Cagle to undergo surgery on Monday

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle’s office just announced that he’ll undergo surgery on Monday to address several degenerating disks on his upper spinal cord, a condition that last week forced his withdrawal from the Republican race for governor.

The surgery, which will occur at Emory University Hospital, comes at least a week earlier than Cagle had estimated.

In an interview last week, the lieutenant governor indicated that a bone graft was in the offing. Cagle’s withdrawal has sent tremors through Republican ranks, with various GOP figures examining the gap left by his departure from the 2010 race for governor. U.S. Rep. Lynn Westmoreland this morning became the latest Republican to announce his disinterest in the contest.

If you’ve been in a cave, here’s a post to bring you up to speed on the medical details.

The Cagle press release was simple and brief:

Lt. Governor Casey Cagle will undergo surgery to correct a degenerative spinal and neck condition on Monday, April 27th. Cagle announced last week that he will run for re-election and stepped aside in the race for Governor in order to properly address his health.

“It has been humbling to hear from thousands of caring Georgians during this process. My family and I greatly appreciate the thoughts and prayers of so many and especially as I undergo surgery on Monday,” said Lt. Governor Casey Cagle.

A medical update will be provided by Emory upon the conclusion of the surgery. The Lt. Governor and his family appreciate the media’s respect of their privacy as they prepare for Monday’s surgery.

Cagle intends to run for re-election as lieutenant governor. But two other Republicans, David Shafer and Eric Johnson, are already in that contest. Neither has said whether he will withdraw.

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Ray Roy

April 24th, 2009
3:52 pm

I do not agree with his politics, and he won’t be getting my vote in his run for re-election. But beyond that, I wish him all the best in his surgery and recuperation. Any back surgery is MAJOR surgery.

Well wishes, Lt. Goob. ;-)


April 24th, 2009
4:18 pm

Georgia Republicans have backbones????


April 24th, 2009
4:30 pm

He is in the best hands possible. I have just passed the one year anniversary of my spinal fusion surgery At Emory University Hospital, and my results surpassed all of my expectations. Watch out for him when he makes his comeback !!!!! It will be sooner than anyone will believe possible !!!!


April 24th, 2009
4:32 pm

Is anyone attempting to answer this question: If his medical condition prevents him from running for Governor, why doesn’t it also prevent him from running for reelection at Lt. Gov.? Just wondering…

The Snark

April 24th, 2009
4:37 pm

The Snark has also had major back surgery at Emory. No snarkiness today. Good luck, Casey, and make sure you’re not alone when the morphine wears off. It’s a real eye-opener.

Todd Tibbetts

April 24th, 2009
4:43 pm

Ray Roy and all the others over the last week that have attacked Casey over rumors, politics, and other should back off, let the guy take care of his health and you can battle him next year – election year. We’re praying God be with you and our family wishes you a healthy return as Lt Gov.


April 24th, 2009
4:55 pm

Does anyone know: What degenerative disks? In the cervical or thoracic or lumbar? Cervical is usually a snap. I know quite a few who have had that done (including me) and I went out to dinner on the 100 mile trip home the day after. 2 days later I went tree hunting at a Christmas tree farm. Surgery in other areas is much more difficult and less likely to work well. Whatever kind he has, I hope he does well.


April 24th, 2009
5:01 pm

Best of luck. He will come out much better than I did. Everyone needs to leave him alone and let him heal. It is very hard. Best wishes to him and his family. Godspeed!

Chuck, here is your answer

April 24th, 2009
5:02 pm

In running for Governor, Casey would be facing a very competitive primary that would require
a great deal of travel around the state. In running for re-election of the position he already
holds, he will have no real primary battle so he can use that time to heal.
Traveling the state in a car in a daily basis is not very good on a back.
Next time just think your question out a bit. The answer is easy enough for anyone with a brain to
figure out. But you have to THINK!

Mark Hardgrove

April 24th, 2009
5:14 pm

I had dinner with Mr. Cagle one evening at an event where he was talking. He is a top notch fellow. He is honest, sincere, and very intelligent. I was hoping and praying he would be the next govenor. May next time. He has already overcome a lot to get to where he is. He will be in my prayers to come back from this.


April 24th, 2009
5:19 pm

Casey Good Luck Buddy. I remember when you came out for Football at Ga. Southern in 80’s. I was a fellow defensive back. You and those flip flops you used to wear on the way to practice. Take Care.


April 24th, 2009
5:25 pm

Though I dont know personally sir I appreciate what you do for the people. Heel well and fast my friend.


April 24th, 2009
5:46 pm

I had cervical spine surgery in 2003 and 2008. From what it appears he is having 2.5 months is approximate recovering time to resume normal activities, including driving and completion of physical therapy. It also depends on the number of vertebra being fused.


April 24th, 2009
5:46 pm

They sell a product in California that you smoke and, like magic, the pain goes away.


April 24th, 2009
5:46 pm

Even though I don’t always agree with you politically, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Lt. Gov. Cagle. I hope you have a fast and effortless recovery!


April 24th, 2009
5:52 pm

In answer to Chuck, he should have recovered and be available to campaign for whichever post he chooses. Per my prior post, healing to normal state is about 2.5 months, of course depending on the individual and quality of physical therapy personnel. From a previous post, the cervical spine is definitely the easiest to recover from. The further down the spine, the more challenging the surgery as well as the recovery. For the best outcome, you need an orthopedic surgery who specialilty is “the spine”…not one that does knees, elbows, etc., with an “occasional” spine. There is a BIG DIFFERENCE.

angry tax payer

April 24th, 2009
6:55 pm

What kind of Black mail does some have on any body who could beat Oxendine
He was a power mad dirty insurance commisioner and he would be a dirty Governor.
cagle please come back

Angry, amnswer me this

April 24th, 2009
7:11 pm

Angry tax payer,
I don’t know much about Oxendine. So, please do tell, what do you know
about him that makes him dirty? I have heard he is a little kinky but I could
care less about all that. Is he honest?


April 24th, 2009
8:08 pm

They should let Sonny do the surgery, I hear he’s real good at fusion.


April 24th, 2009
8:40 pm

Skreet, they are talking spinal fusion, not CON fusion, Sonny’s specialty.


April 24th, 2009
9:22 pm

Wishing you an easy surgery and fast recovery. The bottomline is that if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. So take good care of yourself!


April 24th, 2009
9:42 pm

I am afraid Democrates will take back capital. Of course, republicans are to blame. they have had for eight years and haven’t done a thing to write about. Sonny in his second term was another barnes in his first, a do nothing in a positive way. Hope Cagle gets along great.


April 24th, 2009
10:20 pm

Best wishes to the Lt. Governor for a successful procedure and full recovery.