by GREED? You know the type – when you ask them what denomination they are, they say “all denominations – 20’s, 50’s 100’s…” – money is their g*d.

Now wonder you catch so much h3ll on here – dude, you seem intelligent enough to grasp concepts – try studying the art of debate, making and breaking an argument (although you did march out quite a few “strawmen” in your discourse).

Back to the subject matter – gubenatorial responsibilities; like defending us from “WHOEVER” is an enemy of honest government and the “John Locke” version (as ooposed to the Hobbes (One State – ALL SOVEREIGN – citizens are subjects) version. Because that is clearly what America is at war against – within itself, whomever is to be ultimately blamed.

[...] with various GOP figures examining the gap left by his departure from the 2010 race for governor. U.S. Rep. Lynn Westmoreland this morning became the latest Republican to announce his disinterest in the [...]

Will Jones - Atlanta

April 24th, 2009
6:45 pm

There are none so bliind as they who refuse to see.

Here is Jefferson’s letter to President Washington concerning the Treasury, American money, and Hamilton:

We now live in Hamiltonian America…an evil foisted off on us by the Mammon-worshippers and perverts of New Amsterdam and the NY/LA Sodom and Gommorah Axis….giving us the “Best Gov’t Money Can Buy” as evidenced by an astounding failure to bring to justice the faction found by a Federal Jury to have murdered John Kennedy to send us to Vietnam and to restore the pope’s treasonous American bankers to control of our money supply.

Any who provide ancillary and specious argumentation after first ignoring the treason and crime of the 9/11 Bush/Cheney abomination, and the lineal connections to Nazism, the Holocaust, Big Oil, and the Kennedy and King assassinations, Vietnam…pointing directly to that which Our Founder identified in writing as “the real Anti-Christ” is nothing but bilge from fellow-travelers of Rome’s Fifth Column.

Read the free downloadable copy of The New Pearl Harbor, yet? Bush and Cheney did 9/11. Those conservative or dull enough not to trust hindered instincts need only read the book with elemental reading comprehension to know with enough moral certainty to be willing to “pull the switch” on both Cheney and Bush that they committed 9/11…just as Bush’s father killed John Kennedy just as Prescott Bush was Hitler’s banker.

Those who don’t want to know the patriotic actionable truth are the same who stock the ranks of Organized Crime front corportations,and knowingly and willingly offer their children to the
Babylonian pedophile priesthood.

Death for Treason

Our Founders were correct: Rome is the Anti-Christ and needs to be removed from our shores. The illegal immigrants who want to become good and proper Americans free of Rome, may be allowed to stay.


April 24th, 2009
8:19 pm

now that is the best news I have heard this day. One less idiot Republican, lets hope all the GOP candiates drop out, not that it will happen. Georgia was a Democratic state, for what, 100 plus years or so, since Reconstruction. We give them a chance by electing Perdue and a GOP dominated Assembly, and what happens…. They ruined the state and made it a joke. It is time for another 100 years of Democratic control. They had a chance for the past 8 years, and didn’t do squat!! Now I hope they wait another 100 plus!